Waring Commercial Blender Range

Waring Commercial Blender Range

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The Waring Commercial Blender on the whole seems to be a high-quality blender with many advantages.

If you are looking for the perfect blender the waring commercial blender range is one of the most powerful on the market at the moment and built by the creator of the first blender.

Waring Commercial Blenders are tough, reliable and extremely powerful it will make the perfect smoothie or milkshake every time not forgetting those other jobs like soups and sauces, it will even make a fantastic slush.

Waring 48oz Margarita Madness Bar Blender

Waring Margarita Madness Bar Blender

Waring also offers a 48oz Margarita Madness blender which is ideal for mixing high quality margaritas and other drinks.

This blender comes with a powerful 1 horsepower motor and heavy-duty one piece stainless steel cutting blade. The 48oz polycarbonate container is also unbreakable and dish-washer friendly.

  • A powerful two speed motor
  • Makes 48oz margarita’s in a heartbeat
  • Great looking and very nice design

Waring MX1100 XT Smoothie Maker

Waring Smoothie Maker

The Waring MX1100 XT Smoothie Maker is a high-power, heavy duty blender with a 64 oz jug capacity, electronic membrane keypad and an unbreakable polycarbonate jug.

The enormous power generated by the 3.5 horsepower motor makes this blender ideal for commercial use or for serious entertainers.

  • A heavy duty motor
  • Two speed setting’s and a great pulse function
  • Blends anything you like, hot or cold
  • Can crush ice in seconds

Waring Nublend Blender

Waring NuBlend Blender

The Waring BB185S NuBlend Commercial Blender features electronic touchpad controls for easy use and also offers a pulse-speed setting.

It also has a 1-horsepower, 2-speed motor which gives you a whopping 27,000RPM. It comes with an easy-clean one piece, stainless steel cutting blade.

Waring Immersion Blender

Waring Quik Stik Blender

The Commercial Waring immersion blenders high powered motor can deliver fantastic power whenever it is needed, capable of pushing out 18,000 RPM.

With nine settings on the 750-watt variable speed motor you can be assured that your creamy potatoes and soups will be lump free.

Most of the Waring Commercial range offers high quality, powerful products that justify the higher price tag.


The Waring Commercial Blender supports a clean classic look with rounded sides that set the blender apart from others plus the choice of colors for the base in either black or brushed stainless and the 1 horsepower 2 speed motor give you a blender that will see to all your blending needs.

All Waring Commercial Range Blenders come with heavy duty polycarbonate containers that are big enough to accommodate large quantities of drinks or soup. The manufacturers also offer a 5 year limited warranty on the motor.

The motor is built using metal gears and features a metal-reinforced rubber drive coupling for extra strength and durability.


It’s hard to find any disadvantages with this Commercial Blender range apart from a higher price tag than some comparative models. Although some consumers complain about the noise these blenders can make when in use, this is to be expected from any motorized appliance. Blending is quick and convenient and should only take a few seconds, so the noise factor is very temporary.

Some people have stated they have smelt a burnt smell coming from the base. This could be a result of overuse on a high speed or attempting to cut through items that may be too tough for the motor. There may also be some issues with the lid not fitting properly on top of the 48oz plastic container with people saying the lid is tight.


The Waring Commercial Blender on the whole seems to be a high-quality blender with many advantages. The Waring blender range is a very well built and extremely powerful blender that will do the job you want it to do in seconds, whether you’re making a smoothie, coffee, soup or crushed ice.

Sure there are a few issues with the blender but the positive things about this blender outweigh the negative. The Waring Commercial Blender will be a fine addition to your kitchen appliances and will last a long time, you wont be disappointed with this blender.

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