Blender Food Processor Combos – Right Tool for the Right Job?

Blender Food Processor Combos – Right Tool for the Right Job?

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Ninja Blender

A blender food processor combo is more than just a food processor and good blender in one, its a multi tasking kitchen appliance designed to make life easier in the kitchen.

Designed to help with chopping, grinding, processing and other processor tasks and then quickly be transformed into a blender so those blending and mixing tasks can be done equally as quick. But are we better off sticking with the right tool for the right job?

Here’s a brief overview of the difference between a blender and a food processor and how they ‘cross over’, followed by my opinion on the best three blender food processor combos.

Right Tool for the Right Job?

High performance blenders excel at processing liquid ingredients. They micronize vegetables and fruits down to a cellular level to extract as many nutrients as possible. They are great at making smoothies, ice creams and soups and for grinding seeds down to flour etc.

Food processors excel at working with dry or hard ingredients at lower speeds, often up to 30 times slower than a blender. They have many attachments created for different precise uniform slicing and shredding of foods. They also have mini bowls for processing smaller quantities of ingredients.

The blender food Processor Cross Over

Now, there is an element of cross over where each appliance does the job of the other, even though it’s not the main function of the appliance. But usually they don’t do the job as well…

Blenders WILL process dry ingredients and Will chop foods on the pulse button, but you have very little control like with a food processor.

Food processors WILL blend, but are limited on the amount of liquid you can add and do not run fast enough to micronise fruits and vegetables.

So before you purchase a blender food processor combo, remember that they can never do BOTH jobs equally as well.

The latest Ninja Mega Kitchen System gets pretty close, as close as I’ve ever seen, but even that falls just a little short in the high performance blending dept.

1) Ninja Mega Kitchen System

ninja mega kitchen systemThings to look out for in a food processor blender combo, include having a motor powerful enough to do all the jobs from processing to blending. Different speed settings are an advantage too as it gives you more control over how you want the finished product to look like.

Blade wise, well good strong stainless steel blades are a must as they do the hard work.

The latest Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 has all of the above, it’s probably the best blender/food processor that I’ve come across.

An upgraded powerful 2hp motor and several attachments provide an original capacity to knead dough for pizzas, loaves of bread, pretzels and biscuits.

Traditional blenders feature a single blade in the bottoom of the pitcher. This blends substance in the bottom however really does nothing to pull the thicker stuff from the top of the jug towards the bottom so it can be blended totally.

In contrast the Ninja blender incorporates a cylindrical tube which goes from the base of the jug all the way up to the top of the lid.

Along the length of this tube are six razor-sharp blades.

This eradicates issues air pockets, allowing the blade to spin freely. The blades are razor sharp, so be careful when handling them! Continue reading the “Ninja Mega Kitchen System Review”

2) Oster Counterforms Blender

oster counterforms blenderThe Oster Counterforms Blender may be used as a food processor, chopper, and/or a blender.

Households low on kitchen counter space can appreciate the compact nature of its footprint.

The elegant design and style of the Oster Counterforms Blender is part of its appeal. The blender comes in a mixture of black and stainless steel finish or an all black finish.

This blender food processor combo has an attractive price, particularly if you think of the extra capabilities of this machine as a chopper and a food processor. It lets you do much more than similarly priced blenders are able to do.

This blender includes a 6-cup glass jar and an all-metal drive system that gives an added layer of strength to compliment it’s Six hundred watts of power. It also features several settings designed to allow for effortless operation of the blender.

Probably the most interesting feature for many users is the fact that can be used not only for blending smoothies but also for tasks like pureeing, chopping veggies, as well as making wonderful sauces and sauces. Continue reading the “Oster Counterforms Blender Review”

3) Cuisinart Blender Food Processor

cuisinart duet blender food processor

The Cuisinart SmartPower Deluxe Blender and Food Processor combo has a 600-watt motor and a great versatility by offering shredding and slicing features in addition to chopping and crushing features.

The electronic touchpad is lit with blue LED lights to tell you which speed setting you’re using at any given time. There is also the optional pulse speed for when you need a quick pulse of chopping and/or blending and an “ice crush” button for when that is your goal.

People who use the Cuisinart BFP-603 SmartPower Deluxe Blender and Food Processor are often delighted by how fast and easy it is to use.

At the same time there is one consistent complaint. It is loud. Some reviews call it ear piercing loud. If you have children over the age of two that probably won’t be a problem. You can just put come cotton in your ears and the sound won’t get through the ear buds of everyone else in the household.

This is a mid-range priced product for the benefits it offers. The footprint is a little larger than the average blender but it’s definitely smaller than you would need for both a blender and a food processor. It’s definitely an investment worth considering. Continue reading the “Cuisinart SmartPower Blender Review”

Other Points to Note When Buying A Blender/Food Processor

Today kitchens are filled with all kinds of products taking up every available inch of counter top space – and then some. That’s why products, that occupy a smaller counter top footprint while providing multiple services such as a blender food processor combo like one of the great machines listed below. If you have a blender and food processor now, you know, all too well, that they can be real space hogs.

Now is your opportunity to combine the two large footprints into one single counter top footprint while still having easy access to the tools you use so often in the process of meal prep and cooking. These great combo machines have a lot to offer any kitchen that’s strapped for space.

Reviews are mainly good for the machines available with many having tons of attachments making any job even easier. Large work bowls and jugs are a must and most come with ample room. Minuses include some looking a little too plastic and parts hard to come by.

A blender food processor combo in the kitchen will not only save you time when hosting a get together or baking and cooking for yourself or you’re family, but it will save you money and kitchen space too as they will replace the conventional blender and your food processor.

With many companies now producing this kind of kitchen appliance prices will inevitably come down which is good news for the consumer plus the technology included will only get better meaning even more choice and features.

No kitchen should be without some form of blender food processor as they will make life easier and you the bell of the ball.

Cocktails Anyone?

PowerBlend Cuisinart Blender Food Processor
We Review The Cuisinart Blender/Processor

To start with when guests arrive why not serve them a non alcoholic cocktail instead of an alcoholic aperitif? Just fill up the blender part of the food processor blender with copious amounts of strawberries then add water, sugar, lemon juice then blend. The resulting strawberry lemonade will have your guests wanting more, and its alcohol free. There are many blender recipes available here for making cocktails and other drinks with a food processor/blender, so why not head over and check some out.

Another great way to enjoy a fresh healthy smoothie or other fruit laden drink is by growing and picking your own fruit. The taste of the finished drink will be enhanced and the freshness of the fruit explodes inside your mouth.

When hosting a dinner party or get together we all know just how hard setting everything up is, and just how much hard work goes into making a meal fit for a king, or queen. Tasks like mashing, blending, dicing or shredding vegetables and other food items, making salsas or sauces and if you are having pies or making your own muffins or cakes then the preparation and work involved is enormous.

But with a blender food processor combo the hard work is taken care of. Pop in the ingredients switch it on and hey presto. In a few moments the ingredients are mixed together perfectly leaving you to complete those other tasks involved in hosting.

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