Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender

Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender

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An upgrade from the original 4 blade technology the 6 blade Ninja Master Prep Professional blender is a food processor, blender and stick blender all combined into one!

Ninja Master Prep

It now comes with a bigger 450-watt motor so that it has an adequate amount of power, probably around the same as an average household blender. But, the new 6-blade system combined with this stronger motor should help it to blend faster.

Other upgrades for the new improved Ninja Master Prep Professional blender include three carafes along with additional hand mixer, dough hooks, beaters and plastic cups. It’s generally agreed that the original Master Prep was a budget blender.

But surprisingly there are some advantages of owning one of the new upgraded Ninja Master Prep Professional blenders, and not just the price or the sleek new look design.

The Advantages

Ninja Master Prep
Ninja Master Prep

The benefits to this particular blender food processor combo are many. It’s easy to operate. It’s a breeze to clean because the parts are dishwasher safe. The blade is removable (which also makes it easier than the average blender to clean).

The other benefit of the removable blade is that you don’t lose half your smoothie, milkshake, or frappe to the bottom side of the blender! Complete with a splash guard and other removable parts which are dishwasher safe, you have an excellent blender that will compliment any kitchen.

The Master Prep does away with 3 other kitchen utensils like the blender, food processor and stick blender. This frees up the kitchen so you can make more delicious and tasty foods and drinks with the Ninja blender.

This blender has the ability to puree, dice, blend chop and mince anything you desire with the amazing one touch pulse. And with the 6 blades that compliment the blender you are sure that everything you do with this blender will be cut through like a samurai sword through butter! With the use of the processing bowl and a nifty gadget called the power pod you can make great tasting margaritas and other party drinks and dips in no time.

When you are changing from one attachment to another it’s really easy as they can only go on to the main body one way. No more twisting and turning, pushing or pulling trying to get the attachment onto the blender.

Ninja QB1000 Master Prep 450W Anti Spill Pulse Blender (Renewed)
  • 48 oz. pitcher for frozen blending and smoothies
  • 16 oz. chopper bowl for even chopping
  • All jars include convenient storage lids, are dishwasher safe, and are BPA free

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Are There Any Disadvantages?

As with all low budget blenders these days, you can find a few bad points or disadvantages and the Ninja Master Prep Professional blender is no exception. Because this blender and its working parts are primarily made out of plastic you can get wear and tear of some moving parts.

So keep in mind that if you are a frequent user of your blender the parts could let you down, especially around the blade shaft and the blending head. Spare parts are available, and with a such a low initial purchase price you will not be out of pocket compared to some of the more expensive machines. I guess you just have to weigh the hassle element in this.

Consumer Reviews

The Ninja Master Prep Professional blender has been very well received on Amazon with most users commenting that it is useful appliance to have in the kitchen especially for the price. Negative reviews usually point out that it’s probably not that durable.

To date this blender has received over 8000 (eight thousand) five star ratings on Amazon. It also has over 300 one star ratings, but that’s not unusual for a low cost product. Overall it averages 4.5 stars which is great from such a large body of reviewers.

My Conclusion

The sleek design along with the ability to use this in more ways than one, along with a very affordable price tag make this blender good value for money. In all honesty you get what you pay for with this blender.

It must be noted that for the price there are some great features inherent in this blender. Features that many users believe outweigh the negatives and actually make it very good value for money. It’s a decent addition to any kitchen, especially if you are a student or if you are on a budget, or if you just want to do away with a few kitchen items and replace them with only one.

Yes, there are disadvantages as it will not last forever, but then again you’re not paying much for the blender, so the positives can for some people outweigh the negatives. But if you are looking for one factor that stands the Ninja Master Prep Professional blender out above all others then it’s the ability to make delicious dips and margaritas at a moment’s notice.

Where To Buy The Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender:

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