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12 Volt Blender – The Waring Tailgater

The most likely reason for wanting a 12 volt blender is that you are looking for a portable low voltage blender to use on either a boat, camper-van or in the car.

Waring Tailgater 12 Volt blender

There isn’t a huge range of 12volt blenders to choose from at present and I can’t help but wonder if that’s because no manufacturer actually wants to put their name to such a low voltage blender.

If you just need a small job like a milkshake, smoothie or chunky iced margarita for a handful of people you won’t be disappointed with the Waring Tailgater blender… Anything more taxing and it may have a few problems.

The tailgater (12 volts is around 200 watts)

The Waring Tailgater 12v blender can be powered from a vehicle’s cigarette lighter, it has an extra long 15 foot cord that can easily stretch to a tailgate or a picnic table.

The waring tailgater stands 14 1/2 inches high and comes with a large break resistant 48 oz. polycarbonate pitcher, which sits on top of the attractive metal water fall base that waring are so famous for.

Waring Tailgater 12 Volt blender

The best part about the 12v blender is that it can be used on your counter-top as a regular blender, as it will always be ready to take care of small to moderate blending jobs.

Then, when you go on vacation or you feel like you want to take your blender with you, you just pack it up and it’s ready to go wherever you are. This means you are always prepared to make your favorite beverage as long as you have this type of blender.

But be warned, a 12 volt blender will only give you a maximum of 200 watts, so it will not be as powerful as your average home blender that running off mains power. It will be OK for small to medium blending and mixing, but will find ice crushing and other heavy duty tasks much harder.

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