Waring Professional Bar Blenders Range – WPB

Waring Professional Bar Blenders Range – WPB

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The Waring Professional Bar Blenders now offer more than just a striking build and design. Waring blenders have now incorporated a powerful commercially rated 500 watt motor into both of its new WBP professional blenders.

Waring Professional Bar Blender
Waring Professional Bar Blender

Please be aware that at the time of this update there are still quite a few of the old 350 watt WBP bar blenders being sold on Amazon… Surprisingly for the same price as the 500 watt ones!

This is something you should be aware of as the shape and design has not changed and the model numbers remain the same. Just make sure the one you buy has a 500 watt motor, that extra 140 watts will make a difference to your blending… and at the same price!

All of the new Waring Professional Bar Blenders come with the signature waterfall heave duty metal base and are finished in either chrome or brushed chrome. There are now two designs to choose from in this series, the WPB80 and WPBO5 (you can still find some of the old model numbers on Amazon such as WPB09, WPB04, but these are now being phased out).

Rating: 4 Stars / Average Price: Est. $59 – $109 [amazon_textlink asin=’B0016PCRUY’ text=’Check Amazon Price’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’blenderexpertalb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”]

Features and Advantages

Rating: 3.5 stars     Price Range: $59 – $109

  • Made in the USA
  • Attractive waterfall base
  • Commercially graded 500watts heavy duty motor
  • 40 oz glass or 48 oz Polycarbonate pitcher
  • Easy 2 speed settings (hi and low)
  • Five Year Motor guarantee
  • Height 15 1/2 inch
  • Weight 8.3 lbs.

WPB80 and the WPB80BC Professional Bar Blenders

These two are the same blender, the WP80 is finished in chrome and the BC at the end of the second model literally stands for brushed chrome.

These come with a large 48-oz. polycarbonate pitcher which is great for knocking up a lager batch of frozen margaritas and pina coladas!

WPBO5 and WPB05BC Professional Bar Blenders

These are also the same blender, once again the BC is referring to brushed chrome.

The difference here is that these two come with a 40oz glass jar. And although it may seem to be a disadvantage to have a smaller jar the heaviness of the glass helps to stop the blender from vibrating as much, so for me this is a plus point.

Waring Professional Bar Blender Jars
Waring Professional Bar Blender Jars

A simple easy to use blender that’s controlled with a simple yet stylish 2 speed toggle which can handle most blending needs from Whipping up luscious drinks and smoothes to blending tasty soups and sauces.

The price has to be an advantage here, under $60 for a powerful 500 watt commercially rated motor that carries a five year guarantee?

A sturdy good looking blender that fits nicely under the kitchen units.

Cleaning most blenders can sometimes be a problem, but the Waring professional bar blender makes cleaning easy with its removable blade assembly that allows you to clean where it matters.

Waring Professional Bar Blender Base
Waring Professional Bar Blender Base


According to waring both the WPBO5 and WPB80BC professional bar blenders have the ability to pulp frozen fruit and crush ice no matter what setting you have the blender on. The blender managed to perform both these tasks separately but struggled when I tried to use them together.

It’s worth noting that some of the major parts are made of plastic, and I can’t help thinking this could lead to the motor and other parts burning out at some stage.

Consumer Reviews

So far this blender has received 22 five star ratings on Amazon, averaging 3.5 stars overall from a total of around 51 reviews. Things may improve on this score now that they have increased the power on the motor.


If you are looking for something a little different with simplified controls but still have the power to make soups and drinks then the Waring professional bar blender could be a wise choice for you.

At around $60 this seems like a pretty good buy, but a bar blender that struggles to cope with ice and frozen fruit together is a big disadvantage. I can’t help but point you towards the waring PBB food and beverage range, yes it is about $30 more but it is a much better blender!

Where To Buy A Waring Professional Bar Blender

Rating: 4 Stars / Average Price: Est. $59 – $109 [amazon_textlink asin=’B0016PCRUY’ text=’Check Amazon Price’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’blenderexpertalb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”]

Waring Professional Bar Blender

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