Oster 14 Speed Blender – 6608

Oster 14 Speed Blender – 6608

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The attractive Oster 14 speed blender 6608 is the newest kitchen upgrade offered by Oster. The brushed nickel finish of the base is specially designed to fit in beautifully with the rest of your appliances that feature a metallic finish.

Oster Blender 6608
Oster Blender 6608

This powerful blender can handle any blending job in the kitchen from smoothies to Frappucinos and sauces or salsas. The powerful 450 watt motor can handle virtually any job so that the Oster 6608 blender becomes a vital accessory in any kitchen.

The Oster 14 Speed Blender features a 5 cup glass jar which is scratch-resistant and is dishwasher safe so you can quickly and easily clean up after yourself.

The unit is designed for maximum durability with an all-metal drive system and a powerful 450 watt motor.

The motor also guarantees that this blender can handle the most difficult jobs, including crushing ice with the help of the special stainless steel “Ice Crusher” blade. The Oster 14 Speed Blender also features 14 different speeds so that you can blend to the perfect consistency each and every time.

The blender also features a beautiful design combining a base with a nickel finish and black accents to create a unit that you can proudly display on your counter. Additionally, the unit offers cord storage so that a cable doesn’t detract from the attractiveness of the unit when on display.

Oster 14 Speed Blender Advantages

Oster Blender 6608
Oster Blender 6608

Compared to more expensive units, consumers appreciate the all metal drive that the Oster offers versus a plastic housing which can crack easily. Additionally, the ribs the jar features ensures good blending of all the ingredients you load the blender with.

The range of speeds is also considered to be an advantage as well as the simple controls that reduce the risks of complicated electronics breaking down. Reviewers also consider the unit to be very sturdy and reliable. The sleek design was also appreciated.


Some customers were displeased with the fact that the base is in fact made of plastic and only spray painted silver. Additionally it seems the plastic is rather flimsy and one mistake will lead to a cracked base. The dial on the controls was also believed to be too flimsy. The black plastic collar on the base doesn’t seem to fit properly and is extremely difficult to deal with.

Another complaint reviewers had was that the jar was much too small at 40 ounces which is a little over 4 cups. It also appears that this Oster Blender stops functioning if it is loaded with ice and no one could find a reason since the tell-tale smell of a burnt motor was not present. In some cases the blender stopped working while blending relatively soft ingredients such as those used in making pesto.

Reviewers who had known Oster brand products for many years and associated the brand with reliability and quality were disappointed they could no longer trust the Oster name.


It seems that reviewers either loved the blender or completely hated it. The problems people had with the unit may not be necessarily due to a bad design but to bad manufacturing which would explain why some had such a good experience with the unit while others suffered horror stories.

However, considering the extremely low price of the blender it offers good value. It really appears that if you are lucky to buy one of the properly manufactured units this Oster 14 Speed Blender will offer excellent performance and reliability.

Take a look at the 14 speed Oster 6803 blender its a conventional blender with a number of standard features. If you want to make smoothies and cocktails without spending a fortune, this might be the blender for you.

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