Waring Blender Range – Still A Firm Favorite

waring blender

The Waring blender has been with us for over 70 years and is still a favorite among consumers whether professional or not. There’s a whole host of top rated blenders around these days, yet Waring have managed to design some machines that compare with the very best and are perfect … Read more

Waring Commercial Blender Range

The Waring Commercial Blender on the whole seems to be a high-quality blender with many advantages. If you are looking for the perfect blender the waring commercial blender range is one of the most powerful on the market at the moment and built by the creator of the first blender. … Read more

Waring Food Processor

Nowadays there are so many Waring food processors available it can become confusing to know which is the right one for you. However one thing that sets the Waring processors out from all others is a quality and well built kitchen appliance that really is a miracle mixer. Great features … Read more

The Waring Immersion Blender

Sometimes a company will produce a product that everyone who uses it likes and Waring seem to have done that with their new immersion blender. All of the best immersion blenders come complete with different settings and continuous On feature. Never again will the potatoes or cake batter be full of … Read more

Waring Pro Blender – Food and Beverage Range For Home

waring pro blenders

The Waring Pro Blender range consists of both the MBB & PBB Professional Bar Blender Models, these are the commercial grade food and beverage blenders for home use. Commercial Grade & Stunning Stylish Waterfall Base and Large 40-oz. Cloverleaf Jug Commercially rated 550 watt heavy duty motor Easy 2 speed … Read more

Waring Professional Bar Blenders Range – WPB

waring blender

The Waring Professional Bar Blenders now offer more than just a striking build and design. Waring blenders have now incorporated a powerful commercially rated 500 watt motor into both of its new WBP professional blenders. Please be aware that at the time of this update there are still quite a … Read more

12 Volt Blender – The Waring Tailgater

waring tailgater

The most likely reason for wanting a 12 volt blender is that you are looking for a portable low voltage blender to use on either a boat, camper-van or in the car. There isn’t a huge range of 12volt blenders to choose from at present and I can’t help but … Read more