Waring Food Processor

Waring Food Processor

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Waring Food Processor
Waring WFP14FC 3.5 qt food Processor

Nowadays there are so many Waring food processors available it can become confusing to know which is the right one for you. However one thing that sets the Waring processors out from all others is a quality and well built kitchen appliance that really is a miracle mixer.
Great features are abound on the latest range of food processors and each has attachments that will make cooking and baking in the kitchen that little bit easier.

In toda’s modern kitchen you want your electrical items to be able to do the job and at the same time looking the part and not out of place and that is where the Waring food processor comes into its own.

Not only does it look good with a modern and sophisticated look but it can handle all those slicing, shredding, chopping or mixing rituals easy with minimal of fuss. A selection of discs allow the user to deal with meats, cheese and even ice cubes, turning them into the right consistency. Other discs are readily available to purchase too should you need a replacement or one that is not included in the box.

To start with there are many Waring processors to choose from and there will be one to fit any function and type of kitchen. For instance the WFP14 food processor from Waring has a very large high performance motor running at 1 horsepower along with S shaped stainless steel serrated blades which are removable for easy cleaning.

This power and performance alone will make using it easier as it makes short work of ingredients inside the large unbreakable polycarbonate bowl which will handle the toughest of ingredients.

And talking of bowls the bowl on the FP2200 Waring processor is capable of holding 6qt of dry and 4qt of wet ingredients. Add in the Polycarbonate feed attachment and you have enough space to make even the largest of foods without the need for stopping to add more ingredients or make part batches.

At breakfast time why not fix yourself a smoothie or other delicious drink. Just add fruit to the processor along with some ice and blend until you are happy with the consistency. A good way to meet the day.

Choose Carefully

When looking for a Waring food processor the list is endless so you will want to choose carefully and this is where the internet comes into play. Budget, ease of use and even color are things you should bear in mind when shopping for a food processor but also take a look online at reviews if you know the type of food processor you want.

With the Waring processors most reviewers are in although they aren’t without their critics. A small work bowl is cited as a con along with the blade assembly which can come loose.

When Fred Osius approached Fred Waring way back in 1936 with a plan for a miracle mixer which would revolutionize people’s lives, little did either man know that over 70 years later the Waring food processor would still be in demand today.

With lots of different models to choose from they would have been proud that their original idea is still in demand and now plays an important role in today’s kitchen. They are not the cheapest around but with a large selection available one will be able to find a food processor to suit their needs.

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