Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

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In its price range, the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender is one of the best. This is one of the best immersion blenders and will allow you to do all the things you normally do with a blender in your cooking pan or glass instead. This includes blending drink mixes, making smoothies, pureeing vegetables and mixing dough.

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender
Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

Most models of the blender come with a whisk, as well, which only adds to the versatility of this blender.

In addition to its convenience, the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender is simple and straightforward to use and to clean. It features a contoured handle that is easy to grip and does not slip, and attachments that attach and detach easily. These blenders have a long cord that only adds to the times and places you can use them.

Features and Advantages

The most basic Hamilton Beach 2 speed blender, model 58725, features an easy-grip handle, nonslip speed control and an extra-long 5 foot cord. The next model, the 59770, adds a stainless steel whisk attachment and blending wand to the mixing options.

The most advanced models, the 59780 in w

hite and the 59785 in black, add a convenient carrying case and 200 watts of power, for all your blending needs.

These hand blenders are perfect for blending small amounts or making smoothies, adding drink mixes to liquid, and even mixing a few drinks.

Since you don’t have to get out your mixing bowl and blender or power up the stand mixer, the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender is more convenient than other types of mixer.

This blender also comes with two speeds, making it more versatile that some of the other hand blenders on the market. The two speeds give you more control over the mixer’s power, giving you more options when you’re blending.

Additionally, the blender’s 200 watts of power mean that it can take on some of the more heavy-duty jobs that some hand blenders cannot handle.

While the manufacturer does not recommend using it to chop ice, some users report using it this way consistently with a lot of success. Having 200 watts of power at your disposal means this blender can replace your larger mixer for most jobs.

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender 59770
Turbo-Twister 59770
2-Speed Hand Blender


Hamilton Beach Hand Blender 59785
Hamilton Beach 2-Speed 59785
Hand Blender with Case



While the attachments on the blender are easy to remove and replace, they occasionally fall off during use. This can interrupt your blending process, causing some frustration with the blender. This can also be dangerous, if the attachment comes off when the blender is not submerged.

In addition, the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender can collect food in a couple of different places, including the top of the attachments and inside the handle casing, making the blender difficult if not impossible, to clean and unsanitary to use.


In its price range, this blender is one of the best. Its 200 watts of power make it more powerful that some of the other hand blenders in its class, thus making it useful for blending things like smoothies that are beyond the reach of some other hand blenders.

While the blender does not have all the features, power, and construction of some of the more expensive hand blenders, for occasional use it can’t be beat.

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