The Oster eLume Blender

The Oster eLume Blender

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The Oster eLume Blender has a lot to offer. It has a 450 watt motor, provides an illuminated touch screen that is easy to clean, has a 5 cup glass jar that is dishwasher safe and has been tested to stand up to extreme changes of temperature, and is suitable for blending drinks and crushing ice.

oster elume blender

The blades are made of stainless steel and the blender is made of a brushed stainless steel and has black accents. The touch screen is easy to read, use, and clean.

Size matters, especially when it comes to today’s overcrowded kitchen counter tops. The Oster ELume Blender has a small footprint making it an excellent addition to almost any kitchen counter top. The sleek design makes it visually appealing and the 5-cup capacity of the jar makes it infinitely useful whether you are blending your own personal smoothie or are making smoothies for the family.

The 450 watt motor of the eLume Blender is another great feature. This powerful motor is well suited for blending even think frozen drinks or chopping ice.


Oster eLume Blender
Oster eLume Blender

One exciting feature is the fact that there are pre-progrmamed settings you can use with the ELume blender that are timed so you don’t have to stand over your blender while it does its job.

This Blender operates at 6 blending speeds so you have more control over what you use your blender for. The speeds are: low, medium, high, pulse, crush ice, and frozen drinks.

The jar holds 5 cups, is dishwasher safe, and accommodates hot and cold items for blending.

One of the most popular features of the Oster ELume Blender is the illuminated touch screen. You no longer have to worry about feeling your way around all the blender buttons or even cleaning around them.


The powerful 450 watt motor is a huge advantage for the Oster ELume Blender. Many customers agree that this blender is a powerhouse for blending.

The small counter top footprint is another huge advantage. People with limited counter top space can truly appreciate the value of a small but sturdy footprint in appliances.

Versatility is another huge advantage. This blender can be used to puree salsa, mix smoothies, and even blend soups. It works for hot and cold and offers 6 blending speeds for a wide range of options.

The ELume Blender is priced very reasonably for the features and quality it offers. While it may not hold its own against commercial grade blenders it certainly holds water among blenders within its price range and often outpaces them.


The cup size for this Oster Blender is 40 ounces. For some jobs it’s just a little too big for the task at hand. Oster has recognized this limitation and offers a mini-jar accessory that fits the ELume blender and allows smaller jobs (like grinding coffee beans) to be done with ease.

There are some customer reviews that indicate the jar doesn’t pour very neatly from any angle. This could be perceived as a design flaw and should remind you to keep a sponge or wash cloth handy for any potential spills when pouring from your eLume blender jar.


Ultimately, the Oster eLume Blender is a solid investment for the blending needs of the average household. If you plan to do a lot of ice blending you may want to invest in replacement blades as the blades will dull over time.

Otherwise the 450 watt motor and the 5-cup capacity of the blender make it a huge hit among those who have tried it. Combine all these things with a reasonable price and the Oster brand and you have a real winner of a blender.

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