Oster 12 Speed Blenders Range

Oster 12 Speed Blenders Range

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Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender

Price Range: $39 – $49

You’ll find a wide range of colors and features available in the Oster 12 speed blenders range. Having many available options means that there is sure to be a fit for almost any home.

Oster 12 speed blender
Oster 12 speed blender

The two great things about Oster 12 speed blenders is that there are so many options from which to choose and the price range is comfortable for most budgets.

When you combine that with excellent durable glass jar blenders that last far beyond the average life expectancy of most brands you have a solid investment on your hands and your kitchen counters.

The most popular glass jar 12 speed model is the Oster 6684 12 speed blender. But different Oster 12 speed blenders will have different features and options. Here are some of the highlights you might want to consider about some of the other more popular models.

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Oster 6811 Blender

The Oster 6811 Blender offers 450 watts of power along with an all-metal drive system for power and durability.

Oster 6811 Blender

The leak proof lid is a fan favorite for anyone who has ever grabbed a handful of stickiness when opening the lid after blending.

The wide mouth collar on this blender is also perfect for stability when serving from the glass jar.

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Oster 6889 Blender

The Oster 6889 Core 12-speed blender is another great choice that offers plenty of attractive features.

Oster 6811 Blender

The 5-cup glass jar that comes with this blender is dishwasher safe.

The most impressive features to most people is that it offers a food processor/chopper attachment that is perfect for mincing, chopping, and other light food processor functions.

Be warned that there are those who purchased this expecting a full feature food processor and were disappointed. But, for the price it is a great way to enjoy a fantastic and durable blender that pulls double duty as a food processor for minor functions.

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The Oster name may be the greatest advantage each of the Oster 12 speeds. No matter what model you’re getting you can buy with confidence that Oster is a brand that puts out quality products and stands behind the products they offer.

The other advantage that is consistent throughout the Oster family of blenders is the all metal drive system. This increases the life expectancy of the blender greatly and helps ensure that you’re getting the power you need to power the wattage of blender you purchased.


The main disadvantages come with blenders that are designed to multi-task in some manner. Oster is a great name to know when it comes to blenders. It would seem that they aren’t such a great name to know when it comes to food processors.

There are also some complaints that the motor on some models isn’t sufficient to properly mix the ingredients. It’s important to make sure you’re getting a motor sufficient for the functionality you expect from your blender. Not all blenders are suitable for emulsification and other advanced functions.


There are many Oster 12 speed blenders on the market. With so many options available you are sure to find one that is going to meet your needs.

Shop around and compare models before you zero in on the one you feel is best for you. For the price range that is available in blenders, the Oster brand is one that has a lot to offer consumers.

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