The Breville Hand Blender

The Breville Hand Blender

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The Breville hand blender is near the top of the cordless immersion blender market, its a simple kitchen appliance that allows you to do simple blending tasks anywhere, anytime.

Breville Hand Blender
Breville Hand Blender

Whether you’re blending drink mixes, making smoothies, or pureeing soups, this handy blender makes blending easier and more convenient than its ever been.

With its multiple attachments, the Breville immersion blender is versatile, too. The different pieces attach easily, so you can perform any number of blending tasks quickly and smoothly. Just return the blender to its base when you’re done, and it will be charged and ready to go the next time you need it.


Breville Hand Blender
Breville Hand Blender

This Breville hand blender features a stainless steel cone with four multi-tiered fins. This Quadra-Fin technology allows you to make smoothies, juice citrus fruit, and more, all within your cup or bowl, and the stainless steel means that the blender won’t rust and so won’t contaminate your food.

The blender also features a 9-3/5 volt NiMH battery, so it has a lot of power for a cordless appliance and the battery lasts longer than regular ones.

The recharging base that comes with this blender is small and easy to use–just plug it into an outlet and you’re ready to go. The Breville immersion blender also has an ergonomic handle, so gripping it shouldn’t cause you pain, and is easy to turn on and off.

As extra perks, the blender comes with a 34-ounce mixing jug and has dishwasher-safe attachments so it’s fast and easy to clean.


The cordless feature of the Breville hand blender makes it more versatile and less unwieldy than other hand blenders, because you can use it wherever you are and don’t have to maneuver around the cord.

This immersion mixer is also easy to clean, much easier than traditional blenders, and so the whole blending experience is quicker and easier than with other appliances. In addition, the attachments are dishwasher safe, so you can be sure they get disinfected every time you use them.

This particular blender has a safety feature requiring users to hold down two buttons to make the blender work. If you have small children or are just worried about an injury from the blender blades, the Breville hand blender can set your mind at ease.


Not unlike other cordless blenders, the Breville hand blender is not made to chop ice and thick chunks. This makes using it a frustrating experience if you’re trying to make a smoothie with ice or chop raw vegetables.

This mixer is also heavier than some models, because it has to house a battery as well as the inner workings of the blender. For those with weak hands and arms, using it can be a chore after a few minutes.

Finally, the Breville immersion blender will shut off when it starts to overheat, which happens sooner with it than with models containing a cord. While this is a safety feature designed to protect the blender’s motor, it can be frustrating to have it turn off in the middle of a blending task.


Though not as powerful as some hand blenders with cords, the Breville immersion blender is near the top of the cordless immersion blender market. If you have need or particularly want a cordless hand blender, this one is a great choice. On the other hand, if power is your main goal, you may want to look at a hand blender with a cord instead of a battery.

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