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The Tribest Blender

tribest personal blenderThe small and compact Tribest blender is perfect for anyone who wants to make simple recipes without all the fuss and high tech gadgetry that comes with some blenders.

The Tribest personal blender is an all in one single serving blender which will make short work of the tasks you give it to do. From chopping, mixing, whisking and grinding, this blender will perform admirably in the kitchen.

A compact design complements this blender and together with a powerful motor will make all you blending tasks easy.

Definitely one to look at if you are living on a shoestring or maybe just moved into your first house or apartment.


Tribest Personal Blender
Tribest Compact Blender

Simple to operate, the Tribest blender is a more personal blender but has all the power and capability most of the bigger branded blenders have.

This is apparent with the stainless steel blades which are encased inside the blender for safety when being used.

Along with the pulse function this blender will make short work of anything you put inside the cup to blend, chop, mix or grind, and that includes grinding coffee.

Included in the box are 2 single serve cups which are different sizes. This is a good idea as sometimes you don’t want to make anything large so a smaller cup is perfect.

A powerful 200 watt motor compliments this personal blender which is more than capable of performing your daily tasks especially when making a smoothie and you need to chop frozen fruit.

On top of that there is a recipe book packed with blender recipes for you to try if you get bored of making things your way.

Tribest Personal Blender PB-250 Complete Blender and Grinder Package
  • 2 8 oz. AND 2 16 oz. BLENDING CONTAINERS - For a complete blending and grinding package so you can start blending smoothies, coffee beans, and seeds right out of the box
  • SAFE AND EASY OPERATION - Blending/grinding blades are completely enclosed during operation, making it impossible to come in contact with spinning blades
  • POWERFUL 200-WATT MOTOR - Easily blend all your favorite ingredients, including ice, and grind all your grains, nuts, and seeds

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The fact that this blender is more like your personal assistant in the kitchen compared to the larger, bulkier blenders is an advantage with the Tribest blender.

Its small compact form allows you to safely store it anywhere where there is even a small space without getting in the way and with the neat way this blender is constructed it won’t look out of place either.

It makes short work of things like frozen fruits and coffee beans and will make you the perfect smoothie and milkshake every time.

Coupled with the stainless steel blades which will not rust and the easy cleaning then this blender should be looked at if you need a small personal blender.


One of the disadvantages of this blender is that it is not dishwasher safe which is a shame as most people have them nowadays. One or two have also reported that it’s a little noisy when being used. On the whole, though, the good points outnumber the bad.


The Tribest blender has 135 five star ratings on Amazon, its a personal blender that you should have in your kitchen if you want something a little less hi tech. Small and compact but well made this blender will perform the most ardent of tasks effortlessly giving you a perfect result every time from a smoothie to salsa, it will even grind coffee.

Blenders are a necessity these days in the kitchen so if you need one but are budget conscious or maybe just starting out on your own then this should be a blender you look at.

Where To Buy A Tribest PB250 Single Serving Blender

Affiliate links /  Our affiliate policy / Last update on 2020-07-02 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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