Oster 6811 Blender – Core 12 Speed Blender

Oster 6811 Blender – Core 12 Speed Blender

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The Oster 6811 Blender is a 12-speed blender that is a good fit in many kitchens. Not only does this blender look great on counter tops but it also offers a great deal of durability and versatility.

Oster 6811 Blender
Oster 6811 Blender

This is one tool that can accomplish many tasks in the kitchen. This isn’t the blender for someone looking for a cheap addition to the kitchen for blending smoothies. This is the blender that is made for people who expect versatility and functionality from their blenders.

You can use the Oster 6811 Blender for a wide range of kitchen tasks. It makes outstanding smoothies. You can use it to chip ice at high and low speeds. It is even possible to grind coffee beans for a perfect morning cup of Joe.

One user on Amazon even used her blender to grind crackers for a meatball recipe. As you see there is a lot more than just smoothies in your future with this particular blender model.


There are a lot of features that come along with your Oster 6811 blender. A popular favorite among customers is the fact that the lid is leak-proof. There are few things worse than an gooey mess all over your hands as you remove the lid from your latest mixed concoction. The lid on this model eliminates that.

The glass jar is another feature that is popular with so many concerns over plastics. People also feel more confident using the glass jar for blending because it is thicker and feels sturdier and more stable.

The 450 watt motor coupled with the all-metal drive system ensures that you have a product that can handle the demands you place upon it. It can handle the heavy-duty ice crushing and will still be around in your kitchen for quite some time.

This is a product that can handle everyday use in an active kitchen unlike so many other blender brands on the market today that are designed for occasional use.

The final feature to discuss with the Oster 6811 blender is the 12 speeds it offers for a wide range of mixing and blending possibilities and options. With so many different blending and pulsing options available it will be difficult to find something you can’t find the perfect speed to mix with this blender.


Oster 6811 Blender
Oster 6811 Blender

The 6811 model does offer the all metal drive system that makes it not only suitable for the mixing jobs its called upon to perform but also extends the life cycle of the blender making it a decent investment for your kitchen.

Another popular advantage for this blender is the brushed nickel finish that looks goo in almost any kitchen. This makes the blender a great item to leave displayed on your counter top so you aren’t constantly pulling it into and out of the counter. The ability to display the blender makes it more convenient than less attractive models.


There is one disadvantage cited by a reviewer about this 12 speed blender that is worth noting.

The complaint was that it is aggravating because there is a trick involved where you must place ingredients in a certain way in order to get optimal results. One reviewer found the blender completely ineffective when doing this.


The Oster 6811 blender is a great fit for the average household. It’s a good value blender by the well known Oster brand.

There are plenty of attractive features that people pay extra for in other blenders and the durable construction makes it an excellent choice for people looking for a long-lasting blender that will perform a wide range of functions.

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