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Cuisinart Smart Power Blender

The Cuisinart blender range is designed to take the hard work out of all those blending duties in the kitchen. Complete with quality motors that will make short work of anything you throw at them, this Cuisinart Smart Power blender could be a valued friend when one is crushing ice, blending, purifying, chopping and mixing in the kitchen.

Cuisinart Smart Power CBT-500
Cuisinart Smart Power CBT-500

If you like to make smoothies for that warm summer’s day or making soup for those cold winters days then maybe a Cuisinart blender could be the choice for you.


All Cuisinart Smart Power blenders come with Powerful motors including the CBT-500 which has a handy 600 watt motor.

The strong stainless steel blades are the norm on the Cuisinart blenders, which will make short work of those ingredients.

Each blender has a large glass jar with the CBT-500 having a 50 ounce one.

Ice crush functions. Now you can crush ice and make those perfect drinks for any occasion.

Pulse feature. More power when you need it.

The Cuisinart Smart Power blender has some unique features, such as the Count Up timer which starts when blending starts so you know how long you have been blending for, and multiple speeds which are perfect for those blending tasks that require slow or even fast blending.

The SPB-7CH Power blender has 7 settings which are what one could want if blending different consistencies.

Cuisinart Smart Power CBT-500
Cuisinart Smart Power CBT-500
Est. $79 – $115

Cuisinart Smart Power SPB-7CH
Cuisinart Smart Power SPB-7CH
Est. $59 – $89


Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender
Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender
Est. $99 – $149

The Cuisinart Smart Power range could offer many advantages for the user.

  • 21st century look and feel with heavy duty features which will withstand the most rigorous of blending.
  • Powerful enough to crush, blend, purify and juice just about anything you care to put in the blenders.
  • The Smart Power blenders from Cuisinart are competitively priced when compared to similar blenders.
  • Choice of different speeds can greatly aid the chef when preparing those delicious smoothies and other drinks.


The Cuisinart Smart Power range does have a few disadvantages, including:

  • Some of the blenders are quite large and would need their own dedicated place to store although they do look nice with their 21st century look.
  • Some of the major working parts are made of plastic which have a tendency to break or at worst work free when being use especially if one is a regular user of a blender.
  • Some people have also reported that their Cuisinart Power blenders are very noisy, not good if one has to wear ear plugs when blending a smoothie.


The Cuisinart Smart Power range seems to offer great power and plenty of options. However, there seems to be more than a few unhappy consumers who have purchased these blenders and had all sorts of problems. These range from it catching fire to not doing the most simplest of chores.

On the other hand, almost the same number of people are very happy with their Cuisinart blenders, so if you are looking out for a new blender, do some research before you purchase one. It could save you a lot of anguish and hard earned money.

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