Blendtec Mixer And Blender – All In One

Blendtec Mixer And Blender – All In One

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There hasn’t yet been a kitchen designed where anyone who truly enjoys cooking will complain of too much countertop space. This is prime real estate in the average kitchen and anything you can do to eliminate the clutter while remaining functional is a good thing in most kitchens.

Blendtec Mixer And Blender
Healthy smoothies with fresh ingredients on a kitchen board.

That’s where the Blendtec mixer and blender comes into the picture. This nifty machine performs two commonly needed tasks quickly and efficiently while only taking up the countertop footprint of one small kitchen appliance.

In other words, it mixes and blends quite nicely without being a space hog in the process. Most cooks would be glad to have a product that performed both tasks admirably in the space of one within their kitchen. However, most would remain skeptical until they could see it in action for themselves.

Blendtec Mix N’ Blend Features and Specs

The Blendtec Mix N’ Blend is a real heavy weight with a 1.8 peak horsepower motor. It offers 5 pre-programmed settings for the mixer and 8 for the blender in addition to an auto knead feature for making break.

The machine comes equipped with a four-quart Blendtec mixing bowl as well as its lid, a dough hook, an arm for kneading dough, two whisks, and a 64-ounce jar for the blender.

With the blender attachment it’s simple to make everything from smoothies to salad dressings and a few sauces and purees in between. The mixer is ideal for gently blending as well as heavy duty cookie-making so be ready to hit the ground running the minute you take this one out of its box.

Some of the tasks it can perform nicely from the very beginning include kneading bread, whipping meringues and whipped creams, mixing, blending, and even bread crumb making. There aren’t many jobs this nifty device can’t handle in the kitchen.

The touchpad controls and easy to read display make it very easy to select the proper settings at all times. It also makes cleanup of the exterior of the machine a snap in the event of any spills or overflows.


Most of the reviews relating to the Blendtec 65-601-BHM Mix N’ Blend II are highly favorable. Complaints are few and far between. Even better is the fact that there are no specific complaints that crop up to indicate that there is a major design flaw in the product or even a common weakness in production or customers service.

There is some criticism that the machine can do one or the other (depending on who the reviewer happens to be and what it is they’re looking for) task, blending or mixing, very well and the other not so much. However, these reviews often tend to cancel one another out with some people claiming that the Blendtec mixer and blender mixes as well as the KitchenAid Artisan series mixer and blends as well as the Blendtec model that’s so popular on the market today. Both of those are high praise and tend to cancel any complaints delivered elsewhere out.

Finally, there are the visuals. Many consumers have complained that it looks like a cheaply made product rather than a top of the line small appliance in its price range. This is a small complaint however and often pales in comparison with the functionality of this product.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews of the Blendtec mixer and blender are largely positive in nature. There are a few negative views out there but they tend to be limited to non-specific reasons for negativity or comparing the Blendtec 65-601-BHM Mix N’ Blend II to high-priced single options on the market.

In other words, the negative reviews aren’t very revealing at all at this stage in the game. They certainly haven’t unraveled any deep, dark secrets of product problems at this point in time.

The positive reviews have been telling in their own right, however. The most often raved about feature of this product, by far, is the space-saving feature. We have a limited amount of space in our kitchens and when there is a product that does several jobs with the countertop footprint and storage issues of one product, then that’s a win in the eyes of most people.

But the main reason for the positive nature of the reviews on this particular product is the fact that it does what it promises to do quite well. It’s not the best blender or mixer on the market today but it does blend and it does mix without getting bogged down in the details or pulled down into the mix.

The best benefit by far though for many consumers today is the price. For the price of one of these devices at this level of quality, you’re getting two. And that is something that reviewers truly appreciate.


There are many blenders or mixers on the market today that can offer more bells and whistles at a similar price point. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find another small appliance in this price range that offers the full functionality of two appliances with a name like Blendtec behind it.

More importantly, you won’t find a product out there to compare to how well this product performs at all tasks it sets out to accomplish. Don’t take my word for it though. Try the Blendtec mixer and blender out for yourself today and see how wonderfully it works, and fits, in your kitchen.

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