The Best Bar Blender

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Everybody wants to be a good bartender at a party or gathering, and having the best bar blender is the first step. The bartender is the focus of attention in any bar, lounge, club or pub. They are the ones who run the show — they can be the two … Read more

Blender Chopper All-In-One Combos

Ninja Blender

There are many all-in-one blender chopper units available from your local department and kitchen stores. Appliances like these blender processor combos come in a wide variety of styles, function and also many price points. Because they are multipurpose, they provide a flexibility and allow us to use them for many … Read more

Choosing the Best Juicer Blender

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Juicing is an excellent way to get important nutrients into your body through fruits and vegetables. Below are listed some of the best juicer blender options on the market today, ranging in price, with a variety of various features! Ninja Kitchen System 1200 The very first product up for review, … Read more

10 Amazing and Unusual Uses for Your Kitchen Blender

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A kitchen blender is a handy tool to have around. Anytime you need anything pulverized or liquefied, the blender is your go-to tool. There are many creative things you can create using a kitchen blender beyond the normal, everyday fruit smoothie. Read on for ten amazing uses for the kitchen … Read more

Evaluating The Best Small Blender Options

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I took a long hard look to find the best small blender for smoothies these days. I examined as many as I could in order to zero in on the best value for money out there. 1) Tribest Single Serving Blender The Tribest single serving blender came top of the … Read more

Benefits of a Pastry Blender

There are many different things that a pastry blender can do. It really is an indispensable tool for those who spend a lot of time working in the kitchen A dough blender is commonly used to quickly and easily blend ingredients such as butter, shortening, and other soft solids into … Read more

Food Blender History – So who invented the blender?

So who invented the blender?…. We wouldn’t even be talking about food blender history if it wasn’t for the existence of a small electric motor invented in 1910…. The fractional horsepower motor is recognised as a huge revolutionary invention for domestic appliance industry. This new motor ran on AC or … Read more