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Hamilton Beach 14 Speed Blender – The Ensemble Blender

If you are looking for a powerhouse of a blender in the kitchen then a Hamilton Beach 14 Speed Blender could be the one for you. A powerful motor and many different speeds including a pulse function, the Hamilton Beach Blender will make short work of those ingredients for you.

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender
Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender

Plus one is getting the Hamilton brand and reputation of great workmanship and quality workmanship that has seen Hamilton sell over 35 million appliances a year.

The Hamilton beach blender is full of features all designed to make those blending, grinding and other needs easier.

A powerful 700 watt motor sits at the bottom of this blender giving the user enough power to make soups, salsas and purees. This model features 14 speeds, including a pulse setting, which gives this blender the edge over most other blenders in that it will make short work of practically anything put inside the glass jar.

The glass jar is a respectable 48 ounces and dishwasher safe. A wave action system allows the ingredients to be continually pulled down onto the stainless steel blades giving the mixture a smoother texture every time.

Stainless steel Ice Sabre blades will grind, mix and blend ingredients into the perfect consistency. The addition of a 3 year limited warranty giving users the satisfaction that should something go wrong with the blender it will be repaired.


Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender
Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender

Pricewise this blender is relatively competitive and will most likely be a favorite. The powerful motor and blades will take care of almost any ingredient you care to blend, chop, puree or crush. The Wave-Action ™ system allows for the ingredients to be pulled onto the blades which results in the mixture having a smoother texture.

A stylish sleek look will not look out of place no matter the decor of one’s kitchen. This model is also small enough to fit under cabinets to, especially when space is at a premium. It’s also available in a choice of colors from black or white so no matter which one chooses it will look fantastic in the kitchen.


It seems that this blender has a little problem with mushy food like pre-pureed baby food. Even though some parts are dishwasher safe, Hamilton do recommend that you hand wash all washable parts instead of dish washing.


The Hamilton Beach 14 Speed Blender is a blender that seems to fit any type of kitchen due to its powerful features yet budget friendly price, although it does have its problems.

They are cheap to purchase and easy to operate and could be worth looking at as a first or replacement blender.

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