10 Amazing and Unusual Uses for Your Kitchen Blender

10 Amazing and Unusual Uses for Your Kitchen Blender

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A kitchen blender is a handy tool to have around. Anytime you need anything pulverized or liquefied, the blender is your go-to tool.

There are many creative things you can create using a kitchen blender beyond the normal, everyday fruit smoothie.

Read on for ten amazing uses for the kitchen blender and how to pick the right one.

Picking The Right Blender

When using a blender for any purpose, it’s important to have the right one. Blenders come in many different forms from many different brands, so it’s helpful to have an idea of some important differences.

Two of the biggest differences will be price and power. Since a kitchen blender uses a motor to drive its blades, there are many different options for how much a blender can handle. Some are fairly weak while others can handle almost anything you throw at them.

Another important consideration is price. Many blenders are budget friendly, where they offer only the bare essentials or a smaller motor and form. More expensive blenders will have more powerful motors, larger tubs, and a slew of helpful accessories you can use for specialized recipes.

Fortunately there are many options available, you can explore some of the best quality budget blenders or go for a semi pro blender with all the bells and whistles.

Ten Amazing Uses For The Kitchen Blender

It’s time to go beyond the typical recipes and look at ten great things you can make with a kitchen blender.

Create Any Sauce

While buying sauce at the store is a cheap and quick way to spice up any meal, you can also make your own at home. A blender is a handy way to mix up the ingredients of almost any kind of sauce.

Best of all, you can create or customize your own sauces by adding or subtracting ingredients. Having a blender is a good way to experiment with different styles of sauce or to try a new one you’ve never made before.

Make Your Own Nut Butter

Some people like to turn to nuts to replace traditional butter. Most common brands of nut butter can be expensive when bought at the store. Instead, you can make your own.

Blending some nuts is a quick, important step to making your own butter. Doing this at home allows you to make larger quantities of butter or to add any type of nut you want. You can even mix-and-match for an assortment style of nut butter.

Hide Some Veggies

If you have kids who are picky eaters at home, the blender can come to your rescue. One of the most challenging foods to work with is veggies, particularly the ones that fall outside of the normal assortment of carrots and broccoli.

Create your own healthy vegetable smoothies or vegetable juices with a blender. This will allow you to subtly hide veggies within other recipes. Depending on the veggie used, you can blend in the taste without your child knowing.

This way, your children get the benefit of healthy eating without even realizing it.

Make A Milkshake

If you fancy something better than a smoothie, consider making a milkshake. The blender is a great substitute for an expensive milkshake machine. It allows you to control how thick you want the milkshake while adding in your own flavors.

Larger blenders also allow you to make bigger batches of milkshakes. If you have leftovers, you can easily freeze them for future desserts.

Fresh Pizza Crust

If you like the taste of your own pizza but hate the amount of time it takes to prepare, the blender just might be your friend. Homemade pizza crust is almost always better than the store-bought variety.

The blades of a blender can be great for mixing and working the dough into a state that you can easily work with when preparing the dough. Once again, this also allows you to include your own ingredients or to try different styles of pizza crust that the store may not provide.

Add A Pie Crust For Dessert

Why stop at pizza? Chances are you are going to need a dessert with your blender dinner. A pie crust is a great option which is similar in preparation to a pizza crust.

Since you don’t have to worry about kneading the crust, a blender allows you to customize pie crust recipes, adding your own ingredients, and experimenting to find the perfect crust for you.

Scramble Some Eggs

If you are strapped for time in the morning but still want a hearty and healthy breakfast, you can make scrambled eggs using an immersion blender. This tool makes a quick and efficient substitute for a whisk.

Churn Ice Cream

Just like making your own milkshakes, a blender is great for churning ice cream for a variety of desserts. You can add your own flavors or additions to make something great for the whole family.

Just be careful when you go to freeze the ice cream to thicken it up. It’s best to remove the ice cream from the blender so you can avoid any permanent damage to the machine.

Press Fruit Into Fruit Leather

If you remember your childhood, chances are at one point or another you had some kind of fruit leather. A rolled up fruit sheet that was fun to unroll and consume like a long strand of spaghetti.

A kitchen blender is great to make your own variety of fruit leathers at home. Choose your own fruits or mix them together for unique flavors. This is also a great option for providing kids a healthy snack on a daily basis.

Compost Leftovers

After you’re done eating, turn your attention to the scraps. Any small leftovers that you might want to throw away can be composted instead. Whether it’s in your backyard or through a service, composting is a great way to recycle your food.

Blending this food before adding it to a compost pile will help the food to decompose in a natural and efficient manner.

Getting Creative

This list is just the start of what you can do with the blender. Since it is one of the most versatile instruments in a kitchen, it can match your creativity when it comes to different recipes and foods you want to prepare.

For additional help, feel free to check out our opinion on the best blenders for money.

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