Braun Hand Blender – Multiquick

Braun Hand Blender – Multiquick

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One of the most popular hand blenders on the market the Braun Hand Blender, Multiquick, makes it easy to blend milkshakes, juice drinks, mix sauces, soups, baby food and other blendables in a glass or a pot, without having to manhandle heavy, bulky appliances and dirty more bowls.

Braun Hand Blender MR5550

With its multiple attachments, you can also whisk egg whites, whip cream, or chop vegetables, nuts, and herbs easily and quickly without a lot of mess and hassle.

When it comes to convenient, versatile blending, the Braun Hand Blender Multiquick is the go-to tool for busy chefs everywhere.

The Braun Hand Blender, Multiquick, comes in three different versions:

Braun Multiquick Classic

Braun Hand Blender Multiquick Classic

The most basic of these, the Multiquick Classic, has 300 watts of power and comes with a chopper and detachable gear shaft.

The MR 430 HC Plus also comes with a stainless steel whisk attachment.

Both it and the MR 400 HC Plus have easy turn-in attachments, a silent motor, and come with a beaker to make blending easier.

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented Technology - Powerful 350 Watt - Dual Speed - Includes Beaker, Whisk, 505, Black
  • Power bell technology: Durable stainless steel blades and unique bell-shaped blending shaft for fast and finer results
  • Easy click ensures all attachments can be removed with one simple click
  • Turbo boost for added power

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Braun Multiquick Harmony/advantage

Braun Multiquick Hand Blender Harmony

The second version, the Multiquick Harmony/advantage, has 450 watts of power and, depending which model you purchase, comes with a combination of attachments including a detachable blending shaft, a chopper, and a stainless steel whisk.

All of these attachments are dishwasher-safe and the blender comes with a soft grip so it’s comfortable to use. The Harmony/advantage comes with the same silent motor and beaker as the Classic.

Braun Multiquick Artiste/professional

Braun Multiquick hand blender MR5550

The third Multiquick is the Braun MR5550 Artiste/professional version. This machine offers 600 watts of power and various attachments, including the detachable blender shaft and stainless steel whisk that we’ve seen before, but can also come with a multi-function tool, large, medium, or small choppers, and an ice crusher.

In addition, this hand blender is anti-splash, so you won’t make a mess in your kitchen.

This Multiquicks Fresh-System also helps to keep your food fresh for longer, it uses an extraction system to expell and keep air out, creating vacuum preservation.


Braun offered one of the original hand blenders and so is uniquely placed to know what works and what doesn’t in this genre of appliance. Their blenders are known for being powerful and lasting quite a while, which make it stand out among similarly classed appliances.

The Braun Multiquick’s attachments also cause it to stand out from the crowd. While many hand blenders seem to be geared mainly towards chopping soft foods, the Braun has attachments for chopping and even crushing ice, which make it a special little blender indeed.


This blender suffers from some of the same issues that plague other budget hand blenders. Users report motors that burn out, plastic casing that cracks, and attachments that begin to fall off when you change them one too many times. While these problems may be normal, they are still frustrating when you’re faced with chopping by hand or using a bulky blender as an alternative.

In addition, North American users may find it frustrating that the high-end model of the Braun Hand Blender, Multiquick Artiste/professional, is difficult to find in their market. No one quite knows why Braun has chosen not to make them more readily available but the fact that they have turns some customers off.


Though the Braun Hand Blender, Multiquick, does not completely overcome the issues that other hand blenders suffer from, the power and attachment options that it offers make it one of the most popular hand blenders on the market. If you’re looking for your best bet as far as power, versatility, and reliability, go check out this Braun blender for your kitchen.

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