Wondering What’s The Best Smoothie Blender?

What’s The Best Smoothie Blender?

Hang out for a while and explore the top-rated blenders, expert opinions, and exciting recipes.

What’s The Best Smoothie Blender?

“Hang out for a while and explore the top-rated blenders, expert opinions, and exciting recipes!”

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We are Angela & Brian, and we are making a great effort to adopt a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. We love to make smoothies and shakes using our high-performance blender, and our blog is where we are posting the latest blender recipes for you to try out.

What’s The Best Smoothie Blender On The Market?

Year on year, smoothie makers continue to grow in popularity; every good coffee shop has one, there’s barely a high street or festival without a dedicated smoothie outlet. Using the best blender for smoothiesAlong with the kettle, they have become commonplace in most homes. 

Their ability to create a tasty drink packed with all the vitamins and minerals we need to live a long and healthy life means the best smoothie blenders reign supreme. There’s no other way to cram in so much goodness. But as you are here already, you probably knew that? up close with best smoothie blender

With such an awesome product comes lots of competition. Big brands can afford to woo or blind you with clever advertising. You’ve probably got a crazy, busy life and really just need to find out which are the top rated blenders, right? 

Because they all look and sound so impressive, the only way to know which is the best blender for smoothies is to test them all; which you’d probably love to do but isn’t practical or possible. 

To save you time, money and hassle, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best blenders based on performance and value. You’ll probably agree that nothing else really matters.  


BlendTec Blenders

blendtec blendersA brand becoming well-known for producing top rated blenders, Blendtec’s high-powered WildSide blender has a unique design which means less faf. 

You don’t need to use a tamper and its wide base gives you access to every drop of delicious smoothie. Shorter than some models, it fits neatly under the counter for storage, but it looks great so you might want to keep it on show… Read More About Blendtec Blenders  

Vitamix Professional Blenders

Vitamix BlenderDie hard smoothie fans love this blender. There’s little we can say to increase its popularity because it’s right up there as one of the best already, but we’ve added it to our list just in case you’ve not heard about it yet. 

It comes with everything you’d expect, including adjustable speeds, a tamper, and a super-fast motor powering a seriously tough blade. Oh, and it’s a doddle to clean… Read More About Vitamix Blenders  

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

ninja mega kitchen systemCosting less than many of the best professional smoothie makers, like a ninja, this blender makes easy work of chopping through tough ingredients, including ice. With six blades to choose from, its 1000-watt motor works its magic in minutes. One great feature is its wider spout; anyone who’s used a smoothie machine before knows it can be hard not to spill a few drops, but the Ninja Professional’s design means you can pour it straight out without any slops. 

If you don’t want to spend a fortune to get your smoothie fix, then this is a great value machine. It has a decent motor to pulverise most ingredients quickly, and it looks fab in any kitchen. It comes with a recipe book and an extra cylinder, so you can whiz up something tasty and keep it in the fridge for when you get home from work, or take it with you for lunchtime… Read More About Ninja Blenders  


Nutribullet Magic Bullet

NutriBullet Magic Bullet BlenderLoaded with plenty of attachments and extra cups, the Magic Bullet is a push-down blender designed for speed and ease of use. A 600-watt motor powers a choice between a milling or standard blade, making it ideal for grounding out the essential oils held in grains and nuts; the Nutribullet was designed specifically to extract the most nutrients from any ingredients (hence its name). 

There are several bullet designs on the market now, but this little beauty has definitely earned its great reputation as one of the best smoothie blenders…  Read More About Nutribullet  

Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-Ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker

margaritaville blenderThis is a cool-looking machine for making cool smoothies. As its name and the advertisements suggest, the Margaritaville was originally designed for creating frozen cocktails like frozen margaritas. 

No doubt an excellent party piece, but we think it makes pretty good frozen smoothies too. It’s the modern day Mr Frosty for adults. Great for the warmer months or replacing ice cream on movie nights…  Read More About Margaritaville  


KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid immersion blenderIf you’re short on space and cash but love smoothies, then there’s no reason to miss out. Hand blenders have been used in kitchens for years and this is why: they work! 

Yes, until you’ve mastered them, you will make a mess. No, they’re not as good as any of the models we’ve mentioned because it’s not technically a smoothie blender But with a little practice, you can still create very nice smoothies. One thing these blenders have that none of the others do is over a dozen colours to choose from; beat that! …  Read More About KitchenAid Hand Blenders  

How will you choose From The Top Rated Blenders?

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We can only recommend the best blenders based on merit, helping you avoid buying something which looks good in the brochure or is being promoted as part of an affiliate program. 

So, now you know which genuinely work best, really it’s going to come down to hard cash and aesthetics; what does your budget allow, will it look nice in your kitchen? How often you make them, how fast you want them, and if you want them out of the box with serving cups and a choice of fancy attachments will also be buying factors. If you don’t plan on blitzing tough ingredients, a low-end model might be good enough, it might even last a year or so. 

Otherwise, if your purse allows, it’s worth spending a little extra. The main thing is that you don’t miss out on nourishing yourself and your family with delicious, healthy smoothies.

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