The Delonghi Blender

The Delonghi Blender

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The name Delonghi already has a fantastic reputation with electrical goods around the home but do they have it when it comes to the Delonghi blender?

Delonghi Blender
Delonghi Blender

Delonghi make a range of blenders for the kitchen and each one has its own characteristics. From the small and compact to the large and powerful, Delonghi have made a mark in the blender world and not always for the right reasons.

Delonghi have a range of blenders available to the public. The Delonghi DBL740, Metropolis DBM8150 and the DBL650 Stainless-Steel blender are just a few. Each has its own characteristics and varies in price, so there will be one for every pocket.

All have large or overly large jars which are perfect for those drinks, soups, dips or even crushed ice and with large powerful motors like the 600 watt motor on the DBL740 Delonghi blender you will have the perfect consistency every time.


Delonghi Blender
Delonghi Blender

The blenders come with large glass jars with the DBL740 having a whopping 1.5 liter jar, which is more than enough when making those soups or drinks.

Powerful motors and stainless steel blades make short work of ice, fruit and other foods you care to blend. Some motors are over 500 watts.

Lots of speed is an additional feature with pulse functions on these blenders as standard. This is ideal when you have ice or other frozen produce you want to grind, crush or chop.

Modern and stylish designs are standard with all Delonghi blenders and the brushed chrome look on the DBL650 or die cast aluminum on the DBL740 won’t look out of place in any kitchen.

Price wise, these blenders are very competitive and there are blenders available for every kind of budget.

A great feature some blenders have is the Dual shut off which stops the blender should the lid or jar be removed or is not in place properly. This can be a excellent safety feature and also helps avoid spillage.


Cleaning the blender seems to be an issue with some of these blenders in particular when cleaning the blades. You may also find that some internal parts are made from plastic which seem to break easily.

Loose jars and caps are other problems which seem to plague the blenders too.

Bad customer service and lack of spare parts have had people up in arms after their blenders broke and they needed spare parts. This could be a concern if you have paid your hard earned money on a Delonghi blender and you have to wait for parts.


Delonghi are synonymous in the kitchen and around the home with their products and many have their products in their kitchens but their venture into the blender market seems to have had mixed reviews. these blenders are very stylish and look good in the kitchen. However that seems to be little comfort for the problems some people have had.

That’s not to say the blenders are not very good, in fact some people love these blenders and won’t change them for anything. So the choice is yours, if you are on the lookout for one of the best cheap blenders then why not look those up before making a decision, you never know the Delonghi blender may surprise you.

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