Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed – Blendmaster

Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed – Blendmaster

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If you are looking for a good quality blender that is very cheap then this Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed could be one to look at. Cheap in price doesn’t mean cheap in parts and Hamilton have made sure that the same level of quality workmanship has gone into BlendMaster 50200 blender.

There are plenty of features crammed into this blender giving the user many different options to produce the perfect smoothie, soup and shake every time.

This Hamilton Beach Blender is feature rich and will keep the user in the kitchen making all those different drinks and other things blenders are synonymous for.

The BlendMaster 50200 blender features a quality 350 watt motor enables the user to fix drinks and soups easily.

The 10 speeds the Hamilton Beach BlendMaster 10 Speed Blender has are great as they allow the user to set a speed for different uses like chopping nuts or grinding coffee beans or even whipping up a smoothie.

Stainless steel blades and a removable blade assembly make for the smoothest of textures and ease of cleaning.

The addition of a large 40 ounce glass jar is big enough to make a nice refreshing drink or soup. The buttons are easy to clean along with the base on the 50200.


Hamilton Beach BlendMaster Blender
Hamilton Beach BlendMaster

The low price tag gives the Hamilton Beach BlendMaster 10 Speed Blender an advantage over its competitors. The ability to grind coffee beans and chop nuts is something not all blenders are capable of doing. This blender can certainly handle these tasks.

If you like to make and drink protein shakes then the Hamilton blender is ideal for creating smooth drinks and shakes. Easy to clean parts including the blade assembly are also an advantage with this blender.


It would seem that some people have had problems with the motor burning out at some stage on their Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed. Other reviewers have reported that the blades rust after time.

The base has cracked on some models leading to spills. Consumer reviews are important as they give people a chance to see what the product is like prior to purchasing. Small selections of other people’s reviews are included:


If one is looking for a cheap kitchen blender then you could do a lot worse than the Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed. But cheap doesn’t necessarily mean its made from cheap parts on the contrary Hamilton have made sure the Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed is made from quality parts that should stand the test of time.

The design is in keeping with the Hamilton brand in that it’s sleek and curvy with plenty of features that will give the consumer plenty of options for making that perfect smoothie, shake or even coffee as it can grind beans.

Yes there are some problems which people have reported but on the whole the response to this 50200 blender from Hamilton has been good.

If you want a good, reliable and cheap blender why not check this one out from Hamilton?

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