Bamix Hand Blender – Gordon Ramsay

Bamix Hand Blender – Gordon Ramsay

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Bamix Hand Blender

The Gordon Ramsay Bamix hand blender is built like a tank, its a utensil every kitchen should have!
With a great stick blender you can do virtually anything in the kitchen from chopping, grinding, mincing and liquidizing, to blending, whisking and pureeing your food to suit your needs.
The only thing that kept this hand blender out of our top three was the price point. It’s a top quality product but can be a little on the expensive side.

Having said that, as Gordon Ramsey has endorsed the product you know you will be buying a professional utensil for your kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay has used the blender in his professional role as a chef for years. Even at home he uses this blender when he needs one. He was introduced to the blender by Guy Savoy back in 1991 he was so impressed he lent his name to it.

Features and Advantages

The Gordon Ramsay hand blender is packed full of features, all designed to make your life easier in the kitchen:

The motor speed is 18,000rpm which makes this the most powerful hand blender available on the market To say the motor is powerful the blender is very quiet when you use it.

Three different blades come with the blender and along with the dry grinder you are sure to have something for any use you can think of in the kitchen. The blades are all easily clipped into place on the blender making the process smooth and effortless.

Being Swiss made you are sure of the quality and workmanship of the blender, coupled with a ten year guarantee you can be assured that, should anything happen to your hand blender you will be able to have it repaired in no time.

The Gordon Ramsay hand blender comes with a stand so you can put your blender away neat and tidy once you have finished with it. It’s so compact when on the stand you could put it in a cupboard.

The beautiful design and rounded features of the blender, plus the titanium color sets this hand blender apart from all the other blenders on the market. It certainly is an attractive utensil and looks great in the kitchen, even when not in use.

The blender and attachments are easy to clean and click onto the base of the blender effortlessly.

One of the things that set this blender out from all the others is the recipe book and DVD that comes with the hand blender when you purchase. The DVD shows Gordon Ramsay demonstrating how to use the hand blender in a variety of cooking situations. The recipe book includes some excellent recipes you can try out for yourself.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

There are a few disadvantages with the Gordon Ramsay hand blender. Some people say the blender is actually heavy and that the grinding bowl was a little small.

These issues, I am sure, will be rectified in later releases.

Our Conclusion

The Bamix has been around for some time now and in those years there have been modifications and design changes with each successive model making the hand blender better.

When Gordon Ramsay was introduced to the blender by Guy Savoy back in 1991 he was so impressed he lent his name to the blender.

Having someone like Gordon Ramsay endorse a product means when you purchase the blender you are getting a product which is well built, reliable and does what it says on the tin.

You get a lot for your money when you purchase the Gordon Ramsay Bamix hand blender compared to makes of similar quality.

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