The Kalorik Blender Review

The Kalorik Blender Review

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There are many different models available today if you are looking for a high speed blender. But Kalorik is fairly unknown, as a company it’s been building quality products since the 1930’s in Belgium and since then have expanded across Europe.

Kalorik blender
Kalorik blender

They have a reputation for great workmanship and design build along with some excellent blender designs and there should be a blender for any type of person and kitchen.

One thing that stands out with these blenders is the size of the glass jar. It seems the average size is 48 ounces with some blenders having a 50 or even 60 ounce jar supplied. Only the Tangerine and Lime blenders have small glass jars which are 34 ounces, still plenty enough for those smoothies on a hot summers day.

Serrated stainless steel blades give them the advantage over other blender blades and can easily crush, grind, chop and blend your ingredients into the consistency you require.

Kalorik blenders come in all sorts of great designs from sleek to the chic and would look great in a kitchen that appreciates quality and workmanship.

Motors ranging in size from 300 watt to a massive 500 watt are big enough to do all those daily tasks like making smoothies, soups, purees and even salsa and margaritas.


Kalorik blender
Kalorik blender

Has the ability to crush ice and other frozen products like fruit perfectly every time leaving you with the perfect smoothie, soup or puree. That’s all down to the 6 stainless steel blades incorporated into the these blenders

The simple 2 speed setting and a pulse button are all you need to whip up those favorite drinks and soups. Some blenders have that many buttons you never know what they are all for but not with these blenders.

Most Kalorik models come with a large glass jar which has a drip free spout and combined with a tight fitting cover you are sure of no more spills. There is a removable cap too so you can add ingredients as you go along and make that perfect drink or other luscious foods.

Stylish and sleek designs mean any type of Kalorik blender will complement any style of kitchen. The units are small enough to fit under cabinets too so you can safely store them out of the way when you are not using them.


One of the disadvantages the blenders have is the noise. They can be loud during use.

Problems with the blade mechanism on some of the Kalorik range mean they either rust or collect dirt underneath which can be a little difficult to get under to clean.


There are quite a few blenders to choose from within the Kalorik range and there’s bound to be one for everyone. With over 80 years of producing blenders, Kalorik produce good quality blenders which have stood the test of time and are built to last.

And with excellent styles and designs they won’t look out of place no matter what kitchen you have.

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    I am thinking of purchasing a Kalorik individual blender. After reading the reviews, I feel good about the product. This may be my first individual blender.


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