The Hamilton Beach Blender Range

The Hamilton Beach Blender Range

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In today’s modern kitchen people want appliances that look the part. The Hamilton Beach Blender brand offers a an incredible selection of blender types, with everything from your normal plastic jar blender to all-metal blenders and specialized single serving blenders.

Hamilton Beach 10 Speed Blenders

Hamilton Beach Blender

In general, the Hamilton Beach 10 speed blenders have the best overall quality ratings from this brand.

They seem to be good middle-of-the road blenders, fine for small blending tasks but not always up to heavy-duty jobs or jobs with specialized blending needs.

If having multiple blending speeds is important to you, Hamilton Beach probably has something to offer you… Hamilton Beach 10 Speed Blenders Review

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The most popular Hamilton Beach blender is the single serve Personal blender with Travel Lid.

Not only does it blend your favorite drinks and smoothies in single-serve portions, but the lid allows you to take your beverage with you in the carafe from the blender.

This makes it easy to use and means you have less to clean. In addition, its one-touch operation and stainless steel blades mean it is simple to use and lasts a long time.

If you’re looking to blend for one, this just might be the blender for you… Hamilton Beach Personal Blender Review

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics

As I said above, in today’s modern kitchen people want appliances that look the part and with the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender, that is what you get.

It sports a sleek and stylish look, it comes in a variety of colors from white (sugar) to ultra marine and of course the popular chrome look. All will look fantastic in the kitchen and when not in use will fit snugly under the cabinets.

Die-cast metal construction means it will last a long time, and stainless steel ice crushing blades mean it can make smoothies and drinks with ease… Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender Review

Hamilton Beach Wavestation Express

Hamilton Beach Wavestation Express

Customers love the Hamilton Beach 54615 Wavestation Express Dispensing Blender.

Its wave action system makes all of the mixture go down into the blades, so it produces smooth blends with uniform results.

Its patented stainless steel Ice Sabre blades even slice through ice without a problem, so making smoothies and mixed drinks is easy.

It has a dispensing spout, so multiple people can sample a drink without having to lift the heavy carafe. With 4 speeds and up to 500 watts of power, this blender can do just about anything you need it to… Hamilton Beach Wavestation Express Review

Hamilton Beach Hand Blenders

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender 59770

In addition to their stand blenders, Hamilton Beach also offers a variety of hand blenders.

The 2-Speed Hamilton Beach blender comes in either black or white, has both a blending wand and a whisk to make it more versatile, and contains a 200 watt motor. This blender comes with its own case and is easy to use, clean, and store.

The Turbo-Twister Hand Blender is similar to the 2-Speed hand blender except that it does not come with a case and has an extra-long (5 foot) cord.

This can make it easier to use in kitchens with few electrical outlets or where the outlets are difficult to access or away from the usual surfaces where blending takes place.

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More About Hamilton Beach

The Hamilton Beach company has been around for more than 100 years, providing small kitchen appliances to households since the beginning of the 20th century.

The company is proud to have worked alongside Americans for so long, and to have made their lives easier by helping them utilize electricity to do simple kitchen tasks for many years.

Currently one of the country’s leading vendors of small kitchen appliances, Hamilton Beach normally sells 35 million appliances each year.

The quality of their products, the wide variety of options they offer, their high level of customer service, and their brand name ensures many devoted users within the US and Canada.

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