Which Countertop Jug Blender? – Benefits and Comparisons

Which Countertop Jug Blender? – Benefits and Comparisons

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These days a good quality countertop jug blender or stand blender is seen as a necessity and is generally on the required purchase list for every kitchen. Therefore I’ve been looking for great value for money blenders that offer quality results and last longer.

jug blender

The majority of stand blenders are actually good value for money

And whether you are looking for a semi pro jug blender or something more basic you generally get what you pay for.

Most countertop stand blenders are designed for quick use along with easy cleaning options and convenient storage. Most are also similar in size and shape as there seems to be an optimal size for most kitchen purposes.

However, just because jug blenders all appear to be similar in appearance doesn’t mean they all work the same way. The inner workings, reliability and sturdiness of individual blenders can vary between manufacturers, so it’s wise to spend some time researching before you buy.

With so many choices around, deciding which are the best blenders from the vast array on the market may prove to be a difficult task. With this thought in mind we compared several blenders to find the best blenders in each category.

best blenders for money

Reviews Of The Most Popular Counter Top Jug Blenders:

Blendtec BlendersReplacing 9 other kitchen items, this multi-purpose blender will blend, mix and chop pretty much anything you would want… [Blendtec Blenders]



Vita Mix BlendersThe Vita mix blender will also do pretty much anything you ask of it and is an excellent choice for any type of kitchen… [VitaMix Blenders]



Kitchenaid BlendersIf you want a great blender that is powerful and versatile, look into Kitchen Aid blenders…[KitchenAid Blenders]



Oster BlendersIf you’re in the market for a blender, you’ve probably heard of Oster…[Oster Blenders]

Waring BlendersThe Waring blender has been with us for over 70 years and is still well respected and a firm favourite…[Waring Blenders]



Margaritaville BlendersIf you are looking for a blender that makes the perfect iced drinks look no further than the Margaritaville…[Margaritaville Blenders]

Cuisinart BlendersCuisinart has so many choices that there is most likely a model that will work well for you…[Cuisinart Blenders]

Breville BlendersWhen you’re looking for a new blender, it can be easy to just go with the brands you know. However…[Breville Blenders]



Hamilton Beach BlendersWhile this might not be a brand you recognize at first glance, it is well-known in certain areas and definitely worth a look…[Hamilton Beach Blenders]

Other Blender Brand ReviewsThe Ninja blender combines many of your kitchen utensils in one. It’s a food processor, a blender, a juicer and a mixer…[Ninja Blenders]


The Stand Blender Composition

Blendtec Blender
Blendtec Blender

A stand blender is the ideal implement for anyone keen on making great drinks, smooth, creamy soups or crushing ice for those summer slushies.

Most high speed blenders are comprised of a glass blending jug that can be around 48oz up to 64oz in size. Your blender should also have a base containing the blender’s motor. This base doubles as a stabilizing base for the jug to sit on and the blades are propelled by the multi-speed motor.

Most bases also have more than one speed setting to allow you to blend your drinks or soups at a speed that suits you.

If you prefer to chop food finely, using a pulse setting is ideal. If your blender doesn’t have a pulse setting, simply press the button for a slow speed on your blender for short intervals of one second at a time until you have the right consistency.

Your glass jug will need to have a properly-fitted lid to help avoid liquid splashing out while you’re blending. Most jug blenders include lids that have pouring holes in the center to allow you to add more liquid or even solids, like fruit and vegetable pieces, while you’re blending.

The sharp blades are what makes the kitchen blender such a convenient kitchen tool for everyone. Able to blend smooth drinks, puree most foods and even crush ice, the blades for your jug blender are designed to be long-lasting and extremely durable.

Pros of Jug Blenders

Vita mix blender
Vita mix blender

The convenience of being able to blend healthy smoothies in seconds, as well as mix professional-tasting cocktails, puree foods, make frothy milkshakes or even crush ice to make summer slushies. These features make the high speed blender one of the best implements in any kitchen.

Some high speed blenders also have a tempered glass jug that can allow you to blend steaming hot soup into a smooth, creamy texture. If you intend to use your blender for soup, always check that the glass is designed for heat or you risk cracking the glass.

Multiple blending speeds mean you can also make healthy fruit or vegetable drinks and cut through most foods easily.

You should find that the removable parts of your blender are very easy to clean and even easier to store in any sized kitchen.

Prices vary between different models and varying jar sizes, or motor capacities and speeds, but in most cases you should find that the average price of most jug blenders is extremely reasonable considering the amount of usage you’ll get out of your stand blender.

Cons of Jug Blenders

Kitchenaid blender
Kitchenaid blender

When you’re searching for the right counter top blender to suit your needs, be sure to check the manufacture of the gears inside the unit. Plastic gears tend to be a little less sturdy than other materials and there have been some instances where the plastic gears can break or wear.

However, the majority of good quality models shouldn’t have this problem. If for some reason the plastic gears do break, it’s possible to call the manufacturer for a warranty replacement if it breaks during the warranty period.

If it breaks outside the warranty period, then it’s possible to buy replacement blender parts and repair your blender very quickly for a fraction of the price of buying a brand new blender.

While the blades inside your kitchen blender are sharp enough and sturdy enough to cut through very hard foods, be aware that the plastic gears may not be equal to constant strain for this kind of use. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best practical uses for your jug blender.

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