The Montel Williams Blender

The Montel Williams Blender

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The Montel Williams Blender, originally known as the Health Master blender, is promoted as a blender that will do everything… Does it?

Montel Williams Blender

Instead of just blending, this blender is supposed to juice, grind, grate, whip and 26 more things that normal blenders do not do.

With all of these features, the Montel blender is designed to be your main kitchen tool. It should do so many things with ease that you can get rid of many of the other small appliances that clutter your shelves and counters.

This blender promises to make your life easier by helping you simplify things in your kitchen. Because it does so much, cooking should be easier and you should spend more time eating healthy food with your family.

However, before we get into the review I’m going to tell you right up front that the HealthMaster blender doesn’t make it into our selection of the best blenders available.

For the price it sells at it should have made it in easily… But at the time of review it just didn’t cut it… it wasn’t even close!


Features and Advantages

Montel with his blender
Montel with his blender

The Montel Williams Blender features a wet-dry stainless steel blade that will allow you to blend anything without worrying about mold or mildew. In addition, its 70 ounce pitcher is big enough to blend whole batches of soup at once, or smoothies for a large group.

The pitcher is also made of a polycarbonate blend, so it is dishwasher safe and difficult to damage, scratch, and destroy.

In addition, the Montel blender has 8 speeds, allowing you the ultimate in control over its blending power. It also has built-in safety feature that will stop the blender when it is in danger of overheating and allow you to restart it once the motor has cooled off.

With a motor of nearly 2 horsepower, this blender has more power than almost all of the consumer-grade machines on the market, giving it the power to take on the toughest kitchen tasks.

Health Master Blender
Health Master Blender

The power of the Montel Williams blender is its main advantage. Not only can it crush ice and chop raw vegetables, but it can make nut butters and shred meat, which are two tasks beyond the reach of most blenders.

The versatility of this machine also gives it an advantage over other kitchen blenders, as it does so many different tasks, all in one small appliance. Instead of being just another appliance that you have to find space for, this blender makes it so you have more space for other things.

Montel Williams 1200 Watt 8-Speed HealthMaster Elite Blender & Emulsifier, White
  • Montel Williams 1200 Watt 8-Speed HealthMaster Elite Blender & Emulsifier, White

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While the Montel Williams Blender is powerful, it is not as powerful as some other blenders that make similar claims. Though it is also somewhat cheaper, it may not be worth paying less for a blender that does not do everything it is supposed to do.

While this blender is supposed to completely emulsify everything you put into it, this may not be the case every time. Leafy greens seem to be the major hitch when it comes to this blender. Many people say that it beats other blenders in the same price range when it comes to green smoothies and emulsifying fibers, but sometimes small pieces are still left in the smoothie at the end.

Some users report problems with some of the more heavy-duty features of the Montel blender, like its ability to help you make nut butter. These users report that the blender gets close to overheating, turns off, and will not start for 15-20 minutes, and that it does this several times during the course of one batch.

One of the major concerns that a lot of people have is the mechanical problems this blender can have on occasion. A common complaint is that the blades and other parts in the base will begin to rust. Considering that it is advertised as being all stainless steel, this is very concerning. Also, many people say that the pitcher begins to leak after a short period of time. Overall the Health Master Blender only seems to last about 6 months to a year before breaking.

Another major problem is that many people who have tried to get parts replaced or a refund have met with some difficulties, despite the warranty that the blender is supposed to have.

Needless to say, this could make some heavy-duty blending tasks even more difficult than usual, not easier.


While many people compare this blender to the Vitamix Blender, the facts seem to be that there are some serious problems with certain parts of it.

The Montel blender does have some potential, but it is probably worthwhile to spend a little more to get a more heavy-duty model if you’re going to do a lot of blending with thick substances.

As mentioned earlier, it does not make it into our selection of the best blenders available, but on the other hand, if you want to blend soups and make the occasional smoothie, this blender will more than get the job done, but you could argue that it’s a bit expensive for that!

Where to Buy A Montel Williams Blender

Affiliate links /  Our affiliate policy / Last update on 2021-10-18 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Discussion (20 Comments)

  1. I love montels blender ! But the safety feature where you need to line up the pitcher so it goes on …. will not go on anymore . The motor goes on once in awhile so I know it’s somthing with the pitcher and the safety feature on the sides where you have to line it up for ittogo on . Any thing I can do or purchase. Please help

    who do I speak to about this matter

    • This company is so bad I would not recommend there other brands cheaper return my blender twice and two year later still trying to get in contact with someone so they could send me a new one or my money I paid about 350 dollars which for me is a lot for a single mother

  3. Stay away from this blender Living well with Montel in my opinion is a disposable unit, when you get to the point of needing parts there is no place to purchase a new part, yes you can find some on e bay like the motor base, why because somebody had their jar leaking, and could not find the cutter assembly with the seal, now if somebody selling the jar or pitcher is probably cause had the base motor burned out, I will never touch one of this again.

    • I have used this blender less than a dozen times…stored it away for a while and went to make a smoothie and will not work…this is so disappointing…you spend this kind of money and this is all you get!! DO NOT PURCHASE this item!!!

      • Yes, I did the same! Thankfully, I held onto a very old hand me down 1970s blender by Oster. I kept in back of my cabinet in case I ever needed. Very disappointing when I pay so much money for this Montel Williams healthy blender! 🙁

  4. I have a Montel Williams Healthmaster blender. Each time I have attempted to operate it, it just doesn’t work. At first I believed it was the container, but after checking and rechecking, realized it was properly fitted on the base. Neither the Pulse or Power turned the motor on, so here I have an expensive appliance on my counter taking up space and useless. Unfortunately the warranty has probably expired, so I have no choice but to dispose of it. Maybe someone could use the container and blue lid. I have a cheap Ninja bought at least 20+ years ago that always comes thru. However, it isn’t for heavy duty use.

  5. Bought this blender a few years ago and only used it sparingly at first. About six months ago I got on the smoothie kick and was making smoothies at least 5 times per week. I would through in a few ice cubes with the fruit, yogurt, milk, bananas & greens. It did not take long for little pieces of something to start showing up under the base of the pitcher. The unit because extremely loud, the pitcher began to ooze something and eventually started leaking. The unit stopped spinning the blades. Unfortunately I did not really use for a couple years after purchasing but I would not suggest purchasing this product. Montel needs to step away from endorsing the Health Master line of blenders!

  6. This has been a great blender. Very durable. I’ve used it heavily to pulverize large quantities of vegetables for home canning and for fruit/vegetable drinks for dinner many nights a week for years. However, the pitcher has broken: the seal holding the ball bearings broke. There appears to be nowhere to buy a new one. I don’t want a used one on EBay because I want a pitcher with new blades and no wear on it. They should sell replacement parts, like pitchers.

  7. Same thing here. Pitcher base is leaking. My motor still works for now, but it did start having a smoke smell like something was burning. Will look for replacement since used ones on inline probably having the same problems after looking at everyone else’s comments. Can’t say if I got my money’s worth or not.

    • I had my Montel Williams blender for a few years now, only used it a few times, since I had it. The blender worked great in the beginning . But over the weekend I tried using it , and it would not turn on. The power light did come on, The pitcher was sitting correctly on the base. I know my warranty has expired. I feel like , I wasted my money on this one.

      • We also had this Blender a couple years only used it once when we first bought it and this weekend my daughter was here and wanted to us it and it would not turn on this blender is a piece of junk and a complete total waste of money This blender was not cheap I need and address so I can make a formal complaint and maybe a place where I can send it back..

  8. We bought this while we lived in CA. and during that time it worked great. When we moved to Oregon and got it out to use it, it was dead. When I plugged it in it would not ‘power-up’ so to speak. Have tried everything to coax it into work and it is a no go no way. On top of that, there is no way to fix it so now I have a very expensive unit that I cannot use. Very disappointed!

  9. I own a Health Master Blender, Model No. YD-2088E. The seal in the bottom of the pitcher is wore out and liquid leaks out the bottom of the pitcher. I am looking for replacement parts for this problem, can anyone help?

    • I have the saMe problem with the seal leaking. I have looked all over the internet and can not find where you can by replacement. This blender is junk. Mine Starting leaking In about a year. Did you find out where to get parts?

  10. Really disappointed with this blender. The bearing of the container with the blade assembly is shot. The base also has a problem with the drive socket assembly. So scary when I turned it on and it made screeching noises and then started emitting smoke. Is there a place to return it for repairs?

  11. I bought one years ago ,it worked well in early stage but the Pitcher Blade components got worn out,can’t find any replacement parts, and they selling a PItcher for too much money.If anyone knows where I can get the part ,Please let me know


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