The Oster Fusion Blender

The Oster Fusion Blender

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The Oster Fusion blender is commonly considered to be a strong blender for a fairly low price tag. There are a few different styles that are called “Oster Fusion blender” but the latest design is one of the company’s best. While it can’t be called “cheap,” it does provide a lot of performance for the cost.

Oster Fusion Blender
Oster Fusion Blender

The Oster Fusion brly07b and the updated version the Oster Fusion brly07z both come with a jar that has a 6 cup capacity, making it easy to fit a lot of food or liquid into it at once.

It also has a six-point star blade that reverses for a finer blend, and 600 watts of power to puree anything that you need it to.

There are also some other attachments that you can get for this blender to make it even more useful.

One advantage that the Oster Fusion blender has over other blenders is that it has food processing attachments that can be gotten for it. This, on top of the fact that the blender has a fairly small “footprint,” meaning it is a great option for people who don’t have a lot of space for the blender. It multi-tasks nicely, so it is a space-friendly choice for small kitchens.

This blender is also great if you are looking for something to help you get through the process of making smoothies a little faster. For common jobs like this, there are preprogrammed options you can choose from. You just choose what you need the blender to do, and let it go. This can be very convenient for people who make smoothies every day, or mix drinks every weekend.

These blenders have a metal motor in order to power through anything you put in them. They work great for chopping ice. In fact, many people who have switched from other, cheaper models have said the Oster Fusion blender has made the smoothest iced drinks they’ve ever had.

One reason for this is that the blades on this blender reverse in order to do the best chopping job possible.


The jar that comes on the Fusion blender is made of glass. Some people like this, but others think it poses a hazard. If the jar is dropped, it will break. Also, a lot of people find the glass jars to be heavy and cumbersome compared to plastic ones.

Something else that has been noted is that the lid is difficult to clean. To keep from having to clean all the nooks and crannies, some people have covered the lid with a plastic baggie before putting it on the blender.

A few people have reported that the blades create an air-space between themselves and what they are supposed to be chopping. While this is annoying, it is an issue you are likely to find in many different blenders, not just the Oster Fusion blender. If you find this happening, you may just need to push the food down in the blender a bit so the blades catch it again.

Another issue people have mentioned is that pieces of food can get stuck under the large blades, requiring the unit to be disassembled in order to remove them.


All in all, the Oster Fusion blender is praised by those who use it. There are a few design flaws in this blender, but this is likely to be true of any kitchen appliance. If you are looking for a powerful, versatile blender at a decent price, this could be a good option for you.

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