The Oster 6803 Blender

The Oster 6803 Blender

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The Oster 6803 blender is a conventional blender with a number of standard features. It is specifically made to crush ice, with it’s all-metal drive and 450-watt motor, which propels the blades fast enough that ice doesn’t stand a chance.

Oster 6803 Blender
Oster 6803 Blender

However, you have control over this power with a precise pulse feature, so you can get everything to the exact texture you desire.

The glass jar adds quality to this blender, as it won’t easily crack or break like plastic can. The blender is pleasant to look at, though it won’t stand out on your counter

The Oster 6803 features 14 speeds. This gives you precise control over its action, so you can make foods the right texture.

It also gives you lots of options, so you don’t have to use as much power if you’re doing a small blending task as you do when you’re performing a larger one.

It also has metal blades. This makes it harder to destroy the chopping mechanism, since metal is difficult to damage, so the blender is perfect for heavier duty tasks.

While it’s still a conventional blender, it has some of the capacities of a heavy duty one, too.

Finally, the Oster 6803 blender features a glass jar. Many conventional blenders have plastic jars, which break and crack easily. While glass can still be broken if dropped, it’s much less likely to be damaged during normal use.


Oster 6803 Blender
Oster 6803 Blender

If you need to chop ice but don’t want to buy a heavy duty blender, either because of space or price issues, the Oster 6803 blender is probably for you. Consumers report that it handles ice very well. It’s capable of chopping it to the point of pulverization, and making high quality smoothies and cocktails.

While you might not want to use this blender to make smoothies every day or cocktails for an entire party worth of drinkers, for everyday use it is a champ.

In addition, most of the blender’s construction seems to be top-notch. The glass jar, the metal blade, and the powerful motor are made to last, and consumers seem to indicate that this Oster 14 speed blender won’t let you down like some cheaper models might.

The Oster name is always an advantage. With years of making quality kitchen appliances under their belts, the people at Oster know what they’re doing, and how to make the consumer’s experience as good as it can possibly be.

They also excel at customer service, and so can help you out if you have any questions or problems. If you want a name you can trust, you can’t go wrong with Oster.


Some consumers have complained about the quality of the motor on the Oster 6803 blender. While it runs well and powerfully, there may be something wrong with the motor alignment, at least on some blenders, since multiple consumers have reported a problem with this.

In addition, the plastic case around the motor can be easily damaged. While most stores will take back an Oster 6803 blender in which the case cracks after only a few uses, this can be a hassle for the consumer and a frustration if it happens in the middle of a cooking project.


Some consumers might hope for better quality from the Oster name. However, given the price of this blender and the fact that it pulverizes ice consistently and well, the smaller problems that a few customers have had don’t necessarily speak to its overall quality.

If you want to make smoothies and cocktails without spending a fortune, this might be the blender for you.

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