Oster Blender Range – Timeless & Classic

Oster Blender Range – Timeless & Classic

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The Oster blender range often referred to as the Osterizer blenders come in all shapes and sizes, from lightweight hand blenders to the classic beehive blender, and Oster even make one that is part blender, part food processor.

Popular Oster Beehive Blenders

oster beehive blendersWhile there are many popular models of blender reviewed here, one of the most popular is the Classic Beehive Blender, this stands out when it comes to customer satisfaction and comments.

While there are several different Oster models, each with slightly different features, this range is always great for powerful blending jobs, like chopping ice or some of the harder vegetables. In fact, almost all of these models come with a stainless steel blade specifically made for chopping ice. Each also has a beehive-shaped base with a glass jar on top.

Oster’s beehive blenders also come in many different colors, including polished chrome, brushed stainless steel, red, blue, and white. A classic shape blender can be hard to find today, let alone with the color choices Oster offers. If you’re looking for something to fit the specific mood of your kitchen, one of these might be just the thing… Read The Classic Oster Beehive Blender Review

Other Glass Jar Oster Blenders

Many of Oster’s glass jar blenders are similar to their beehive model, but have a shorter, flatter base that does not take on the classic beehive look. These don’t come in as many colors, but they do offer several different looks so you can find the one that will be best in your kitchen. They offer the same power and ice-crushing capability as the beehive blenders, too.

In addition, some of the glass jar blenders come with a food processing attachment. This makes the blender even more versatile, because you can use it for multiple purposes. The Counterforms blender and the BCBG08 blender both stand out as the best value for money from the many options available.

Oster Counterforms Blender

Oster Counterforms Blender

Oster Blender BCBG08

Oster BCBG08 Blender

Oster Fusion Blenders

Oster Fusion BlenderThis line of Oster blender is specifically designed to chop like a food processor in addition to blending like a blender.

Oster Fusion Blenders features a reversible blade, which pulls ingredients in to the center for more uniform chopping and blending. It also has a six-point blade, so there is more cutting surface available.

It comes with some pre-programmed blending settings, so you don’t make your smoothie into slush or pulverize your vegetables.

The machine will automatically turn off when the programmed time runs out… Oster Fusion Blender Review

Hand Held Oster Blenders

Oster Held Hand BlenderOster also offers an extensive line of hand blenders. These are designed to fit into your palm and mix inside smaller containers. Thus, you can mix a smoothie in a glass or your soup in its pot.

While a few of these blenders can chop ice, they are mostly used for smaller jobs around your kitchen. This is the perfect blender when you need a simple, portable device that will get the job done… Oster Hand Blender Review

More About Oster

In 1924, John Oster presented the world with a women’s hair clipper, but he didn’t know he was launching a brand that would still be known 85 years later.

Today, the Oster Blender Company offers all sorts of cooking products and small appliances designed to make working in the kitchen fun and the food that’s prepared tasty. Their products include not only osterizer blenders, but toaster ovens, mixers, vegetable steamers, and more.

The company hopes to help regular people make meals that are creative, tasty, and enjoyable. Oster truly wants their products to focus on the creative individuality of each cook. Thus, they try to offer a wide variety of products that will aid cooks in all different areas and allow them to fully enjoy the fruit of their labours.

They also want to aid cooks in expressing their own style in the kitchen, so offer products in different colors and textures toward this end. Both experienced cooks and those new to the process should be able to find Oster items to suit their needs and desires.

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