Morphy Richards Hand Blender

Morphy Richards Hand Blender

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The Morphy Richards hand blender  is a versatile and easy to use, it could be an integral tool in every kitchen, it is such a useful implement.

Morphy Richards Hand Blender
Morphy Richards Hand Blender

This electric hand blender packs a powerful punch when it comes to all your kitchen blending, mixing or chopping needs, and with eight speed settings and ergonomic design your Morphy Richards blender will do the job it was designed to do.

The Morphy Richards immersion blender is packed full of features including a 500 watt motor. With eight different speeds and turbo setting, the blender makes short work of anything you want to mix, puree, chop or blend.

Stainless steel blades mean long-lasting durability and consistent sharpness with easy cleaning. It also comes with various attachments and utilities including a whisk attachment and chopper blade. There is also an ice crushing facility which produces the perfect crushed ice for those nice cool drinks in summer.

All the attachments are quick release so there’s no need to struggle attaching them to the blender or taking them off, this saves time and effort when you want to use the hand blender, especially if you are in a hurry.

The Morphy Richards hand blender also include a plastic measuring beaker which is dishwasher safe. All this is rounded off with the instruction manual, guarantee and even a recipe book outlining multiple uses for this versatile implement.

Cleaning the hand blender couldn’t be easier. A damp cloth will see to it your blenders moving parts are kept clean and ready to use another day. As for the attachments like the whisk and the bowls, a simple wash in warm, soapy water will do the trick and have them gleaming in no time.

The Morphy Richards hand blender is a highly useful utensil for many varied uses and is available at a competitive price.


Morphy Richards Hand Blender
Morphy Richards Hand Blender

The ergonomic design and ease of use are just some of the advantages of having a Morphy Richards hand blender in the kitchen. The stainless steel finish and black rubber handle on the blender will not be out of place no matter what style of kitchen you have and when you have finished using the blender you can safely store the blender away in a cupboard or drawer.

The different attachments are another plus for this Morphy Richards immersion blender. It seems the designers behind Morphy Richards have thought long and hard about what the consumers needs are and given you attachments and utilities they know you will need and use in any kitchen.

The 500 watt motor is quiet when running, even on the highest setting, unlike some blenders which are very noisy when being used. The conveniently placed rubber grip also helps to reduce any heat transference, so it won’t heat up in your hand or become uncomfortable to hold while you blend.

There are eight speed settings for you to use so no matter how tough the job is, your Morphy Richards blender will tackle the job effortlessly. There is a safety cut out too which is a very good thing to have on a utility like this. If you tip the blender upside down it will stop working until you have it facing downwards. This is a great


All in all, the Morphy Richards immersion blender is a versatile and easy to use hand blender. It’s ideal for chopping, mixing, blending, crushing, whisking and much more. If you need your food pureed smoothly, quickly and easily, especially for a baby then this hand blender is for you.

With its ergonomic design this is a blender that will complement any kitchen, and when not in use can be stored away conviently inside a cupboard or drawer. The attachments are an excellent addition and Morphy Richards has thought about the consumers needs, by including utensils you will need and use.

The 500 watt motor is powerful enough to complete any task it is given, from chopping, mashing, blending or mixing, and with its eight variable speeds and the inclusion of a turbo button, you can be confident knowing the Morphy Richards immersion blender will do the job it is intended to do and for a more competitive cost than many other hand blenders of similar quality.

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