Breville Die Cast Blender – Hemisphere 800BLXL

Breville Die Cast Blender – Hemisphere 800BLXL

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The Breville Die Cast blender is made to take on not only your normal kitchen tasks, but the tough ones too,  the more challenging ones.

Breville Die Cast Hemisphere Blender

The 800BLXL Hemisphere blender has a very solid construction and a robust motor unit, along with several speed settings that will give you the ultimate blending experience.

This particular Breville blender appliance is also produced by one of the best manufacturers on the market. Although Breville isn’t a US household name, their products are generally very well respected in Australia. Their high quality standards are not exceeded worldwide, and their products are becoming more and more popular across the planet.

Breville Die Cast Blender Features

The Breville 800BLXL is actually the 1000 watt version and it can take care of the toughest jobs like shaving ice. The simple control functions consisting of two speeds along with a pulse action offer you total flexibility throughout your blending tasks.

The 800BLXL also offers a stainless-steel motor, meaning that it is usually both highly effective and not as noisy as other blenders.

Furthermore, this Breville blender features wider cutting blades compared to its competition, these are fixed right into a small bowl at the base of the blender, which means that your foodstuff doesn’t get caught up, giving you a more consistent blend.

The 67-ounce jug is polycarbonate and has some handy measurements. The lid will not leak, and is safe to go in your dishwasher.


This Breville Die Cast blender features a highly effective and robust motor, and that means you should be able to finish even the most challenging blending chores that other blenders just can’t. It really is a terrific home kitchen blender.

The Breville 800BLXL’s cutting blades and a bowl are the key to good blending results. The unique style and design ensures that the blender can do its work much better than other models with the exact same power and composition.


For some the reality that this appliance only has a couple of speed settings is disappointing. But for others multiple speeds on blenders might be over-kill. For me, two feels a little insufficient on a 1000 watt machine and it would definitely be useful to get additional control with that awesome power.

The 800BLXL’s polycarbonate jug is also a bit irritating. Numerous lower class blenders are manufactured with a glass blending jar; these are visually more appealing and usually work better.

Lastly, a few users state issues with the blender’s motor unit, even though it features 1,000 watts, it still got too hot, creating a burning odour after just a couple of uses. We have to report that this concern looks to be spread amongst just a small number of users, but it’s sufficient enough to become a slight worry.


When you are considering a more powerful kitchen blender the Breville 800BLXL Die-Cast Hemisphere blender has got to be one to look at.

It would make a fine inclusion to your kitchen area. Its strength enables you to finish all blending tasks quickly and its build quality indicates you are able to accomplish them time and time again for many years.

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