Braun Powermax Blender – MX2050

Braun Powermax Blender – MX2050

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The Braun Powermax blender is another blender from the German manufacturer Braun. It has a nice compact design and comes with many features that will make life easier in the kitchen, including the ability to crush ice and frozen fruit, thanks in part to a powerful and quiet motor, the five speed settings and a pulse feature.

Braun Powermax Blender MX2050

In the Braun MX2050 blender they have indeed produced a range that is affordable to everyone with features a more expensive blender would be proud of.


A powerful and quiet 525 watt motor is the workhorse of this blender giving the user the power to complete those tasks one wants the blender to do.

Up to 5 different speeds and a pulse function compliments the motor, giving the consumer the power and functions to do anything from puree foods to crush ice to perfect consistencies every time.

Adorning the top of this blender is an impressive 58 ounce glass jar. This is big enough to make those drinks and foods in larger quantities and in doing so reducing the time needed to make them.

The heavy duty blades are made from stainless steel and will stand the test of time even when crushing ice.


A unique triangular lid allows you to pour those finished ingredients from 3 different positions.

The Braun MX2050 blender knife is removable and along with other removable parts allows for ease of cleaning. The removable parts are dishwasher safe to.

All removable parts are dishwasher safe, meaning less work for the consumer when cleaning.

As for price, the Braun MX2050 blender is a blender with a cheap price tag making it accessible for those who are looking for a quality blender but have limited funds for one.


Easily broken plastic parts make for a less than perfect blender and a design flaw Braun are aware of.

Poor blending capabilities, despite having a powerful motor with 5 speed settings.

There is only one color available to a consumer which is white. In today’s modern kitchen people want choice and that includes the color.

Consumer Reviews

Other people’s reviews are an important part of research when looking for consumer products and that includes blenders. Reviews for the Braun Powermax blender on the internet are mixed with the majority just about in favor of this blender.


Braun powermax blenders seem to have everything the consumer wants in a blender from a powerful motor with different speeds to a large useful jar capable of making batches of drinks and foods instead of the usual single serving.

The Braun MX2050 blender is yet another in a long line of affordable blenders from Braun. Perfect as a first or replacement blender it also has a price that consumers will be happy with especially as there are many features you would expect to find on a more expensive model.

Braun have been making consumer products for nearly ninety years now and have the design and build quality one expects from products that are to be used on a daily basis.

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