Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender – The All-Metal Blender

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender – The All-Metal Blender

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In today’s modern kitchen people want appliances that look the part and with the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender, that is what you get. They sport a sleek and stylish look, come in a variety of colors from white (sugar) to ultra marine and of course the popular chrome look. All will look fantastic in the kitchen and when not in use will fit snugly under the cabinets.

Hamilton Beach All-Metal Blender
Hamilton Beach All-Metal Blender

The features of these all metal blenders are in keeping with all of the latest blenders from Hamilton Beach. That includes a 500 watt motor and stainless steel blades which are capable of crushing ice and other frozen items like fruit.

The design of these blenders is superb and includes a choice of colors from licorice to white which Hamilton are calling sugar.

The various colors along with the design will complement any scheme of kitchen and when not being used ware small enough to be put away under the cabinets.

The 2 speed settings are accompanied by a pulse setting which aids in the ice crushing department and is useful.

Sitting on top of the blender is a large 48 ounce glass jar which is plenty big enough to hold those soups, purees and drinks.

When the blender is being used you want one that will do all the tasks you have brought it for and this range of blenders seems to fit the bill. It has the ability to crush ice and frozen fruits into the right consistency enabling the user to make those ice cold and delicious drinks at a moment’s notice.

This Hamilton Beach blender seems to be able to handle purees, soups, frozen drinks and shakes with the powerful motor and ice crushing blades.


Hamilton Beach All-Metal Blender
Hamilton Beach All-Metal Blender

There are a couple of disadvantages worth noting with these blenders. First it seems to be a little noisier than most other blenders. Secondly it would seem that the blenders struggle with thicker textures and in particular milkshake mixtures.


The Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender is a good looking, colorful blender that will look great on most countertops. Underneath they have the power to blend, chop, crush and puree those ingredients to make soups, salsas and cool refreshing drinks every time.

These blenders have been labeled with a couple of minor faults, but on the whole seem to be yet another fine example of the type of blenders Hamilton Beach can produce.

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