The Vortex Manual Blender – Benefits and Features

The Vortex Manual Blender – Benefits and Features

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The manual blender takes an old concept and integrates it into a modern unit as this is a blender that relies on human power, rather than electricity.

Manual Vortex Blender
Vortex Manual Hand Crank Blender

If you are in the market for a hand crank blender there’s only one decent choice available in my book and that’s the GSI Vortex blender.

I actually bought one of these for my brother last year as he likes to do a little prepping. I thought the manual Vortex might come in handy one day. I mean let’s face it; if things hit the fan the first thing you’re going to reach for is a frozen margarita right? Anyway he loves it and has since purchased another one for a friend.

  • WEIGHT – 4 lbs. 12 oz
  • DIMENSIONS 9 inch when stored 16 inch assembled
  • MATERIAL polycarbonate and stainless steel
  • Pitcher size 1.5 Litres (64oz)
  • Includes pour through locking lid, Shot Cap, hand crank and mediocre clamp
  • Power, two crank options
  • Making light work of crushing ice or works as a food processor.

Here’s How This Manual Blender Works

The Vortex blender uses a powerful two speed gear mechanism with a hand crank. The two separate crank options are; hard heavy duty ingredients and easy light blending.

Yes, you are going to have to supply the muscle with this blender but don’t worry you don’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger 😉

You’ll love the way the blender base fits perfectly into its polycarbonate pitcher for easy compacted storage. This virtually indestructible 48oz pitcher is made from Lexan resin, with a pour through lid that even includes a shot cup, because human power needs to be fueled some way after all!

Vortex Blender
Vortex Blender

The stainless steel blade is designed to create a vortex to efficiently pull in any ingredients that need to be processed. A wide, durable stainless steel base is fitted with a C clamp to provide excellent stability. The clamp simply allows you to fix the manual blender firmly to a stable surface or table top.

This really is a convenient take anywhere blender, whether you are camping, traveling, prepping, partying or off on a picnic you can still blend all your favorite drinks and foods without worrying about batteries and power outlets.

This sturdy manual blender can blend, grind and pulp just about anything including iced drinks, smoothies and shakes, coffee beans (a definite yes when camping ) oats, grains, nuts, soups, stews and baby food. In fact I’ve an email from a happy mum who is still able to blend fresh baby food whilst on trips or camping.

Here’s a video of Noreen form katzcradul using her new hand crank blender. She puts rock solid frozen fruit in it and has a little trouble getting it going. But once she gets it turning the blender does a very good job.

GSI Outdoors - Vortex Blender, 50 Ounce
  • NO ELECTRICITY, NO PROBLEM: The Vortex Blender is perfect for blending up tasty margaritas, healthy smoothies, protein shakes, sauces, pancake batter and more without the need for an outlet. The blender’s hand crank activates a powerful 2-speed gear system to crush ice or blend drinks!
  • DURABLE DESIGN: This 1.5-liter pitcher and lid is made from virtually unbreakable, easy-to-clean Lexan resin, perfect for even your most adventurous outings.
  • AVOID THE MESS: Prevent accidents and spills with the blender’s exclusive pour-through locking lid and its C-clamp that secures its wide base to any table.

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The Only Disadvantage

The biggest disadvantage is that you need a stable surface to clamp the blender on to and then it can take a bit of time to get use to how it works. But don’t let that put you off too much, you soon get the hang of using it.

Consumer Reviews

Its early days for the GSI Vortex blender, so far it has received just three reviews, but all of them are five stars!


The GSI Vortex blender is an ultimate any time any place anywhere blender that can give you so much fun whether you feel like knocking up a frozen smoothie in the garden, or blending a Pina Colada on the boat.

The power and results are very much in your own hands and quoting my brothers words; “This is an extremely sturdy manual blender that has no complicated parts to fail on you”.

This hand crank blender provides a unique solution for those who enjoy traveling and is a good reminder of how much we rely on electricity when there are many other options open to us.

Apart from that, there are many other advantages to consider over an electrical blender including the all important Green issues. We also seem to have a growing amount of extreme weather conditions that are causing power cuts and bills are continuing to climb.

So next time you are considering a blender how about a no fuss manual blender.

Where To Buy The GSI Vortex Blender:

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