The Krups Blender

The Krups Blender

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Krups are known the world over for their coffee and espresso machines and now it seems they will be known for the Krups blender too. Krups blenders come in a variety of different models, including the counter top and stick blenders.

Krups KB720 Blender
Krups KB720 1,000-Watt Blender

Similar to many modern blenders Krups are feature rich with digital displays, progressive speed control and heat resistant jugs to name a few of them. If you’re a technology geek then these blenders could be another gadget to play with as you make those protein drinks and meals quickly and easily.

All blenders from Krups are rich with technological advancements including a digital screen and progressive speed control which the GPA3 stick blender has to the 1.75 liter borosilicate glass jug, which is extremely heat resistant, found on the KB720744 countertop blender.

Krups KB720 Blender
Krups KB720 1,000-Watt Blender

Krups GPA3 stick blender
Krups GPA3 stick blender

Other features include powerful motors including a whopping 1100 watt motor on the KB720744. Silence power technology means the motors are very quiet when in motion so no more ear defenders needed.

Krups Blender Advantages

A range of speeds are available including the 5 speed with pulse function seen on some of the blenders available.

Detachable stainless steel blades make short work of ingredients including those tough ones like frozen fruit, ice cubes and nuts. All non electrical parts are dishwasher safe to making cleaning easier than ever.

A choice of colors gives the consumer more choice when choosing a Krups machine for the kitchen.


A high price tag on some models can deter consumers from purchasing one of these models. The glass jug is also heavy and might cause problems for some people. A loose base on some blenders may lead to spills.


Krups are known the world over for their coffee and espresso machines and now it seems they will be known for blenders too.

Packed full of power and speed settings as seen on the KB720744 they will see to it that any blending, mixing, grinding and crushing tasks are taken care of easily and quickly giving one perfect consistencies time after time.

The sleek designs and choice of different colors make for better choice when one wants to do away with the traditional white or silver.

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