The Oster Blender Professional Series

The Oster Blender Professional Series

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Every serious bar should be equipped with a machine from the Oster Blender Professional Series, whether you own a commercial bar or just enjoy entertaining the Oster BPST02B is a complete machine…

Oster Professional Series Blender
Oster Professional Series Blender

This is a powerful unit with a strong motor capable of crushing the toughest ingredients, and it will make you the highlight of your social circle as you mix a wide variety of drinks easily and in style.

The heavy base and oversized rubber feet keep the blender motionless while working and also give the unit a strong, massive look.


Oster Blender Professional Series Update:

This blender is no longer in production, but a newer model is now available Oster BPCT02 Blender Review


This blender measures in at 8 by 8 by 15 inches and comes with a 3 year limited warranty. It has one of the most powerful motors available in the Oster line at 1/2 horsepower output, making this rugged, updated classic Oster unit a powerful blender that will crush almost anything. It has a strong die cast base and you won’t be wiping it down all day long as it has a fingerprint resistant finish.

The Oster Blender Professional Series comes with an all metal drive which is used to transfer power to the blade and will last for many years. It has 2 speeds and comes with a 40 ounce glass jar that is both scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe, so you won’t be slaving over the sink with this powerful unit. It is also equipped with rubber feet to avoid slippage or movement while blending.


Some of the advantages of the Oster Blender Professional Series includes the fact that it is very powerful, very fast and can handle tough ingredients without any problems whatsoever. The fact that it has a metal drive versus the regular plastic ones is also a plus, as this makes the blender much more robust and capable.

Its reliability and long-lasting build make it a favorite with many consumers, and even though the entire Oster line is considered reliable in general, this professional unit takes it to the next level.


The disadvantages that have been mentioned regarding the Oster Blender Professional Series includes the fact that it has only two speeds. The fact that it has only two speeds makes it difficult to get the exact desired results in terms of consistency and leaving it running too long will make shakes too watery.

The high level of noise it can make and that it can be too strong for some blending uses are also reasons for complaints. It is also not an ideal blender for pureeing food as it pushes the solids away and they have to be manually pushed close to the blades.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers generally found that this unit delivered on all its promises, with the powerful motor being able to handle anything from soft fruit to tough ice. Owners enjoy the fact that they don’t need to add ice one cube at a time to this blender, as it can handle almost anything. It has been used to also make breadcrumbs and crush other hard ingredients such as chocolate and hard cheeses, performing admirably. The Oster Professional Series Blender also operates like new even after over two years and is considered to be excellent value for money.

The rubber feet are considered to be helpful in stabilizing the unit but caution is advised that if left running too long, even a few seconds too long, it can turn ice into water. Owners liked the heavy metal construction as they felt they were getting a sturdy unit, which was indeed made to last.

Some feel, though, that despite all its qualities, the Oster Professional Series Blender is rather loud, in fact quite a bit louder than other units, yet this is still not a deterrent as its other advantages make up for it. One reviewer mentioned, however, that when using frozen fruit or chunks of any other ingredient, the blades had difficulty pulling the ingredients in and the reviewer had to stop the blender and push the chunks down into the blades. It was mentioned that once within reach of the blades, any solids were immediately pulverized.


The Oster Blender Professional Series – BPST02B is a robust and powerful unit meant to be used in large scale settings such as bars and restaurants, making it excellent value for money for the home user.

It is best used for drinks and smoothies as one may have difficulty pureeing foods. Even so, the unit is highly reliable and is built to last, with a metal drive and a sturdy construction. It is a powerful unit that quickly delivers better than expected results, with no job being too tough.

Oster Professional Series Blender
Oster Professional Series Blender
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