The Rival Blender

The Rival Blender

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Rival are renowned for crock pots, griddles and useful kitchen products other than kitchen blenders.  Now the Rival blender collection is now another great addition to the existing lines, its a a collection of blenders all designed to make life easier in the kitchen.

Rival Blender
Rival Blender

They come in different motor sizes and speeds but with one thing in common: to help and make life easier in the kitchen.

Rival even make stick blenders which, in keeping with tradition are low priced and get the job done. The Rival IB954W Ultrablend seems to be the most popular hand blender

A low price tag also accompanies the counter top type of blenders but that doesn’t mean they will fall apart at the first use or look cheap and nasty. In fact some of the blenders on offer from Rival will do things some of the more expensive blenders can’t do, like crush nuts and ice.

Features and Advantages

Rival Blender
Rival Blender

Different motors come with different blenders, with the DC-TB170 and BL-706 models having a 350 watt motor while the BL300 blender has a smaller motor at 300 watts. If one requires a larger motor then BL400 KS model will do nicely with a 400 watt engine.

Speed is the key and all blenders from Rival have different speed settings plus pulse.

Stainless steel serrated blades are the order of the day and these will chop, grind, mix and blend your ingredients to the perfect consistency. Removable parts on these models are dishwasher safe.

One of the biggest advantages with the Rival brand of blenders is the price. Now everyone can have a blender in their kitchen and start to enjoy those smoothies, soups and other delights.

The pitchers are 48 ounces and big enough for one to enjoy those delicious culinary delights and drinks. The pitcher cap doubles as a measuring cup, too.

The different speeds will cater for different ingredients like garlic and onions, carrots, cabbage and lots of other vegetables. Chopping nuts can be a problem with some blenders but the Rival range will do the job. Baby food can be made in minutes with the Rival blenders too.


Chopping ice is a problem with some of the blenders. No other discernible disadvantages could be found by this reviewer.


Rival blenders are priced low, meaning just about everyone can afford one and start to enjoy the delicious smoothies, shakes, soups and other drinks like protein drinks easily made with these blenders.

They are easy to use and clean with removable parts being dishwasher safe, then when not being used will sit under cabinets and not look out of place. For a cheap blender this range of blenders could be a winner with consumers with their low price and durability.

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