The Oster In2itive Blender

The Oster In2itive Blender

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The Oster In2itive blender is another line of blenders from the famous company Oster and since their conception in the mid 1940’s Oster it seems have led the way in the blender market.

Oster In2itive blender
Oster In2itive Blender

Now with the introduction of the In2itive blender Oster could have taken them to the next level. Powerful 500 watt motors are the order of the day with the Oster in2itive blenders.

Different pre-programmed cycles make light work of your ingredients and produces the perfect finished product every time. When the cycle has finished the blender stops and alerts you with a beep.

The blade which is unique has the ability to reverse while mixing your ingredients which eliminates your food gathering in the center of the jar and being lumpy.

The blender also features a very tough polycarbonate jar which is unbreakable and light. The jar is also dishwasher safe.

The in2itive blenders will produce the perfect smoothies, soups and salsa every time and if you have a child then baby food can be prepared in the blender perfectly too.

These blenders offer unrivaled crushing and blending capabilities giving you the perfect crushed ice and blended drinks every time. Combined with equally powerful motors and pre-programmed settings the Oster In2itive blender range of blenders is a natural choice for any kitchen.

Oster blenders have an all metal drive system which means no more broken or worn out plastic parts from the motor to the blades.


This model seems to have reported problems with the plastic tabs which keep the jar on the blender and leaks badly. Another disadvantage is some of the blenders are difficult to clean.

Some of the In2itive blenders are noisy, which is something you don’t want, especially in a confined space like a kitchen. One or two of the blenders in the Oster in2itive range are quite expensive for the features and functionality of the blenders.

Design flaws can also mean the blenders are difficult for some to put together then take apart.


The In2itive blender range looked to be a promising buy when first introduced by Oster. With the ability to process ingredients to the perfect consistency via the pre-programmed settings and the blade which is multi directional, Oster seemed to have produced a blender that would suit one’s lifestyle and blending needs.

But checking reviews from the internet many people are dissatisfied with this range of blenders, so much so in fact that Oster have recalled some of their In2itive range of blenders.

If one does want a blender that does the basic things like crush ice and blend ingredients to make smoothies then you could check them out, but there are so many different manufacturers producing blenders and so many to choose from, it may be worth spending a bit of time researching options before you purchase.

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