Black and Decker Blender

Black and Decker Blender

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Black and Decker!… Those 3 words are synonymous with the world of power tools, but did you know they made other things too? Yes Black and Decker make household items like vacuum cleaners, juicers, food processors and the Black and Decker blender!

Black and Decker Crush Master Blender
Black and Decker Crush Master Blender

The B and D blender is one that probably should be on your list of the best rated blenders if you are looking for a new one or the first time blender.

This is a very good budget blender. The Black and Decker Crush Master and Cyclone blender models are both cheap to purchase and usually very powerful with some blenders having 10 to 18 speed settings.

A powerful 450 watt motor gives the blender a real advantage over similar makes of blenders and combined with either a 10 or 18 speed settings and a pulse setting the blenders are powerful enough to do all your handy work in the kitchen.

Black and Decker Blender Features

The powerful motor is complimented by multi level stainless steel blades which will chop, blend, dice and cut perfectly all those ingredients to make soups, dips, salsas and even margaritas.

An overheat function gives you peace of mind that should anything happen to your Black and Decker blender and it starts to overheat, this function will cut in and switch off the blender. This is great as it protects and prolongs the life of the motor and blender.

A large 42 ounce glass blending jar sits on the blender and has an interlock system and heat resistant glass, which means Black and Decker have thought the whole safety thing out in all of their blenders.

The blender features push button controls including a fast clean button and the parts are dishwasher safe too.


Top of the list with the advantages should be the price of these Black and Decker blenders as they are cheap and you get a lot of features you would expect on a more expensive model.

Black and Decker haven’t skimped on the motor either and offer 2 choices from the 450 watt on the Crush Master to 650 watt on the Cyclone models. Both are perfect for mixing, blending and crushing anything you desire.

A 2 year guarantee comes with all the blenders giving you peace of mind that if should anything happen you will be covered.

Black and Decker Cyclone Blender
Black and Decker Cyclone Blender


It would seem that the Cyclone range of Black and Decker blenders has a few problems, in particular with leaking and the way you unscrew the jar from the blender.

It seems that you will need to make sure to screw the container onto the blender tightly otherwise you could end up with it leaking liquid slightly.

If you are not careful when unscrewing the glass jar from the blender you could end up unscrewing the entire unit resulting in spillage. While the creators of this blender no doubt thought this would be a good safety feature, it can be troublesome if you’re not careful

Another problem with the Cyclone range is it can occasionally have problems with crushing ice.

In Conclusion

The Black and Decker blender range is another alternative to the more expensive ones on the market today. Coupled with sleek retro designs and powerful motors and settings, the blenders won’t look out of place no matter what decor you have in your kitchen.

These do have their negative points, but overall these are surprisingly sturdy, good value blenders that should be suitable for most blending requirements.

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