Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender

Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender

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The Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender is another powerful addition by the Hamilton Beach company. This blender features 14 speeds, an exclusive patent-pending wave-action blending technology that mixes and crushes ice with incredible power, and the blender also has 700 watts of peak power. The blender has a 48 ounce glass jar and also comes with a three year warranty.

Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender
Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender

This 14-Speed blender is not unlike the other powerful models Hamilton Beach has released in recent years.

The 54245, however, has an extra large jar that holds a whopping 48 ounces, a patent-pending wave-action blending technology for superior crushing and mixing power and a 700 watt motor that is designed to crush through the toughest ice.

In fact, the wave-action blending technology is designed not to leave any ice chunks at all. That’s not to mention the Hamilton Beach 54245’s 14-speeds which are perfect customizing the speed according to what you are blending.


The Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe 14-Speed Blender’s advantages are that it is a great for chopping ice for milk shakes or for processing tougher foods like fruits and vegetables.

The 54245, due to its powerful motor and 14 speeds, can also be used as a food processor. With its 14 speeds, it’s easily adjustable for any sized job. It is also small enough to sit in the corner of your kitchen counter and it will look great with your other kitchen appliances.

The look is sleek and stylish, just what you would expect from Hamilton Beach. The glass jar is also smooth on the inside which makes it even easier to scrape it clean. All in all, this blender is perfect for anyone who enjoys a powerful blender for small but tough jobs. The 54245 also comes with a 3 year warranty.


Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender
Hamilton Beach 54245

The disadvantages of the Hamilton Beach 54245 aren’t immediately clear until after you’ve used it for a while. That’s because you aren’t likely to experience any problems until you begin to test the this 14-Speed Blender’s chopping power and versatility.

The first drawback we encountered doing this review was that it doesn’t do as well with large chunks of ice as one would think from a 700 watt motor with new ice crushing technology.

We tested the 54245 blender with large ice chunks, and also frozen apples and strawberries and the blender did little more than throw them around the jar. Needless to say, this didn’t impress us as we were expecting the new wave technology to make quick work of the frozen food items.

Another major drawback we found was that the new wave technology has a habit of splashing liquid past the brim if it’s ever filled more than a third full.

Consumer Reviews

We were curious to find out what other people thought of the Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe 14-Speed Blender, so we took to Amazon to get a gist of how consumers felt about the blender.

Overall, the reviews are great. The blender currently has four out of five stars with most people saying that is an excellent blending device that ranks extremely high for a small appliance. Consumers also love the 14 speeds, as they find that it’s easier to tailor their blending speed for the job they are trying to do.

Also, many consumers mentioned the wave technology as their favorite feature of the blender as it truly doesn’t leave ice chunks as small blenders tend to do. But above all, consumers love the look of the device due to its stylish appearance.

While conducting this review, we first tried the blender out and then took to the internet to see what others thought. What we discovered is that the Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe 14-Speed Blender is great for any kitchen blending or food processing jobs.

The new wave technology looks promising and does crush the ice so that there are no chunks as long as the pieces are broken apart to begin with. In other words, don’t stick an entire ice chunk in there and you will be fine.

Also, don’t fill it too full or else you may have a mess on your hands. But those are small drawbacks to a powerful blender that crushes ice like a professional blender due to the Hamilton Beach 54245’s 700 watt motor.

So if you are looking for a blender that can take care of any job with ease while also looking stylish on your kitchen counter, other consumers agree that you cannot go wrong with the Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe 14-Speed Blender.

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