Your Portable Blender Options

Your Portable Blender Options

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The portable blender provides a unique solution for those who enjoy travelling and is a good reminder of how much we rely on mains electricity for our high end blenders when there are many other options open to us. A perfect addition to a camping trip, on a boat, RV or for a cabin. You will no longer have to yearn for a margarita as you will be able to rely on one of these handy little units to whip up your healthy blender recipes like smoothies, soups and shakes.

waring tailgater

The Vortex Manual Blender

manual vortex blenderThe manual blender takes an old concept and integrates it into a modern unit as this is a blender that relies on human power, rather than electricity. There’s only one decent choice available in my book and that’s the GSI Vortex blender… Read more about the Vortex manual blender

Margaritaville Battery Operated Blender

margaritaville dm900After days of research we have come to the conclusion that the Margaritaville frozen concoction drinks maker is without doubt the best and only worthy rechargeable portable tailgating bar blender on the market today… Read more about the Margaritaville blenders

Waring Tailgater 12 Volt Blender

waring tailgaterOne of the best portable blenders is the Waring Tailgator which works on a 12 volt charge can be used in the car, on a boat and it can even be used in a hotel room. As long as you have the right adaptor you can take it anywhere… Read more about this 12 volt blender

Gas Powered Blenders

gas powered blendersImagine going camping, or attending a beach party and taking along your own super powered totaly portable gas powered blender.

Whipping up a batch of iced margaritas will definitely make you the centre attraction at any party… Read more about the gas powered blender

One of the versatile portable blenders above will become the one thing you won’t leave home without when you head out on a camping adventure, even if it’s just for the weekend.

Portable blenders are great compact units that have almost all the capabilities and functions of their larger counterparts. They come in a wide range of sizes and prices — from under $10 for the simpler units, to over $60 dollars for the larger and slightly more complex and functional units. A wide variety of manufacturers make these small machines and this great for anybody who has a certain brand name which they trust the most.

It is a great way to have all of your blending needs with you wherever you go. Whether you are at home, at the office, on vacation, or traveling on business, you will be able to take it with you and blend whatever creation you need to.

How Much Do Portable Blenders Cost?

These machines range in price, from under $50 to over $50. Obviously, the larger they get and the more functions and capabilities the blender has, the more expensive it is going to be. Buyers must determine beforehand exactly what they require from their portable blender, and what sort of money they would like to spend. This will help you to finalize your purchase decision.

These units are available from many department and kitchen supply stores and there is an absolutely huge selection available for purchase on the internet.

A small, literally hand-held, blender can cost under $50. This a great type of unit for the person who needs the most compact and small piece. It can be stored in a carry bag or gym bag or even a larger purse very easily. It will let you blend any shake or mix. It won’t be able to chop or crush ice, but it can blend all mix shakes and soft fruits.

Large units selling for more than $50 are still smaller and more portable than the larger blender counterparts, and will also have capabilities which the smallest portable blenders do not. These large machines will be able to chop, crush some ice, blend frozen fruits and harder fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind these machines mentioned will be much pricier and much larger than the smallest.

Who Would Want A Portable Blender?

Lots of people want a portable blender and they might want it for different reasons. Someone dedicated to a fitness program, where protein and supplement shakes are required, will want one of these portable blenders. This way they don’t have to carry around pre-made shakes which could go warm. Powdered mix also starts to solidify as it sits, so carrying these around isn’t worth the hassle if you know you can make them fresh when you need them.

It saves one more canister of liquid to be carried around and risked of being spilled. They can carry around the powdered mix, add some water, blend it up and they have a fresh shakes for after their workout or meal.

Someone who drinks supplement shakes to get all vitamin and mineral requirements will also want one of these blenders. Quite often these shakes have to be consumed twice per day, usually morning and afternoon. Now the person can have their shake midday wherever they are — if they’re at work, they can take five minutes and whip up a shake.

You might also appreciate a portable blender if you’re going away on vacation or headed interstate on business. Having a blender handy can make it easier to whip up a fresh smoothie in the morning or whip up a cocktail or two in the evening.

Portable blenders are perfect little machines for anybody who wants to blend up a drink wherever they might happen to be.

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