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A Back to Basics Blender

The Back to Basics blender comes in one of two styles. First, there’s the Blender Solution that comes with a food processing attachment.

Back to Basics Blender Express

This small blending appliance not only fulfills the traditional roles that you would expect from a blender, but also functions as a food processor and a smoothie maker.

The more common model is the Blender Express, which features different attachments that allow the blender to be used quickly and easily to fulfill a lot of different roles.

With these attachments, it can be a coffee grinder, food processor, smoothie maker and more. Previous customers have used it to make salsas, batters, soups and more.


Back to Basics Blender Express
Back to Basics Express

The Back to Basics Solution features a 500 watt motor, a brushed stainless steel base, and 3 blending speeds. There’s also a detachable spout for the dispensing of blended products, like smoothies, and a food processing blade that further expands the blender’s usefulness.

The Back to Basics Express features a 350 watt motor with 2 speeds plus pulse, along with 2 blade bases to allow for different kinds of blending and chopping.

Available for this blender, though not included in every package, are several accessories that enhance its usefulness. These include 24 ounce plastic travel mugs, leak-proof sipping rims, comfort drinking rims, and smaller blending containers.


Back to Basics Blender Solution
Back to Basics Blender Solution

Both Back to Basics models are known for their powerful mo

tors. They don’t have any problems making smoothies or handling heavy loads. This allows customers to keep the blender for a long time and feel like their investment pays off.

In addition, both models of this blender can expand to function beyond the capacity of a simple blender. Because kitchen space is so often at a premium, this allows customers to buy one small appliance that fulfills the role of two or three.

The Basics Blender Express is particularly useful for people on the go. Because you can blend directly into the travel mugs, it saves a step and saves on the number of dishes that must be washed. In addition, with this method there aren’t any awkward leftovers that must be stored or disposed of, as everything fits neatly inside the mug.


Unfortunately, some people have experienced motor failure in both models of the Back to Basics blender. This drastically shortens the life of the blender. While most of these customers have been able to get their money back or get a replacement blender, this failure has caused frustration and distraction.

In addition, the Blender Express only blends in small quantities. Thus, it isn’t useful for mixing drinks at large parties or making anything where you might want to blend more than 24 ounces at a time. While this is handy within its scope, using it outside of that is frustrating, difficult and, at times, impossible.


The Back to Basics blender is a solid kitchen blender choice. Depending on your blending needs, either model could be right for you. If you want to blend a lot at a time, the Blender Solution is a great appliance that works consistently.

If you want to blend small amounts quickly and easily or blend directly into a transportable cup, the Blender Express offers portability and ease of use that can’t be beat.

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