Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender

Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender

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The Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu is a high tech blender from Hamilton. Complete with powerful motor and a patented blending system the Liquid Blu seems to have everything you would want from a blender and possibly more.

Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender
Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender

To begin with, the 59205 Liquid Blu blender includes a powerful 800 watt motor. The blender also has 5 speed settings and pulse giving you total control when mixing those ingredients.

A patented wave action blending system pushes the mixture it’s blending down back into the blades, which in turn gives smooth results and no more lumps in the finished mixture.

The base of the blender has a blue light which glows onto the counter when you blend.

An impressive 48 ounce glass jar including a tight fitting lid will make sure all those ingredients stay inside the jar and not over you when you blend.

The eye catching design incorporates a heavy duty base which is scratch free and acrylic. The control panel on the this 5 speed Liquid Blu is lit up with the soft blue light under the blender which glows softly when the blender is working.

The sleek design is amazing and will catch the eye of anyone who is in the kitchen with its blue glow and high tech features.

The Liquid Blu blender is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful blender. Sure there’s a marked increase in noise as you go through the 5 settings but it’s not aircraft noisy.


Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender
Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender

Some of the reviewers have complained that the blender leaks from the bottom ring.

Another problem with this blender is the fact it just stops working for no reason at all. Lots of reviewers have all stated that their Hamilton Liquid Blu blender just stopped and failed to work apart from the blue light.


It would appear that the 59205 Liquid Blu blender is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea when it comes to people reviewing it.

On the one hand the blender is perfect and with its retro, sleek and hi-tech design with blue light under the base and is certainly an eye puller. But on the other hand reviewers complain about the machine stopping for apparently no reason at all.

One thing is certain, it is a good looking machine that seems to have all the right features. The Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu blender can’t be overlooked if one is looking for a new blender.

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