The Philips Hand Blender

The Philips Hand Blender

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The Philips hand blender is such a versatile and awesome blender. It will feel equally at home in the professional or private kitchen mixing, chopping or mashing your food and with a powerful motor, even the hardest jobs will be completed with ease.

Philips Hand Blender

There are plenty of attachments for you to play with and will cover every eventuality. And with the Philips name stamped onto the side of the blender you can be sure that you will be buying a good, quality product.

You really do get a lot for your money with the Philips hand blender and could be worth the investment if you are looking for a hand blender.

To start with the Philips blender has a whopping 700 watt motor, that is more than capable of turning your food into the consistency you require, with the added bonus of 5 speed settings and a turbo button, all that adds up to one powerful hand blender which can chop, mash and blend your food perfectly.

Philips Hand Blender
Philips Hand Blender

The power cord is a good length at 1.4 meters long and comes out from the top of the blender, and doesn’t hamper you when you are using the blender.

Accessories include 2 choppers, a mini and an xl one. The xl chopper can be used to chop large quantities of food which it is capable of doing effortlessly. A serrated blade is also included, that can be used for crushing ice, an excellent feature when the sun is hot and you need something to drink to cool you down. A whisk is included which is perfect for thickening up cream or whisking eggs together, and a large 1 liter beaker with lid which is dishwasher safe.

The blender is then finished off with an anti splash blade guard. With all those accessories you are sure to keep busy using your blender, and when you have finished using it it’s easy to clean and store away without being obtrusive.


The smooth stainless steel or black look will please the eye and not look out of place anywhere in the kitchen. The blender comes with lots of gadgets for you to play with and you should have one for any type of food processing.

Keeping your hand blender clean is no problem as some parts are dishwasher safe, the main body of the blender can be wiped over with a damp cloth which will keep your Philips hand blender sparkling. Removing the attachments couldn’t be simpler, all you need to do is press 2 buttons and they attach or detach easily.


Like nearly everything we use there are likely to be problems when using your utensils, and this hand blender is no different. Some people have stated that the motor gets hot when mixing, while others say the xl chopper is only a little bit larger than the mini chopper.

Another disadvantage is the manual. This covers 3 different types of blenders and is only a few pages long so doesn’t help or advise you too much. There are pros and cons with everything in life, and buying utensils are no different, at the end of the day the choice is yours.


Purchasing this Philips blender for your kitchen needs will be an addition worth having. It’s powerful and versatile enough to see to all your needs whether you are mixing, mashing, whisking or purifying your food. It looks good in either stainless steel or black and complements any kitchen.

As for the price, well the Philips hand blender is mid range price wise but you do get a lot for your money. And one more thing is guaranteed, and that is you will get the Philips creativity, build quality and years of experience of making the best kitchen utensils available.

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