Hamilton Beach 10 Speed Blender

Hamilton Beach 10 Speed Blender

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The Hamilton Beach 10 speed blender comes in no fewer than 10 different forms. It ranges from the basic 50200MP BlendMaster model to the ThermalCool 10 Speed and the Stay or Go blender. It’s safe to say that, if having multiple blending speeds is important to you, the Hamilton Beach blender range has something to offer.

In addition to the blender, every purchase comes with the Hamilton Beach name attached. To Australians, this brand has come to mean quality and reliability. Soon, the company hopes it will mean the same thing around the world. So try a Hamilton Beach blender today and see what all the fuss is about.

Hamilton Wave-Action Blenders

Hamilton Beach WavePower BlenderHamilton Beach gives us their 10 speed wave-action blenders: The Wave Power and Wave Maker blenders both feature the unique wave system which draws foodstuff in to the blender’s cutters, all designed for smoother final results.

Hamilton Beach’s most basic 10 speed kitchen blender, the BlendMaster, comes with a 350 watt motor and a 40 ounce glass jar.

Even this simple model is made to crush ice. A step up from there, the Ensemble Red offers a 500 watt motor and a 48 ounce jar.

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Hamilton Beach ThermalCooler

Hamilton Beach ThermalCooler

The ThermalCooler line offers you the ability to blend anything needing ice inside a cooler, where it will stay cold and you won’t have to dirty an extra dish.

The ThermalCooler Plus allows you this, plus a regular glass jar for normal blending.

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Hamilton Beach Stay or Go

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go blender has two different sized jars.

One is large, for your usual blending needs. The other is single-serving sized, and designed to allow you to take smoothies or other drinks with you straight from the blender.

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The main benefits of the Hamilton Beach 10 speed blenders is that they are renowned for their power and resilience, which means you probably will not have to look for another blender in the near future.

Additionally, these appliances possess a lot of versatility, so you’re certain to discover one made just for you.

Perhaps you would like your blender to smash ice, create single-serving smoothies or produce a batch of cool beverages; there will be one that’s perfect for your needs.


If this 10-speed blender is sold with a one negative aspect, it’s that the brand name just isn’t one that all people in the US have heard of.

Or is that a positive? At least your neighbour won’t have the same one! But it will probably make many buyers pass on these blenders, simply because they are not offered from a brand that they’ve ever encountered.

A few buyers also feel that this brand provides way too many products, and they desire that there was just one Hamilton Beach blender that would do everything. If they need to charge more for that then so be it.


This Hamilton Beach 10 speed blender line will undoubtedly include a unit that meets your needs. Given their dependability and sturdiness, there’s nothing at all that should prevent you selecting an appliance from this range to meet your blending requirements.

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