Bosch Blenders Range

Bosch Blenders Range

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One of these Bosch blenders could be a nice addition to the kitchen if you are in need of a blender machine that is sleek with a choice of colors. They come in various sizes and strengths with most having a very reasonable 600 watt motor.

Add the blades which are powerful enough to turn any ingredients into the right consistency every time and you have a range of blenders capable of keeping pace with the more expensive models available to the consumer.

Bosch blender


Variable speeds and high powered motors like the 600 watt on the Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blender give one plenty of power to whisk, chop, mix and blend. Some models have a turbo mode giving an extra boost when needed.

Stainless steel blades see to it that the right consistency is achieved whether mixing, blending, crushing or grinding those ingredients.

Large break resistant jugs like the 56 ounce one on the Bosch MMB-2000-UC blender mean no more half measures.

The Mixxo Cordless Blender from Bosh is the first unit of its kind to employ lithium ion technology and features a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 10,500 rpm.


One advantage with the Bosch range of blenders is the price. A reasonable price gives these blenders an advantage over some of their competitors.

Sleek designs and colors means any type of kitchen theme can be catered for when purchasing a blender from Bosch. You’ll also find that most of the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

A range of attachments come with some Bosch blenders including whisks and choppers.


Some reviewers have had problems with the motors and a burning smell. The plastic base has also been known to crack.

Bosch Blenders Summary

If you’re in the market for a new or first time blender then the Bosch blenders could be for you. A range of different blender’s means there should be a blender for any type of budget and style.

Feature wise these blenders are up there with some of the better known blenders on the market with hard wearing blades and different speeds.

A nice feature is the turbo mode which allows for a burst of speed when needed. Most are reasonably priced and will appeal to anyone who is after a blender including those on a budget. The Bosch range is not without it’s faults, but even with them they could be a favorite with consumers.

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