The Gas Powered Blender

The Gas Powered Blender

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Imagine going camping, or attending a beach party and taking along your own super powered totally portable gas powered blender. Whipping up a batch of iced margaritas will definitely make you the center attraction at any party.

Gas Powered Blenders
Gas Powered Blenders

No doubt about it, this is serious fun in the sun stuff no matter where you are, whether raving it up at a music festival, hanging at the stadium or on a road trip with no electricity in sight for miles! People will stop and stare the second you pull on the cord and power up your unit.

It’s a great way to get a party started and make new friends, especially if you are out camping. And it gets better, give the blender a quick rinse out and next morning you’ll be grinding up the coffee beans and making iced coffees and frappucinos to help you get started again.

When it comes to Gas blenders there’s only really two that I would recommend. Depending on my requirements I would go for the Extreme Daiquiri Whacker, or the Gas Tailgator Blender, here’s a quick overview and comparison.

The Extreme Daiquiri Whacker

The Extreme Daiquiri Whacker gas powered blender has to be the ultimate boys toy. It’s built with handles that resemble a bikes so you actually control the mixing with the twist and grip throttle action. And don’t forget this thing has a 26cc engine, so it’s going to feel real good!

Extreme Daiquiri Whacker Blender

  • Weight; 13 pounds (unpacked). 15 pounds (shipping weight)
  • Engine size; 26cc mighty life.
  • Jar; Large 48 oz unbreakable jar that’s made by Oster.
  • Controls; Convenient front Controls and kill switch.
  • Guarantee; 5 year parts (every part on this blender is replaceable).
  • Made in the USA.
  • Homelite patented Zip Start technology (Same as used on trimmers) making it twice as easy to pull and start than any of its competitors.
  • Included extras1x Mountain aluminum fuel bottle (for mixing and fuel storage), plus enough oil to treat a gallon of gas.
The Extreme Daiquiri Whacker
  • The Daiquiri Whacker takes the fine art of making blender drinks to the extreme!
  • No longer are you restricted by extension cords or generators.
  • The two-horse powered Homelite motor has enough power to whip up a batch of your favorite blended drink faster than you can say Dos Margaritas Por Favor!

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The Extreme Daiquiri Whacker can knockout margaritas and daiquiris in seconds, at around 6,500 Margarita’s per gallon it’s also a very economical gas blender that may just have a profitable sideline here… After all, who in their right mind would turn down a cool Margarita on a hot day!!

The Daiquiri Whacker user both the Oster Ice crushing blade and the Jar, their metal-on-metal coupling is second to none and can crush ice to snow to make the ultimate party beverage.

Of course this blender can do everything that a high speed blender can do and more, so if you need the odd dip, salsa or coffee in between daiquiris, no problem.

The Tailgator Gas Powered Blender

The Tailgator Blender is an amazing machine, its 2 1/4 hp, gas-powered engine can knock out 6,500 Margarita’s per gallon and has been built by hand in the USA using only the highest quality parts.

Tailgator Blender

  • Weight; 10 lbs.
  • Base; Dimensions 10 inch x 10 inch x 13inch (foot print).
  • Jar size; Large 48 oz break resistant pitcher made by Oster.
  • Records; Apparently the quickest time recorded to blend a full pitcher of totally smooth ice is 11 seconds.
  • Engine; 25cc Poulan 2-stroke, 2 1/4 hp with variable RPM, plus throttle and speed control.
  • Controls; Convenient front Controls and kill switch.
  • Extras; (Optional) Carrying Case.
Tailgator Gas-Powered Blender
  • Totally Portable Gas-Powered Blender - blend drinks anywhere!
  • Easy start 25cc 2.25HP gasoline powered engine
  • 48oz pitcher plus a bottle of 2 cycle oil included

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Another great thing about this so called ‘mean, green blending machine’ is that it’s extremely light to transport and is available with its own nylon carry case with simple adjustable shoulder straps.

Inside the bag are two heavy duty Velcro straps that can securely hold the blender in place, at the side of the straps are two sleeves that can easily house quart bottles of mixers and spirits. The bag and blender together weigh in at around 10 lbs so it really is a breeze to carry around.

This smart gas powered blender holds a 22cc engine. It is started with a pull cord and comes complete with enough 2-stroke oil for a gallon of gas.

So whether you’re mixing up iced coffees or margaritas for the grownups, smoothies and milkshakes for the kids, or knocking up a delicious batch of homemade dips and salsas for the family, blending has never been this much fun.


The only disadvantage here is how to keep the ice from defrosting? You can of course pick up a good quality boating cooler box to keep the ice in; this should give you at least 24 hours of solid ice. After that you either;

  1. Settle for milkshakes, coffee, fruit juice and iceless smoothies.
  2. Hope there is ice on site.
  3. Think about taking a small portable freezer with you.

Which one?

Both of these gas powered blenders work on the principle of what you see is what you get. The tailgator blender definitely has a weight advantage over Extreme Daiquiri Whacker, but then the daiquiri Whacker is way better fun with its twist and grip throttle action.

If I was after a really good blender and a bit of fun on a boat or at a campsite I’d probably go for the Tailgator, however for a business venture or a boys 21st birthday party it would have to be the Extreme Daiquiri Whacker.

Both of the above gas powered blenders are ultra-portable while being extremely powerful, no; the motor is not the size of a car engine. In fact, a gas blender is quite light considering the power it packs “under the hood”, making it ideal to take along to any outdoor gathering where electricity access would be an issue.

The Tailgator and the Daiquiri Whacker are made of durable materials because they need to be rugged to match the terrain. Both pitchers are made of strong, break-resistant plastic so that you don’t have to worry about breaking a glass pitcher, especially after one too many margaritas!

Unfortunately, the only thing these gas blenders won’t be able to provide is dinner and a show, but after a few daiquiris and margaritas it’s likely someone else will provide that entertainment.

A Nice Business Venture

Think of all the people out camping, fishing, on a picnic or even at the races. Don’t you think they would really appreciate a frozen beverage, whether virgin or alcoholic?

Set up your trusty gas blender and you can be making money in moments selling the most popular drinks.

Remember that when something is rare it has greater value and finding a daiquiri in the middle of nature is quite rare, unless you find a few bears with an affinity for alcohol and their own gas blender… Anything is possible, right?

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