Blendtec Mixer And Blender – All In One

Blendtec Mixer And Blender

There hasn’t yet been a kitchen designed where anyone who truly enjoys cooking will complain of too much countertop space. This is prime real estate in the average kitchen and anything you can do to eliminate the clutter while remaining functional is a good thing in most kitchens.

Blendtec Mixer And Blender
Healthy smoothies with fresh ingredients on a kitchen board.

That’s where the Blendtec mixer and blender comes into the picture. This nifty machine performs two commonly needed tasks quickly and efficiently while only taking up the countertop footprint of one small kitchen appliance.

In other words, it mixes and blends quite nicely without being a space hog in the process. Most cooks would be glad to have a product that performed both tasks admirably in the space of one within their kitchen. However, most would remain skeptical until they could see it in action for themselves.

Blendtec Mix N’ Blend Features and Specs

The Blendtec Mix N’ Blend is a real heavy weight with a 1.8 peak horsepower motor. It offers 5 pre-programmed settings for the mixer and 8 for the blender in addition to an auto knead feature for making break.

The machine comes equipped with a four-quart Blendtec mixing bowl as well as its lid, a dough hook, an arm for kneading dough, two whisks, and a 64-ounce jar for the blender.

With the blender attachment it’s simple to make everything from smoothies to salad dressings and a few sauces and purees in between. The mixer is ideal for gently blending as well as heavy duty cookie-making so be ready to hit the ground running the minute you take this one out of its box.

Some of the tasks it can perform nicely from the very beginning include kneading bread, whipping meringues and whipped creams, mixing, blending, and even bread crumb making. There aren’t many jobs this nifty device can’t handle in the kitchen.

The touchpad controls and easy to read display make it very easy to select the proper settings at all times. It also makes cleanup of the exterior of the machine a snap in the event of any spills or overflows.


Most of the reviews relating to the Blendtec 65-601-BHM Mix N’ Blend II are highly favorable. Complaints are few and far between. Even better is the fact that there are no specific complaints that crop up to indicate that there is a major design flaw in the product or even a common weakness in production or customers service.

There is some criticism that the machine can do one or the other (depending on who the reviewer happens to be and what it is they’re looking for) task, blending or mixing, very well and the other not so much. However, these reviews often tend to cancel one another out with some people claiming that the Blendtec mixer and blender mixes as well as the KitchenAid Artisan series mixer and blends as well as the Blendtec model that’s so popular on the market today. Both of those are high praise and tend to cancel any complaints delivered elsewhere out.

Finally, there are the visuals. Many consumers have complained that it looks like a cheaply made product rather than a top of the line small appliance in its price range. This is a small complaint however and often pales in comparison with the functionality of this product.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews of the Blendtec mixer and blender are largely positive in nature. There are a few negative views out there but they tend to be limited to non-specific reasons for negativity or comparing the Blendtec 65-601-BHM Mix N’ Blend II to high-priced single options on the market.

In other words, the negative reviews aren’t very revealing at all at this stage in the game. They certainly haven’t unraveled any deep, dark secrets of product problems at this point in time.

The positive reviews have been telling in their own right, however. The most often raved about feature of this product, by far, is the space-saving feature. We have a limited amount of space in our kitchens and when there is a product that does several jobs with the countertop footprint and storage issues of one product, then that’s a win in the eyes of most people.

But the main reason for the positive nature of the reviews on this particular product is the fact that it does what it promises to do quite well. It’s not the best blender or mixer on the market today but it does blend and it does mix without getting bogged down in the details or pulled down into the mix.

The best benefit by far though for many consumers today is the price. For the price of one of these devices at this level of quality, you’re getting two. And that is something that reviewers truly appreciate.


There are many blenders or mixers on the market today that can offer more bells and whistles at a similar price point. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find another small appliance in this price range that offers the full functionality of two appliances with a name like Blendtec behind it.

More importantly, you won’t find a product out there to compare to how well this product performs at all tasks it sets out to accomplish. Don’t take my word for it though. Try the Blendtec mixer and blender out for yourself today and see how wonderfully it works, and fits, in your kitchen.

The Classic Oster Beehive Blender

oster beehive blenders

oster beehive blenders

A fantastic looking traditional appliance, the Oster Beehive blender really draws your attention when you enter the room. Boasting a slick retro design this classic blender is not just visually stunning, it’s a top blender that gets the job done swiftly and effectively.

Not only is this contemporary Oster Beehive Blender within reach of everyone’s budget, but it’s easy to use and will do almost everything a more expensive blender will do and do the job well.

Key Features:

  • Fantastic looking traditional appliance
  • Osters classic chrome beehive finish.
  • An all-metal drive system for long durability.
  • Powerful 500 or 600 watt motors.
  • All have stainless steel Ice blades.
  • 2 Speed Toggle control and Pulse.
  • 5 Cup capacity.
  • Dishwasher safe glass jar is thermal shock tested for extreme temperatures.
  • Removable filler cap for simple measuring and filling.
  • Measures -Approx16 inches High x 11 inches Wide x 9 inches deep.
  • Weighs – Approx 9 lbs.

Oster BLSTBC4129 Kitchen Center Beehive blender, Silver
  • 1000 power watts/600 blending watts
  • Includes 3-cup BPA-free food processor jar and stainless steel S-blade, Milkshake Blade with 5-Cup Stainless Steel Milkshake Jar and 1-Cup Mini Jar with Lid
  • Crush Pro 4 Blade uses stainless steel, 4-point design to pulverize and chop with precision

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A powerful 500 watt motor comes with this awesome blender together with a great ice crusher that’s ideal for those warm summer months, when you really need that little something to to quench a thirst.

The Osterizer blender is strong enough for all your blending needs, such as preparing a pot of soup, or making gravies and salsas.

Utilizing the toggle button you are able to alter the speed of this blender to be sure of the correct consistency each and every time.

The blender is finished off with a five cup glass jug that is dish washer safe and also scratch-resistant.

Oster Beehive Blender
Oster Beehive Blender


The affordable price point also ensures that this quality Oster Beehive blender is within reach of everyone’s budget. It’s also easy to use and will do almost everything a more expensive blender will do and do the job well.

One of the biggest advantages of the Beehive Blender is that it comes with a great ice crusher blade which can provide you with flawlessly crushed snow each and every time.

The blade is constructed from stainless-steel, and this means that it will not rust. This will make it super easy to clean up and keep it razor-sharp to deal with the hardest food items.

This ice blade does ware out after a while and you can pick up a new one for around $5. In fact it can also be purchased separately as an add on to any other Oster blender model, take a look at it in our kitchen blender parts store

If you’re searching for perfectly chopped foods then this blenders pulse feature will also give you the essential control required to minimise any mistakes with excess chopping.

Another benefit with this blender is its proficiency at grinding coffee and cocoa beans, crushing ice, and even chopping up almonds and walnuts with ease. Numerous alternative blenders are known to get too hot in the course of challenging jobs like these. And with some units you can even split gears inside the motor.

Oster beehive chrome blender base
Oster beehive chrome blender base

Choosing From The Many Oster Blenders

The Classic Oster Beehive Blender is known as a highly-effective blender, its built to handle the most demanding blending tasks and is perfect for preparing fantastic beverages, sauces, salsas or any other blending jobs you may have. For the price you can’t really go wrong with it, but…

Which model do I choose?

I’ve been asked that question dozens of times from visitors to, and up to now I haven’t been able to give a solid, honest answer. So I figured it would be time to do a little digging and find out more.

Over the last 20 years or so Oster has continuously launched new models of their Beehive blender to the point that it’s all become a little confusing.

Basically, as far as I can tell they are all made with the same motor and workings. The manufacturing methods have changed over the years and parts within the base have changed, but from new all models come with the same parts. They were probably made a little better in the past, but what appliance wasn’t… Right?

The only real deference between models is that some have different designs of the glass pitcher and paint finishes.

Having said that there are two slightly older ‘Classic’ designs that have stood the test of time and are still being manufactured by Oster. To this day the Chrome 4093 and the Designer Series 4096 are selling very well and garnering excellent consumer reviews.

Now for me, that’s a quality signal we should all take note of… There’s no smoke without fire, right? These two blenders both start with the same model number 4, where most of the new models start with a 6.

Oster Classic Chrome Beehive Blender 4093

Oster 4093 Beehive Blender
Oster 4093 Beehive Blender

Oster Designer Series Beehive Blender 4096

Oster 4096 Beehive Blender
Oster 4096 Beehive Blender

The 6 Piece Kitchen Center

Oster Beehive 4125 Blender
Oster Beehive 4125 Blender

Alongside those two you also have one other choice that I would go for in the 4 series. This is the 4125 kitchen center, I’m mentioning it only because it is great value for money.

The Oster 4125 is a 6 Piece Kitchen Center; you get four attachments included in this deal for the great price of around $110. The extras include a stainless steel jar, a food processor attachment, a mini jar for grinding and storage plus a milkshake blade that makes great frothy drinks.

If you want the attachments but you can’t get hold of the 4125 anymore don’t worry. All of them can be purchased separately (around $60 in total). All you have to do is a quick search for each on our kitchen blender parts store. Update, this has now been replaced by the 4129 kitchen Center.

Oster BPCT02 Toggle Blender

Oster BPCT02 Blender
Oster BPCT02 Blender

Amongst the latest Oster Beehive blenders I would also recommend the BPCT02 Model. This is the latest version of what was one of the most popular Beehives the BPST02 Professional Series.

It’s a Toggle Beehive blender that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to style, functionality, durability, or affordability.

There are many other blenders on the market that compete with this one but few have the combination it would take to come out ahead of it on price.

Best Selling Oster Beehive Blenders:

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Are There Any Disadvantages?

The Oster Beehive Blender review wouldn’t be exhaustive unless we took a serious look at any reported disadvantages of the machine.

The only real negative that we could find is that this blender is said to be fairly loud. Having noted that, most users agree that with such power a certain amount of noise is inevitable, particularly throughout the tougher blending tasks.

Some people are put off by the idea that the Oster Beehive blender has only two speeds, until they realize they never actually use more than full speed and pulse, even if the unit they are using has multiple options.

One other documented problem could be with the blender lid. This can sometimes have a propensity to change shape over time and become loose. I would say that it will probably take a lot of blending hours for this problem to surface. And as it’s possible to buy a replacement Oster blender lid for around $4, the solution to this problem will not break the bank.

In fact, if you are at this stage it makes sense to go ahead and purchase the Oster blender refresh kit which you can get for under $10 right now.

The kit basically replaces everything apart from the base and pitcher. You get a new ice blade, a bottom cap, a lid and filler cap, plus all the sealing rings. Check it out in the parts store

Consumer Reviews

Classic Chrome Beehive – 4093

This Oster Beehive blender has received a very good percentage of five star ratings on Amazon, scoring 185 from a total of around 387 reviews, and averages 4 stars overall.

Designer Series Beehive – 4096

This Oster Beehive blender has received 43 five star ratings on Amazon from a total of around 89 reviews, and averages 4 stars overall.

My Conclusion

Despite a few complaints regarding the Oster Classic Beehive blender, overall most consumers are thoroughly pleased with their purchase.

The Beehive Blender is a great looking contemporary and classic blender that will look fantastic in anyone’s kitchen. It can fit easily into any kitchen cupboards you might have and the sleek, retro design will catch the eye.

The blender is tagged with a reasonable price considering it can deal with nuts and coffee beans, potentially saving you money on the purchase of a separate coffee grinder.

If you are on the lookout for a blender that will match up to any blending, chopping or mixing task in the kitchen then put this Osterizer blender on your list of blenders to look at. It will complement your kitchen beautifully no matter what style you have.

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Ninja Blender Reviews – A Good Kitchen Addition or Not?

Ninja Blender

The Ninja blender combines many of your kitchen utensils in one. It’s a food processor, a blender, a juicer and a mixer, allowing you to free up the kitchen so you can make delicious dips and margaritas at a moment’s notice.

Ninja Blender

If you take a quick look at our Ninja blender reviews you will quickly see that they are split into two very different offerings.

  • On one hand you have the high performance counter top kitchen systems. The latest model here is the superior Ninja Mega Kitchen System which has been voted amongst the top three best rated blenders from all of our reviews.
  • Alternatively you have the power packed Master Prep systems, which are a smaller, more budget focused mini blending and food processing appliances.

Both of these systems have evolved over the years, so below are the latest models within each range.

Ninja Blender Reviews

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja Mega Kitchen System
The latest Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 has a more powerful 2hp motor and combines many of your kitchen utensils in one.
It’s a food processor, a blender, a juicer and a mixer, allowing you to free up the kitchen so you can make delicious dips and margaritas at a moment’s notice.

Traditional blenders feature a single blade in the bottom of the pitcher. This blends substance in the bottom however really does nothing to pull the thicker stuff from the top of the jug towards the bottom so it can be blended totally.

In contrast this Ninja blender incorporates a cylindrical tube which goes from the base of the jug all the way up to the top of the lid. Along the length of this tube are six razor-sharp blades.

This eradicates issues air pockets, allowing the blade to spin freely. The blades are razor sharp, so be careful when handling them!.. Read The Ninja Mega Kitchen System Review

Ninja Master Prep Professional

Ninja Professional BlenderThe manufacturer says ‘Party like a ninja (or rock star) with the power pod and processing cup! You and you’re friends can enjoy drinks and dips made from the blender and party like its 1999’.
Upgrades for the new Improved Master Prep Professional blender include a more powerful 450 watt motor and an increase from quad blade to 6 blade technology. Plus three carafes along with additional hand mixer, dough hooks, beaters and plastic cups.

The six blades that come with this blender are a unique addition in a low priced blender like this. Having 6 blades allows for more robust and quicker blending and cutting that gives perfect results every time.

A 450 watt motor is attached to the six blades giving you all the power you need to complete those blending, processing and crushing needs effortlessly.

A 2 cup food processor, power pod and 48 ounce blender compliment this blender perfectly and allow you to quickly and easily change from a blender to processor in seconds… Read The Ninja Master Prep Review

Margaritaville Blender – A Frozen Drinks Maker On Steroids

margaritaville blender

margaritaville blender

For the best frozen drinks Look no further than the Margaritaville blender and drink maker, it’s perfect for making that cocktail or smoothie. It will make professional looking and tasting margarita, smoothies, slushies and a wide range of other drinks.

In fact this blender machine can make a whole host of drinks, all at the touch of a button. Simple to setup and use the Margaritaville blender will turn that boring party into a memorable cocktail party everyone will remember.

Known as the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker, it has 4 pre-programmed settings so you can make a smoothie one minute then a margarita the next.

Margaritaville Cargo makes this blender and it’s not just the pre-programmed drinks that the blender that excels in, in fact any type of cold drink will taste so much better and be professionally made, including ice coffee.

The Six Models Available

Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-Ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker
  • 450-watt frozen-concoction maker blends up to 36 ounces
  • Dual motors for shaving ice and blending beverages; ice reservoir
  • Manual shave/blend option for customized drinks; dishwasher-safe parts
Margaritaville DM0700-000-000 Frozen Concoction Maker, 1, White
  • The Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker with 36-ounce blending jar is an easy-to-use margarita machine that lets you easily create pitchers full of fun, tropics-inspired party drinks
  • Machine features the No-Brainer mixing tool with measurements for making pina coladas, daiquiris, and margaritas. 400-watts of combined shaving & blending power
  • Automatic shave 'n blend cycle mixes the right proportion of ice with ingredients; manual blend only/shave only cycles
Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker with Easy Pour Jar and XL Ice Reservoir
  • Makes up to 2.5 pitchers of frozen concoctions thanks to its extra-large ice reservoir
  • Creates premium shaved ice rather than crushed ice like a blender, for an authentic frozen concoction experience. Key West Frozen Concoction Maker with 36-ounce blending jar for creating fun, tropics-inspired party drinks
  • Includes 4 pre-programmed drink settings, plus automatic shave 'n blend cycle and manual blend only/shave only cycles
Margaritaville Fiji Premium Frozen Concoction Maker with Easy-Pour Glass Blending Jar and Auto or Manual Shave and Blend
  • Commercially UL approved with 550 watts of power and grounded three-prong plug
  • Automatically mixes the right proportion of ice with ingredients
  • Four automatic pre-programmed drink cycles
Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker with Self-Dispensing Lever and Auto Remix Channel, DM3500
  • 60 oz. jar capacity
  • 4 pre-programmed drink settings: Margaritas, Daiquiris, Coladas & Smoothies
  • Settings can be programmed to mix either half-chamber or full-chamber batch sizes
Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker, DM3000
  • Three 24-ounce blending jars automatically creates of 72-ounce of frozen drink per cycle
  • Capability to create 6+ different drink types (margarita, daiquiri, colada, mudslide, mojito, smoothie)
  • Rotating ice chute creates spectacle appeal

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The Bahamas Margaritaville DM0500

The Portable Battery Powered Frozen Concoction Maker

Margaritaville DM900 Battery Operated Blender
Margaritaville DM900 Battery Operated Blender

Are you looking for a way to liven up your next beach party? A battery operated frozen concoction maker might be just the machine for you!

This is without doubt the best rechargeable, battery operated tailgating blender on the market today… [Read The DM900 Review]”

What Are The Advantages?

There is a manual button for you to use to fine tune the drinks you have made should you need to, this facility gives you two options.

One is to shave more ice into the mixture, the second is to blend the mixture longer, whatever you do you will be certain of one thing and that is you will have produced the perfect drink whether alcoholic or not.

This unique machine shaves ice perfectly resulting in the perfect amount of ice, so no more watered down drinks or chunks in your drink.

The blender is also very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe and when you have finally finished using your blender it will look fantastic on the counter.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

It’s very difficult to find any bad points about this blender apart from it being a little over priced compared to other drinks makers, some people do say the margarita blender makes drinks runny, but that could be by making the drink wrong.

One thing this blender is and that is its very addictive, and when your friends find out you have one they will always be round your place! Not really a disadvantage I know but the blender is very addictive!

What Do Others Think Of This Blender?

All in all this blender is a clear favorite amongst consumers and it is hard to find many people who dislike it.

All four of the Margaritaville machines score 4.5 stars on Amazon, with the DM1000 garnering 172 five star ratings from its 221 reviews!

Our Conclusion

The Margaritaville blender frozen concoction maker is perfect for making that cocktail or smoothie.

Yes, they are a little overpriced, but if you want professional looking and tasting drinks then this should be the only blender you look at when looking for a quality drinks maker.

The kids will have you making smoothies all the time and your friends will want to visit as much as they can when they realize you are a cocktail maker.

You and your Margaritaville blender will be the toast of the town.

Best Selling Margaritaville Blenders:

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Which Countertop Jug Blender? – Benefits and Comparisons

jug blender

These days a good quality countertop jug blender or stand blender is seen as a necessity and is generally on the required purchase list for every kitchen. Therefore I’ve been looking for great value for money blenders that offer quality results and last longer.

jug blender

The majority of stand blenders are actually good value for money

And whether you are looking for a semi pro jug blender or something more basic you generally get what you pay for.

Most countertop stand blenders are designed for quick use along with easy cleaning options and convenient storage. Most are also similar in size and shape as there seems to be an optimal size for most kitchen purposes.

However, just because jug blenders all appear to be similar in appearance doesn’t mean they all work the same way. The inner workings, reliability and sturdiness of individual blenders can vary between manufacturers, so it’s wise to spend some time researching before you buy.

With so many choices around, deciding which are the best blenders from the vast array on the market may prove to be a difficult task. With this thought in mind we compared several blenders to find the best blenders in each category.

best blenders for money

Reviews Of The Most Popular Counter Top Jug Blenders:

Blendtec BlendersReplacing 9 other kitchen items, this multi-purpose blender will blend, mix and chop pretty much anything you would want… [Blendtec Blenders]



Vita Mix BlendersThe Vita mix blender will also do pretty much anything you ask of it and is an excellent choice for any type of kitchen… [VitaMix Blenders]



Kitchenaid BlendersIf you want a great blender that is powerful and versatile, look into Kitchen Aid blenders…[KitchenAid Blenders]



Oster BlendersIf you’re in the market for a blender, you’ve probably heard of Oster…[Oster Blenders]

Waring BlendersThe Waring blender has been with us for over 70 years and is still well respected and a firm favourite…[Waring Blenders]



Margaritaville BlendersIf you are looking for a blender that makes the perfect iced drinks look no further than the Margaritaville…[Margaritaville Blenders]

Cuisinart BlendersCuisinart has so many choices that there is most likely a model that will work well for you…[Cuisinart Blenders]

Breville BlendersWhen you’re looking for a new blender, it can be easy to just go with the brands you know. However…[Breville Blenders]



Hamilton Beach BlendersWhile this might not be a brand you recognize at first glance, it is well-known in certain areas and definitely worth a look…[Hamilton Beach Blenders]

Other Blender Brand ReviewsThe Ninja blender combines many of your kitchen utensils in one. It’s a food processor, a blender, a juicer and a mixer…[Ninja Blenders]


The Stand Blender Composition

Blendtec Blender
Blendtec Blender

A stand blender is the ideal implement for anyone keen on making great drinks, smooth, creamy soups or crushing ice for those summer slushies.

Most high speed blenders are comprised of a glass blending jug that can be around 48oz up to 64oz in size. Your blender should also have a base containing the blender’s motor. This base doubles as a stabilizing base for the jug to sit on and the blades are propelled by the multi-speed motor.

Most bases also have more than one speed setting to allow you to blend your drinks or soups at a speed that suits you.

If you prefer to chop food finely, using a pulse setting is ideal. If your blender doesn’t have a pulse setting, simply press the button for a slow speed on your blender for short intervals of one second at a time until you have the right consistency.

Your glass jug will need to have a properly-fitted lid to help avoid liquid splashing out while you’re blending. Most jug blenders include lids that have pouring holes in the center to allow you to add more liquid or even solids, like fruit and vegetable pieces, while you’re blending.

The sharp blades are what makes the kitchen blender such a convenient kitchen tool for everyone. Able to blend smooth drinks, puree most foods and even crush ice, the blades for your jug blender are designed to be long-lasting and extremely durable.

Pros of Jug Blenders

Vita mix blender
Vita mix blender

The convenience of being able to blend healthy smoothies in seconds, as well as mix professional-tasting cocktails, puree foods, make frothy milkshakes or even crush ice to make summer slushies. These features make the high speed blender one of the best implements in any kitchen.

Some high speed blenders also have a tempered glass jug that can allow you to blend steaming hot soup into a smooth, creamy texture. If you intend to use your blender for soup, always check that the glass is designed for heat or you risk cracking the glass.

Multiple blending speeds mean you can also make healthy fruit or vegetable drinks and cut through most foods easily.

You should find that the removable parts of your blender are very easy to clean and even easier to store in any sized kitchen.

Prices vary between different models and varying jar sizes, or motor capacities and speeds, but in most cases you should find that the average price of most jug blenders is extremely reasonable considering the amount of usage you’ll get out of your stand blender.

Cons of Jug Blenders

Kitchenaid blender
Kitchenaid blender

When you’re searching for the right counter top blender to suit your needs, be sure to check the manufacture of the gears inside the unit. Plastic gears tend to be a little less sturdy than other materials and there have been some instances where the plastic gears can break or wear.

However, the majority of good quality models shouldn’t have this problem. If for some reason the plastic gears do break, it’s possible to call the manufacturer for a warranty replacement if it breaks during the warranty period.

If it breaks outside the warranty period, then it’s possible to buy replacement blender parts and repair your blender very quickly for a fraction of the price of buying a brand new blender.

While the blades inside your kitchen blender are sharp enough and sturdy enough to cut through very hard foods, be aware that the plastic gears may not be equal to constant strain for this kind of use. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best practical uses for your jug blender.

My Multipurpose Blendtec Total Blender – Out Of The Box

blendtec blender

blendtec blender

I ordered my Blendtec Total blender a couple of days ago and they delivered this morning. With 1100 five star ratings and an overal score of 4.2 it’s one of the best rated high speed blenders on the market, and I’m really looking forward to getting it out of the box and giving it a good examination…


The Blendtec Total blender is touted as a multipurpose professional grade appliance that replaces nine others around the kitchen! So does it?

  • High Performance Blending!
  • Professional grade blender has stood the test of time.
  • Multipurpose appliance that replaces nine others around the kitchen.
  • Ice Crusher Blender
  • Cooks your Soups and Ice Cream in 90 seconds!
  • Breaks down whole foods for maximum nutritional value.

Blendtec is actually a division of K-TEC and has been around for a long time now, its flagship product the ‘Blendtec Total Blender’ really has stood the test of time. It’s extra power, along with the patented blade and jar design is made to produce very impressive results.

It’s certainly one of the best machines available and worth considering as a valuable addition to your home. Especially when I’ve seen lots of certified refurbished Blendtec blenders on Amazon lately.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender - WildSide plus Jar (90 oz) - Professional-Grade Power - 6 Pre-programmed Cycles - 10-speeds - Black (Renewed)
  • Easy Blending Cycles: one-touch buttons, six pre-programmed cycles, pulse, and ten speed manual control with the ability to achieve a variety of textures. Complete control to adjust your blending at any time
  • Patented Blade/80% Thicker: Stainless-Steel forged blade, with wings, for amazingly smooth blends (10x stronger than other blender blades). Note: blade is not sharp, blade is dull. No more cuts or pokes
  • Self-Cleaning: add a little soap and water, your jar can clean itself in less than one minute. Illuminated LCD timer displays remaining time on blends

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My Blendtec Total Blender Review

Out Of The Box

I purchased the Blendtec classic package, which comes with the new Wildside jar plus the original jar (more on the options a little later).

Blendtec Blender Boxed
Blendtec Blender Boxed

Ok, so the box comes clearly marked with the guarantee, along with some photos of various foods that I will be able to make with my new Blendtec. The muffins and ice cream look pretty good, so I guess I will be putting them on the menu at some point 😉

The first things that I removed upon opening the box were the recipe book, the manual, the DVD and guarantee. Flicking though the recipe book, apart from containing heaps of recipes I notice there’s an ingredient substitution section which is going to come in very handy… And each recipe gives a breakdown of the calories, fibre, fats and sugars etc..!

Blendtec Out Of Box
Blendtec Out Of Box

The Blendtec blenders base looks and feels extremely sturdy, it’s a good weight to, not too heavy but heavy enough to know it’s not going to be bouncing around the kitchen surface like many other high powered blenders do.

The style of the buttons fit nicely with the base, they are clearly marked and are almost flush to the surface, and in fact this whole area is coated with a wipe clean exterior which means no more food stuck in around the buttons.

Both the jars are a good size especially the Wildside, its huge! I’m impressed with the squareness of the jars, there’s quite a lot of room around the blade area so I should be able to remove any bits of food from around them with very little trouble, so this ought to make cleaning it a breeze. The blades are easily handled with no sharp bits at all.

Each jar is clearly marked with measurements (oz, cups, cls and mls) and comes with a thick flexible lid with a more than adequate removable filling cap.

Blendtec Classic
Blendtec Classic

I’ve just placed one of the jars onto the motor base to get an overall feel for the blender. I must say I’m very pleased with the way it just sits on top without having to screw or clip into place, no more holding the base whilst twisting the jar, this is now a ‘grab and go job’.

I’ve paid more than $400 for the Blendtec classic and expect perfection for that! And so far I’m not disappointed I love everything about this blender right now so I pray that its performance is not going to let me down.

Features and Advantages

The Blendtec Total blender is incredibly versatile in its many, varied uses. It can replace up to nine different appliances around the kitchen giving you more space and time.

The 1500 watt, 3 horsepower motor on the Blendtec ‘Total Blender’ will grind coffee, crush ice for cool slushies, mix professional quality drinks, create fruit juice, blend creamy soups, mix frothy milkshakes or frappes, chop or puree vegetables, liquefy foods and even knead dough to make bread, pasta or pizza bases.

The base on a Blendtec blender measures 8 inches deep by 7 inches wide and just around 15 1/2 inches high. This means it will fit under most cupboards in the kitchen, and because it has the capability to replace up to nine different kitchen appliances, leaves you with a lot less clutter.

Blendtec Total Blender Base
The Blendtec blender base – Will fit under most cupboards

This blender also uses smart touch Tec-nology ™. You have six preset automatic blending options, once you press one of these functions on the easy to clean touch pad, the blender takes over alternating and controlling the blade speed to create a perfect recipe.

Right now I have the Blendtec blender on the smoothie setting; it has speeded up then slowed down several times. When it slows down all of the ingredients seem to drop down further into the vortex towards the blade before the blender speeds up again. I can see how the alternating speeds along with the vortex ensures proper blending.

I don’t have to do anything I’m just watching.

Blendtec Blender on Smoothie Setting
Right now I have the Blendtec blender on the smoothie setting

Along with the six blend options I have a ‘speed up and a ‘speed down’ button. This gives me ten speeds for manual operation. So if I like I can choose my own speed and once selected it will run for 50 seconds then stop… So even on manual I can just walk away if I want to!

Blendtec blending with automated speed setting
Blendtec blending more ingredients with its alternating speed

I also have a pulse button that is used for chopping, mincing, whipping and other short burst recipes. This button only operates while I have it pressed down.

A beautiful blue LCD screen on the front of the blender gives you all the information you need to know when blending and the blue backlight is a subtle highlight when switched on.

Blendtec Total Blender Control Panel
Blendtec Blender Control Panel – LCD screen, Six preset settings & pulse button

The Blendtec Total blender comes with a 2 quart BPA free container (or a massive 3 quarts if you choose the Wildside jar); this patented jar is square in shape allowing the user to pour the contents from any corner. It can accommodate even the largest savory sauces, soups, and any beverage you can think of without having to make multiple batches.

In its price range the Blendtec cannot be matched on power, it can spin the 3 inch stainless steel blade at up to 29,000rpm giving you one of the most powerful blenders available.

A removable cap on the lid also accommodates filling of ingredients while in a blending cycle, without having to take the lid off.

Blendtec Total Blender Jar
Blendtec Blender Jar – 2 Quart BPA Free
Blendtec Total Blender Blade
Blendtec Blender Blade – 3 Inch Stainless Steel
Blendtec Total Blender Lids
Blendtec Blender Lids with Removable Caps

Performance and Nutrition

The Blendtec Total blenders power, along with the patented design of its blade and jar is what produces the very impressive results.

Basically, ingredients spinning around in the blender hit the square sides of the jar and are drawn down by a vortex created by the unique blade.

This efficient system ensures that all foods are well blended, giving the Blendtec its name the ‘Total blender’.

The Blendtec is so powerful that it can actually micronize raw, whole fruits and vegetables making them even more nutritious than if you were to just eat them.

Simply put, minerals and vitamins that usually remain locked in the cell walls of fruit get broken down by the power of this high performance blender.

Blendtec Blender Vortex Up Close
Blendtec Blender Up Close – Ingredients seem to be pulled down in a vortex

As with the Vitamix the Blendtec package wouldn’t be complete without extensive manuals and recipe books. Included are literally hundreds of pages of recipes and instructions along with some thorough and very interesting health information.

The book has a lot of really great recipes to help you get started with high performance blending. And if do you happen to run out of ideas, you can always check back here to see latest healthy blender recipes that I’ve added to

Are There Any Disadvantages?

This machine is a little more expensive when compared to other units, however the cost is easily offset when you consider the multiple uses and functions it can perform.

This blender can be very loud when it’s in use due to the power of the 1500 watt motor. However, as the unique blades and powerful motor work very quickly it’s all over and done before the noise becomes unbearable.

To be honest, both the Blendtec and Vitamix are noisy; you just can’t have this kind of power without some noise.

Consumer Reviews

So far the Blendtec Total blender has received an incredible 1100 five star ratings on Amazon and averages 4.2 stars overall from a total of 1500 reviews.

You just don’t get that many five star ratings unless it’s a great product. And the time spent on some of the reviews is amazing. Every-day users have a lot of respect for this machine which says so much about its quality.

My Conclusion

As you can see from the constant additions to my blender recipes section I’m absolutely thrilled with my Blendtec blender, in my opinion its the best blender on the market today.

The 3 HP, 1500 watt motor will allows me to chop, puree, liquefy, grind, mix, pulverize, knead, blend and anything else you can think of doing with food.

Other people who have reviewed this blender have stated that the Blendtec is loud, but it’s worth remembering that the short burst of time you’ll be using the machine means it shouldn’t be a problem.

I know that Blendtec vs Vitamix is always a close run battle, but right now the Blendtec price is a bit lower, and along with its many function buttons plus the ability to grind flour in its ‘standard’ jar, the Blendtec just edges it.

But before you make a final decision, check out the available options with the new Wildside Pitcher, it has a bigger five sided container and a 4inch blade, after a lot of research it was the option that I chose and I can highly recommend it.

Have fun blending and if you get a chance, drop by to let me know how you get on with your Blendtec Total blender!

Where To Buy The Blendtec Blender:

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The Oster Counterforms Blender – A Charming Elegant Design

oster counterforms blender

oster counterforms blender

The elegant design of the Oster Counterforms Blender is part of its charm. This blender/food processor can be purchased in a mixture of black & stainless finish or all black.

The Oster Counterforms Blender can be used as a processor, a chopper and a blender. Families tight on counter top space can appreciate the compact nature of its footprint.

This blender is designed to make creamy frozen drinks with ease as it is powerful, it holds a lot, and it’s powerful enough to take care of any job. That’s not to mention the stainless steel design that looks great on any counter top.

Features and Advantages

  • A Charming Elegant Design
  • All Metal Drive for lasting durability.
  • 600 watt (0.8 horsepower) reversible motor for accurate blending and food processing.
  • Stainless steel Ice blade for crushed now
  • 7 pre-programmed speeds including pulse.
  • 48oz 6 Cup Glass Pitcher that is dishwasher safe, scratch resistant and thermal shock tested.
  • Product Dimensions: 13.8 inches High x 10.2 inches Deep x 8.5 inches Wide
  • Weight: 9.2 LB

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender, with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 7-Speed Settings and Brushed Stainless Steel/Black Finish - BVCB07-Z00-NP0
  • 1000 power watts/ 600 blending watts. Cord length: 16 inches
  • Pre-Programmed Smart Settings Technology takes the guesswork out of blending with easy, one-touch controls for expert results
  • Dual Direction Blade Technology automatically moves stainless steel, 6-point blade in reverse to free jar of jam-ups. BPA-Free

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The Oster BVCB07-Z blender is a stainless-steel counter top kitchen appliance that includes a six cup glass jug along with 7 speed settings.

The 7 pre-programmed speed functions offer one touch results along with a pulse function. This is ideal for those difficult to get food chunks that frequently seem to escape your blender’s cutter.

The BVCB07 blender also offers a great metal drive system designed for long lasting durability, along with a reversible motor unit which makes for optimal blending, a function not many blenders have.

The unit is driven by a Six hundred watt motor that’s made to slice through the hardest ice using its stainless steel ‘ice crusher’ blade. It will chop through even large ice chunks, it can be filled with frozen fruit and it will quickly blend them up.

Oster BVCB07 Blender
Oster BVCB07 Blender

The blenders glass jug is dish washer safe, it’s scratch proof and it’s shock-tested to stand up to even the most excessive of conditions.

The starting price for the Counterforms Blender is an attractive price, especially when you consider the additional functionality of this device as a chopper and a food processor. It does a lot more than similarly priced blenders are able to do.


The biggest complaint about the Oster Counterforms Blender is that it is loud. It’s important to remember that most blenders are loud, especially when blending ice or other hard materials in them.

There have also been a few complaints that gaskets break easily and leaks occur as a result. Be gentle when dealing with your blender to avoid this and if it does happen, there are generally replacement parts that can be ordered and delivered rather quickly.

Consumer Reviews

When it came to the consumer reviews, for the most part they are extremely positive. One consumer said that she needed a good blender to make smoothies every morning. After weighing her options, she chose to go with the Oster BVCB07-Z blender.

She was so glad she did as she has never seen a blender go through ice and frozen fruit with such precision. And another consumer loved the fact that the blender was extremely powerful but also affordable.

When it comes to bad reviews, we could only find one. One consumer bought the Oster BVCB07-Z and it quit working after a few days. Oster sent the consumer a brand new unit and the unit quit working again. This led us to believe that it was the consumer’s outlet and not the blender that caused the problem. Especially since there were so many positive reviews and that was the only negative.

This Oster BVCB07 blender has received a very good percentage of five star ratings on Amazon, scoring 203 from a total of around 331 reviews, this averages more than 4 stars overall!


Overall, we can gladly recommend the Oster BVCB07-Z blender for anyone who loves frozen drinks and for food processed items that require a little bit more power than average blenders.

There are a few flaws to be considered but none of them appear to be fatal flaws and the Oster name is a trusted name in the business of building better blenders.

This is not a high performance blender, but it is feature rich piece of equipment as far as the average kitchen appliance goes. Consider the amount of space that can be saved by combining a blender and food processor, along with a chopper in one little space on your counter top.

The bottom line is that it’s fairly powerful and it’s affordable, so probably won’t be beaten by anything else in its class.

When the time comes to purchase your next blender, be sure to give the Oster Counterforms Blender a second look.

Where To Buy The Oster Counterforms Blender:

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Used Vitamix Blenders Are Widely Available

Blendtec and Vitamix are the High-performance Rolls Royce of blenders with a price point to prove it! These blenders are the best you can find on the market and you haven’t made a true smoothie until you’ve used a Blendtec or Vitamix. But for most people these blenders that cost over $400 new are way out of their price range, However…

Vita mix blender

If this isn’t in your budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the benefits of a high performance blender. Since these units last a lifetime we had a look at how to get a discounted or used Vitamix blender or Blendtec cheaper than if you were to buy it new, and we learned that you can find many refurbished Vitamix blenders and refurbished Blendtecs on Amazon.

Some Information and an Overview of Vitamix

Vitamix blenders are known as being high-performance blenders ideal for anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. In fact, the whole Vitamix brand is centered around promoting a better lifestyle by allowing people to integrate more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet.

This is because Vitamix blenders make it extremely easy to turn any fruit and veg combo into a wonderful smoothie, due to their high-power motors, top quality blade assembly and much more.

However, as is to be expected from a product that comes with a 7 year warranty, new Vitamix blenders don’t come cheap. Therefore, the only way for many people to enjoy all the benefits of a healthier lifestyle with Vitamix is to purchase a used Vitamix blender.

Considering the seven year warranty and the quality of the product, there is little doubt that the performance of a used unit will be just as good as a brand new one, yet at a much cheaper price.

Vitamix blender base
Packed full of features including a new cooler motor.

There are a wide range of Vitamix blenders available, with various features. However, what most of them have in common is the durability of their build and the power of the motor.

Vitamix blenders are made to last and that shows in every part, with blade assemblies that are encases in stainless steel and virtually indestructible containers made from non-toxic polycarbonate.

When it comes to the motors, Vitamix blenders measure their power in horsepower rather than watts, showing how much power these units actually contain. Most of these units feature a 2-plus peak horsepower motor, meaning that you’ll never have to deal with the a blender that can’t handle the ingredients you put in it. You’ll never again hear the sounds of a motor struggling to blend regular ingredients, such as ice, and you’ll never have to worry about your blender dying on you because it can’t handle the workload.

So, even if you can’t afford to purchase a new unit, you don’t need to worry when purchasing a used Vitamix blender because these units last a lifetime.

Vitamix blender jar
Laser crafted, one-piece stainless-steel blade assembly and BPA-free jug.

Consumers who own Vitamix blenders, whether they purchased new or used Vitamix units, are extremely happy with their performance. These blenders can blend any ingredients into an extremely smooth drink, as long as there is a little liquid in the jar.

Vitamix blender owners are also extremely happy with the durability and longevity of these units, with quite a few customers having owned their Vitamix units for seven or eight years with no problems to speak of.


One common complaint is in reference to how loud Vitamix blenders are. But reviewers are quick to point out that their blender is so efficient, that the noise really doesn’t matter all that much since the job is finished in moments.

The price tag is also another disadvantage to this range of blenders, with most models being well over $400. However, the people who own a Vitamix blender claim that it is well worth it, especially since they don’t have to buy a new blender every year, as often happens with cheaper models.

Additionally, many point out that there are plenty of used Vitamix blenders available for sale at a much lower price.


Even though Vitamix blenders come with a high price tag, most consumers feel it’s well-worth paying the price for a unit that will easily last more than a decade, with no problems.

In fact, people who have purchased Vita Mix blenders are so happy with their performance that they recommend people should buy used Vitamix blenders instead of new, but cheap blenders.

The Viking Blender

viking blender

The Viking blender is a powerful processor that will handle almost anything in mere moments. Its equipped with a high-torque motor that is designed for the frequent use a commercial setting demands from a blender.

Viking blender
The Viking blender

This unit also features an electronic sensor that will maintain continuous and smooth speed so that your smoothies achieve the perfect consistency.

The Viking blender is powerful enough to process many ingredients and is a great kitchen assistant to make anything from soups, dog food and frappucinos to smoothies and sauces. The only limits to this unit lie in your creativity in the kitchen because there is little it cannot handle.


The Viking Blender features a strong, high-torque motor that is designed for the rigors of commercial use. It is a unit that can be disassembled to be cleaned quickly and easily, with a heavy metal base and rubber feet that make it very stable.

With a 40 ounce glass carafe this unit is an excellent option for any home and will provide you with smoothies and mixed drinks for many years. The unit is short enough to fit under most standard kitchen cabinets.


This blender is a strong unit that can deliver professional results and it can handle many tasks that other blenders find too tough to deal with. It can be used for chopping even harder ingredients such as broccoli, carrots, chocolate, hard cheeses and even ice.

The unit not only chops these ingredients, but it does it with ease and little complaint from the motor and even peanut butter isn’t a challenge for this blender. It is even designed to fit comfortably under most kitchen cabinets, so that it doesn’t overcrowd valuable work space on your counter tops.

It is an elegant and simple machine, with two speeds and a pulse option as it requires little else. A durable, high quality and reliable unit, the Viking blender will be with you for many years and will become an indispensable tool in your kitchen.


You may find that if you put in all your ingredients at once, the unit will not perform. As owners discovered, the best way to use this unit is to feed it ingredients slowly so it is not a set and forget blender in which you can throw everything and get back to doing other things. However, this is a small price to pay for the excellent consistency of your results and its capacity to go through literally anything.

The main disadvantage of this unit is the price, but quality will always demand a higher price. In fact, if you work out how many lower quality blenders you have gone through over the years you may find that you will end up saving money in the long run by spending a little more now.

The Viking will outlast most blenders easily and instead of purchasing sub-par units for less but having to replace them every year or two, you will only have to swipe your credit card once for a very, very long time. There is a saying along the lines of “we are too poor to buy cheap items” which is quite fitting in this case as well.


As with any product there will be those who love it and those who hate it. However the general impression was that this is a high-quality unit that delivers on its promises, especially for those who use a blender frequently.

Before you buy, though, make sure that you need the power the Viking blender provides because the relatively high price will make it a very expensive decoration if used infrequently.

Not what you were looking for? Check out our opinion on the 12 cup Viking Food Processor

The Vitamix 5200 Blender – Pro Power

Vitamix Blender

Vitamix blender

The Vitamix 5200 blender is an excellent choice for any type of kitchen, it has more than 900 five-star reviews with an overall 4.5-star rating. In our opinion, it’s one of the most complete food blenders around and will do pretty much anything you ask of it!

  • Pro Blending Power At Home!
  • Blends and cooks your soup in less than 5 minutes.
  • One of the best blenders for crushing ice.
  • Makes instant healthy ice cream and sorbets.
  • Breaks down whole foods for maximum nutritional value.

Sporting a new look and now coming in a choice of three colors

The Vitamix 5200 blender (known as the Total Nutrition Center in the UK and other counties) will look great when in use, and when sitting on the side in your kitchen.

With a brand new, more powerful, energy efficient motor, it will perform your tasks effortlessly first time every time. As always with this brand, the latest Vitamix blender comes with a long warranty should you need it, a cookbook, a manual and a great instructional DVD.

The Vitamix retails at $400 to $500 and worth every penny. And lately I’ve seen certified Vitamix refurbished blenders on Amazon for under $300! If you are quick you might be able to still pick one up.

Vitamix Blender Specifications, Features and Advantages

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black - 001372
  • Variable Speed Control: Easily adjust speed to achieve a variety of textures. The dial can be rotated at any point during the blend, so you’re in complete control
  • Large Batches: The size and shape of the self-cleaning 64-ounce container is ideal for blending medium to large batches. Design Feature : Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
  • Hot Soup: The blades in the Vitamix container reach speeds fast enough to create friction heat, bringing cold ingredients to steaming hot in about six minutes

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The 5200 Blender replaces the Vitamix 5000. It’s packed full of new features including a new cooler running energy saving motor, coupled with variable speeds that will deal with any kind of blending you require.

Vitamix blender base
Packed full of features including a new cooler motor.

Vitamix blenders have a laser crafted, single piece steel blade that allows you to blend or grind food quickly and effortlessly. And with soft touch buttons which complement it perfectly you can be sure of the quality.

The new 64 oz. BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester jug incorporates a sound reduction technology, ergonomic grip handles and a non-drip spout. Perfect for those large cool drinks in summer, or hot delicious soups in winter… Yes, it will even cook your soup!

The jug will also accommodate all of your ice cream making and other delights, and with the enclosed tamper, you can push your ingredients into the container, even as the blades are rotating.

Vitamix blender jar
Laser crafted, one-piece stainless-steel blade assembly and BPA-free jug.

It’s also really simple to keep your Vitamix blender clean. A bit of warm, soapy water, a quick wipe down and your machine is ready for use again.

The Vitamix 5200 blender comes complete with an instructional DVD, a cookbook as well as a manual and long warranty should you need it. So if you want to try a new smoothie recipe, or if you are not sure on a particular detail you can be assured Vitamix will have thought of it and included it in the manuals or DVD.

There is a choice of three different colors, red, white and black, each color will complement not only the Vitamix blender but your kitchen too.

Vitamix blender color selection
A choice of colors, red, white and black, includes instructional DVD and a cookbook.

Nutritional Benefits

In the UK the Vitamix blender goes by the name of ‘Total Nutrition Center’ and that title certainly fits the bill here! With the ability to micronize raw, whole fruits and vegetables while still being suitable for home use, the 5200 can make fruits even more nutritious than if you were to simply eat them.

Vitamins and minerals are locked into the seeds of many fruits by thick cellular walls. The vitamix blender will break these walls down for you.

The Vitamix 5200 blender allows you to really get all the goodness out of fruits and vegetables, which are packed with vitamins and fibre.

If your children are being difficult and won’t eat their veggies, you can blend some vegetables in with fruits for healthy smoothies and they won’t even taste the difference! Vegetables like carrots, cabbage, celery hearts, avocados and artichoke all work well as they don’t impart much flavour.

Apple and cucumber are a great tasting mixture, just remember to remove the apple seeds, which are not that healthy in large quantities. A fruit and vegetable blend could even be the foundation of a nutritious yet tasty ice cream that your whole family can enjoy (more on how to do that below).

Making Soup

The Vita Mix blender is wonderfully diverse when compared with other blender types, with power and design which allows it to blend on high setting for extended periods of time.

When the blades begin to reach exceptional speeds, the friction created against certain fruits and vegetables can be enough to cook the ingredients. Whole fruits and vegetables can effortlessly be turned into a velvety soup which is both nutritious and great tasting.

Ice Cream

Ice creams and sorbets are a synch with the Vita Mix blender. Depending on the amount of time and friction you use the result will be a variety of different textures and temperatures.

As a guide to this, the recipe book is an excellent resource which will allow you to get to know your machine using step by step instructions. However, trial and error is the best teacher as you’ll get better and better at creating tasty ice creams and sorbets.

And if you happen to run out of ideas, you can always check back here to see latest healthy blender recipes that I’ve added to

Grinding Flour With The Dry Blade Container

The ‘Dry Blade’ container is an excellent feature offered as an add on to the basic Vitamix blender package, it allows you to create your own fresh flours by grinding whole grains and beans.

This is a much healthier alternative to store bought versions. Using this container, you can also create your own powdered sugars and bread crumbs for all your culinary needs.

Vitamix Dry Blade Container
Vitamix Dry Blade Container

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The price is high and will put some people off making the purchase, but in our opinion you do get what you pay for, and the Vitamix has the highest average consumer rating on Amazon.

In truth, it was difficult to find anything overly negative about the Vitamix blender.

One minor problem could be it’s size, as with the jar on top the Vitamix 5200 is 52 cm tall. That might be difficult to slide underneath your cupboards in the kitchen. This can be annoying as the machine is quite large and bulky and ideally would be better underneath the cupboards.

Another possible negative is the fact that you have to pay extra for a ‘dry’ container if you want to grind whole grains down in to flour.

The Vitamix regular jar will be ok for lighter dry loads such as oats, or grinding sugar in to powder. But you will have to purchase a separate jar at around $100 to grind the harder whole grains like corn, rice and wheat.

But then some might not want or need such capabilities, so why should they pay for it? I guess that for now it make sense for Vitamix to have it as an optional extra, thus keeping the initial purchase price down as low as they can.

Vitamix 5200 blenders
Vitamix 5200 blenders are high quality and very durable!

Consumer Reviews

The 5200 is the latest Vita Mix Blender made specifically for use at home but still meets the usual high quality Vitamix standards.

So far this blender has received more than 900 five star ratings on Amazon and still averages 4.5 stars overall from a total of 1082 reviews, that’s a pretty good return!

Most owners on Amazon love the product and say that it’s a fabulous blender that works miracles and has lots of power.

My Conclusion

The Vitamix blender is one of the most complete blenders around and will do pretty much anything you ask of it. With the cool running, energy efficient motor and the large container, you can be assured that all your soups, sauces, smoothies, milkshakes and anything else you require your blender to do will turn out perfect every time.

This blender is the last one you will ever purchase. It’s high quality and very durable… It chops, it grinds, it minces, it juices, and it will crush ice with smooth efficiency… It will even cook your blended soup!

What else can we say? It is expensive, but once you buy it, you’re set for life… so save up the money for this machine!

Having said that there is strong competition from Blendtec, so before you make that purchase you might want to check out our Blendtec vs Vitamix comparison, just to be sure you have a totally informed opinion.

Where to Buy The Vitamix 5200 Blender:

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Waring Commercial Blender Range

The Waring Commercial Blender on the whole seems to be a high-quality blender with many advantages.

If you are looking for the perfect blender the waring commercial blender range is one of the most powerful on the market at the moment and built by the creator of the first blender.

Waring Commercial Blenders are tough, reliable and extremely powerful it will make the perfect smoothie or milkshake every time not forgetting those other jobs like soups and sauces, it will even make a fantastic slush.

Waring 48oz Margarita Madness Bar Blender

Waring Margarita Madness Bar Blender

Waring also offers a 48oz Margarita Madness blender which is ideal for mixing high quality margaritas and other drinks.

This blender comes with a powerful 1 horsepower motor and heavy-duty one piece stainless steel cutting blade. The 48oz polycarbonate container is also unbreakable and dish-washer friendly.

  • A powerful two speed motor
  • Makes 48oz margarita’s in a heartbeat
  • Great looking and very nice design

Waring MX1100 XT Smoothie Maker

Waring Smoothie Maker

The Waring MX1100 XT Smoothie Maker is a high-power, heavy duty blender with a 64 oz jug capacity, electronic membrane keypad and an unbreakable polycarbonate jug.

The enormous power generated by the 3.5 horsepower motor makes this blender ideal for commercial use or for serious entertainers.

  • A heavy duty motor
  • Two speed setting’s and a great pulse function
  • Blends anything you like, hot or cold
  • Can crush ice in seconds

Waring Nublend Blender

Waring NuBlend Blender

The Waring BB185S NuBlend Commercial Blender features electronic touchpad controls for easy use and also offers a pulse-speed setting.

It also has a 1-horsepower, 2-speed motor which gives you a whopping 27,000RPM. It comes with an easy-clean one piece, stainless steel cutting blade.

Waring Immersion Blender

Waring Quik Stik Blender

The Commercial Waring immersion blenders high powered motor can deliver fantastic power whenever it is needed, capable of pushing out 18,000 RPM.

With nine settings on the 750-watt variable speed motor you can be assured that your creamy potatoes and soups will be lump free.

Most of the Waring Commercial range offers high quality, powerful products that justify the higher price tag.


The Waring Commercial Blender supports a clean classic look with rounded sides that set the blender apart from others plus the choice of colors for the base in either black or brushed stainless and the 1 horsepower 2 speed motor give you a blender that will see to all your blending needs.

All Waring Commercial Range Blenders come with heavy duty polycarbonate containers that are big enough to accommodate large quantities of drinks or soup. The manufacturers also offer a 5 year limited warranty on the motor.

The motor is built using metal gears and features a metal-reinforced rubber drive coupling for extra strength and durability.


It’s hard to find any disadvantages with this Commercial Blender range apart from a higher price tag than some comparative models. Although some consumers complain about the noise these blenders can make when in use, this is to be expected from any motorized appliance. Blending is quick and convenient and should only take a few seconds, so the noise factor is very temporary.

Some people have stated they have smelt a burnt smell coming from the base. This could be a result of overuse on a high speed or attempting to cut through items that may be too tough for the motor. There may also be some issues with the lid not fitting properly on top of the 48oz plastic container with people saying the lid is tight.


The Waring Commercial Blender on the whole seems to be a high-quality blender with many advantages. The Waring blender range is a very well built and extremely powerful blender that will do the job you want it to do in seconds, whether you’re making a smoothie, coffee, soup or crushed ice.

Sure there are a few issues with the blender but the positive things about this blender outweigh the negative. The Waring Commercial Blender will be a fine addition to your kitchen appliances and will last a long time, you wont be disappointed with this blender.

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Waring Pro Blender – Food and Beverage Range For Home

waring pro blenders

waring pro blenders

The Waring Pro Blender range consists of both the MBB & PBB Professional Bar Blender Models, these are the commercial grade food and beverage blenders for home use.

  • Commercial Grade & Stunning
  • Stylish Waterfall Base and Large 40-oz. Cloverleaf Jug
  • Commercially rated 550 watt heavy duty motor
  • Easy 2 speed operation

Features and Advantages

The quality construction on the Waring Pro Blenders has outstanding durability and the stunning waterfall style looks will compliment any kitchen. This really is a beautiful blender, it’s employed by expert chefs all over the world.

A strong traditional looking blender that is manufactured in many color choices differentiates this appliance from everything else on the market. Offering a 2 speed motor unit combined with stainless-steel and self-cleaning blades, this particular blender is much more than adequate for domestic use. A beautiful looking heavy duty base sets the tone for the Waring Pro Blender. Sitting comfortably on top of this base is the gorgeous forty ounce clover-leaf designed glass jug.

Waring Pro Blender PB225 Metallic Red
Waring Pro Blender PB225 Metallic Red
Waring Pro Blenders
Waring Pro Blenders
  • Stylish waterfall base
  • Commercially rated 550 watt heavy duty motor
  • Large 40-oz. cloverleaf jug
  • Easy 2 speed operation
  • Five Year Motor guarantee
  • Height 15 inch
  • Weight 8.8 lbs
  • Made in the U S A

Standing 15inch tall this blender easily fits under my kitchen units, but then again this is probably going to be the nicest looking blender I will ever own so why would I want to hide it away!

The Jar on the Waring Pro blender series is aesthetically designed and a huge size at forty ounces. This not only translates to convenient single batches of soups, salsas, sauces, milk shakes and smoothies, it looks spectacular and actually complements the base very well. The durable blender base is available in seven distinctive colors, retro green, quite white, chili red, metallic red, ebony black, brushed copper and brushed stainless steel.

Waring PBB204 Professional Bar Blender, Chili Red
  • 40-ounce, ridged glass jar holds 5 cups of mixed drinks, soup, or sauce
  • Powerful 390-watt motor crushes ice fast
  • High and low speeds cover mixing, chopping, and pureeing

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Update: Recently released is the new Metallic Red color Waring PBB225 professional bar blender, as you can see above it looks beautiful, very striking. You can find the Waring PBB225 model for sale on Amazon right now.

Both the PBB and MBB food and beverage blenders are equipped with commercially rated heavy duty motors which are operated by a stylish toggle switch at the front of the blender which has two simple speed settings, slow and fast. You don’t have any complex press/twist securing procedure like some appliances. You merely put the jug on top of the base ensuring that it is the correct way round and it locks right in place.

Personally I think that this has to be one of its best features, we can all fall into the trap of paying that little bit extra for numerous programs and multiple speeds, only to end up using the same two settings each and every time. So it was very refreshing to read though the manual within ten minutes. I tossed it aside and worked on the ratio of, start it on low and if it’s not blended on that setting flip it to hi.

Both the PBB and MBB blenders have self-cleaning cutting blades that claim to rapidly crush ice to create your favorite frozen drinks. This blender does actually do an extremely good job of this, however for a very fine and consistent flow of crushed ice like you see in the movies, I had to follow a couple of basic steps from the tips page in the manual; This was to making sure the blades are covered by the liquid then slowly feed the ice through the lid insert whilst blending. Honestly, this was a pretty easy procedure and like I said this does give the ice a good even texture.

32oz Stainless Steel Carafe

If you’re into frozen drinks or milk shakes you may want to check out the 32oz stainless steel carafe that can be purchased separately or comes complete with Model PBB25. It keeps the drinks lovely and cold for much longer than the glass one… Great in the summer!

Waring Pro Blender Jars - CAC34
Waring Pro Blender Jars – CAC34

In fact the Waring PBB25 professional bar blender is actually the most popular right now. This seems mainly due to its stainless steel carafe. But please be aware, if you go for this model you will be paying at least $40 more than if you opt for the glass jar version. Plus it comes in just one color base, ebony black You can actually buy the stainless steel jar separately so that you have both the glass and a stainless steel jars with your choice of base color.

I often wonder if that’s not clear to consumers. For those of you that have a Waring Pro blender and would like to upgrade, you can find the steel jar in our parts store, it generally sells for around $75. The model number for both the glass and the steel jar is CAC34, they both come complete with the blade and lid.


The main disadvantage here is the blender can’t be left unattended whilst blending on high speed due to the jug vibrating so much; in fact I actually have to place my hand on the handle of the blender just to keep it still. This was something I had heard before with this particular blender but just assumed they had maybe over-filled it .

Anyway to be honest it wasn’t that big a deal to me as it blends everything in seconds! The only other reported drawbacks on this blender include minor things such as an inflexible lid, and that the electric motor can be somewhat noisy on the faster setting.

Consumer Reviews

This blender has received a credible 105 five star ratings on Amazon, averaging 4 stars overall from a total of around 198 reviews.

My Conclusion

The Waring Pro blender is undoubtedly a great addition to any cooking area. You will not be dissatisfied with the construction or quality of parts in this appliance as you blend, mix, crush and grind food items in mere seconds.

It’s a high quality and durable blender, with a timeless and classic looking base. This base complements the Waring food and beverage blender Series perfectly and whether you are blending or frothing up, a milk-shake, a smoothie, soup or salsa you may well question why you didn’t buy a Waring Pro blender in the past.

Where To Buy Waring Pro Blenders:

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Waring Professional Bar Blenders Range – WPB

waring blender

The Waring Professional Bar Blenders now offer more than just a striking build and design. Waring blenders have now incorporated a powerful commercially rated 500 watt motor into both of its new WBP professional blenders.

Waring Professional Bar Blender
Waring Professional Bar Blender

Please be aware that at the time of this update there are still quite a few of the old 350 watt WBP bar blenders being sold on Amazon… Surprisingly for the same price as the 500 watt ones!

This is something you should be aware of as the shape and design has not changed and the model numbers remain the same. Just make sure the one you buy has a 500 watt motor, that extra 140 watts will make a difference to your blending… and at the same price!

All of the new Waring Professional Bar Blenders come with the signature waterfall heave duty metal base and are finished in either chrome or brushed chrome. There are now two designs to choose from in this series, the WPB80 and WPBO5 (you can still find some of the old model numbers on Amazon such as WPB09, WPB04, but these are now being phased out).

Rating: 4 Stars / Average Price: Est. $59 – $109 [amazon_textlink asin=’B0016PCRUY’ text=’Check Amazon Price’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’blenderexpertalb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”]

Features and Advantages

Rating: 3.5 stars     Price Range: $59 – $109

  • Made in the USA
  • Attractive waterfall base
  • Commercially graded 500watts heavy duty motor
  • 40 oz glass or 48 oz Polycarbonate pitcher
  • Easy 2 speed settings (hi and low)
  • Five Year Motor guarantee
  • Height 15 1/2 inch
  • Weight 8.3 lbs.

WPB80 and the WPB80BC Professional Bar Blenders

These two are the same blender, the WP80 is finished in chrome and the BC at the end of the second model literally stands for brushed chrome.

These come with a large 48-oz. polycarbonate pitcher which is great for knocking up a lager batch of frozen margaritas and pina coladas!

WPBO5 and WPB05BC Professional Bar Blenders

These are also the same blender, once again the BC is referring to brushed chrome.

The difference here is that these two come with a 40oz glass jar. And although it may seem to be a disadvantage to have a smaller jar the heaviness of the glass helps to stop the blender from vibrating as much, so for me this is a plus point.

Waring Professional Bar Blender Jars
Waring Professional Bar Blender Jars

A simple easy to use blender that’s controlled with a simple yet stylish 2 speed toggle which can handle most blending needs from Whipping up luscious drinks and smoothes to blending tasty soups and sauces.

The price has to be an advantage here, under $60 for a powerful 500 watt commercially rated motor that carries a five year guarantee?

A sturdy good looking blender that fits nicely under the kitchen units.

Cleaning most blenders can sometimes be a problem, but the Waring professional bar blender makes cleaning easy with its removable blade assembly that allows you to clean where it matters.

Waring Professional Bar Blender Base
Waring Professional Bar Blender Base


According to waring both the WPBO5 and WPB80BC professional bar blenders have the ability to pulp frozen fruit and crush ice no matter what setting you have the blender on. The blender managed to perform both these tasks separately but struggled when I tried to use them together.

It’s worth noting that some of the major parts are made of plastic, and I can’t help thinking this could lead to the motor and other parts burning out at some stage.

Consumer Reviews

So far this blender has received 22 five star ratings on Amazon, averaging 3.5 stars overall from a total of around 51 reviews. Things may improve on this score now that they have increased the power on the motor.


If you are looking for something a little different with simplified controls but still have the power to make soups and drinks then the Waring professional bar blender could be a wise choice for you.

At around $60 this seems like a pretty good buy, but a bar blender that struggles to cope with ice and frozen fruit together is a big disadvantage. I can’t help but point you towards the waring PBB food and beverage range, yes it is about $30 more but it is a much better blender!

Where To Buy A Waring Professional Bar Blender

Rating: 4 Stars / Average Price: Est. $59 – $109 [amazon_textlink asin=’B0016PCRUY’ text=’Check Amazon Price’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’blenderexpertalb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”]

Waring Professional Bar Blender

The Oster Blender Professional Series

Every serious bar should be equipped with a machine from the Oster Blender Professional Series, whether you own a commercial bar or just enjoy entertaining the Oster BPST02B is a complete machine…

Oster Professional Series Blender
Oster Professional Series Blender

This is a powerful unit with a strong motor capable of crushing the toughest ingredients, and it will make you the highlight of your social circle as you mix a wide variety of drinks easily and in style.

The heavy base and oversized rubber feet keep the blender motionless while working and also give the unit a strong, massive look.


Oster Blender Professional Series Update:

This blender is no longer in production, but a newer model is now available Oster BPCT02 Blender Review


This blender measures in at 8 by 8 by 15 inches and comes with a 3 year limited warranty. It has one of the most powerful motors available in the Oster line at 1/2 horsepower output, making this rugged, updated classic Oster unit a powerful blender that will crush almost anything. It has a strong die cast base and you won’t be wiping it down all day long as it has a fingerprint resistant finish.

The Oster Blender Professional Series comes with an all metal drive which is used to transfer power to the blade and will last for many years. It has 2 speeds and comes with a 40 ounce glass jar that is both scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe, so you won’t be slaving over the sink with this powerful unit. It is also equipped with rubber feet to avoid slippage or movement while blending.


Some of the advantages of the Oster Blender Professional Series includes the fact that it is very powerful, very fast and can handle tough ingredients without any problems whatsoever. The fact that it has a metal drive versus the regular plastic ones is also a plus, as this makes the blender much more robust and capable.

Its reliability and long-lasting build make it a favorite with many consumers, and even though the entire Oster line is considered reliable in general, this professional unit takes it to the next level.


The disadvantages that have been mentioned regarding the Oster Blender Professional Series includes the fact that it has only two speeds. The fact that it has only two speeds makes it difficult to get the exact desired results in terms of consistency and leaving it running too long will make shakes too watery.

The high level of noise it can make and that it can be too strong for some blending uses are also reasons for complaints. It is also not an ideal blender for pureeing food as it pushes the solids away and they have to be manually pushed close to the blades.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers generally found that this unit delivered on all its promises, with the powerful motor being able to handle anything from soft fruit to tough ice. Owners enjoy the fact that they don’t need to add ice one cube at a time to this blender, as it can handle almost anything. It has been used to also make breadcrumbs and crush other hard ingredients such as chocolate and hard cheeses, performing admirably. The Oster Professional Series Blender also operates like new even after over two years and is considered to be excellent value for money.

The rubber feet are considered to be helpful in stabilizing the unit but caution is advised that if left running too long, even a few seconds too long, it can turn ice into water. Owners liked the heavy metal construction as they felt they were getting a sturdy unit, which was indeed made to last.

Some feel, though, that despite all its qualities, the Oster Professional Series Blender is rather loud, in fact quite a bit louder than other units, yet this is still not a deterrent as its other advantages make up for it. One reviewer mentioned, however, that when using frozen fruit or chunks of any other ingredient, the blades had difficulty pulling the ingredients in and the reviewer had to stop the blender and push the chunks down into the blades. It was mentioned that once within reach of the blades, any solids were immediately pulverized.


The Oster Blender Professional Series – BPST02B is a robust and powerful unit meant to be used in large scale settings such as bars and restaurants, making it excellent value for money for the home user.

It is best used for drinks and smoothies as one may have difficulty pureeing foods. Even so, the unit is highly reliable and is built to last, with a metal drive and a sturdy construction. It is a powerful unit that quickly delivers better than expected results, with no job being too tough.

Oster Professional Series Blender
Oster Professional Series Blender

The Oster eLume Blender

oster elume blender

The Oster eLume Blender has a lot to offer. It has a 450 watt motor, provides an illuminated touch screen that is easy to clean, has a 5 cup glass jar that is dishwasher safe and has been tested to stand up to extreme changes of temperature, and is suitable for blending drinks and crushing ice.

oster elume blender

The blades are made of stainless steel and the blender is made of a brushed stainless steel and has black accents. The touch screen is easy to read, use, and clean.

Size matters, especially when it comes to today’s overcrowded kitchen counter tops. The Oster ELume Blender has a small footprint making it an excellent addition to almost any kitchen counter top. The sleek design makes it visually appealing and the 5-cup capacity of the jar makes it infinitely useful whether you are blending your own personal smoothie or are making smoothies for the family.

The 450 watt motor of the eLume Blender is another great feature. This powerful motor is well suited for blending even think frozen drinks or chopping ice.


Oster eLume Blender
Oster eLume Blender

One exciting feature is the fact that there are pre-progrmamed settings you can use with the ELume blender that are timed so you don’t have to stand over your blender while it does its job.

This Blender operates at 6 blending speeds so you have more control over what you use your blender for. The speeds are: low, medium, high, pulse, crush ice, and frozen drinks.

The jar holds 5 cups, is dishwasher safe, and accommodates hot and cold items for blending.

One of the most popular features of the Oster ELume Blender is the illuminated touch screen. You no longer have to worry about feeling your way around all the blender buttons or even cleaning around them.


The powerful 450 watt motor is a huge advantage for the Oster ELume Blender. Many customers agree that this blender is a powerhouse for blending.

The small counter top footprint is another huge advantage. People with limited counter top space can truly appreciate the value of a small but sturdy footprint in appliances.

Versatility is another huge advantage. This blender can be used to puree salsa, mix smoothies, and even blend soups. It works for hot and cold and offers 6 blending speeds for a wide range of options.

The ELume Blender is priced very reasonably for the features and quality it offers. While it may not hold its own against commercial grade blenders it certainly holds water among blenders within its price range and often outpaces them.


The cup size for this Oster Blender is 40 ounces. For some jobs it’s just a little too big for the task at hand. Oster has recognized this limitation and offers a mini-jar accessory that fits the ELume blender and allows smaller jobs (like grinding coffee beans) to be done with ease.

There are some customer reviews that indicate the jar doesn’t pour very neatly from any angle. This could be perceived as a design flaw and should remind you to keep a sponge or wash cloth handy for any potential spills when pouring from your eLume blender jar.


Ultimately, the Oster eLume Blender is a solid investment for the blending needs of the average household. If you plan to do a lot of ice blending you may want to invest in replacement blades as the blades will dull over time.

Otherwise the 450 watt motor and the 5-cup capacity of the blender make it a huge hit among those who have tried it. Combine all these things with a reasonable price and the Oster brand and you have a real winner of a blender.

The Oster Fusion Blender

Oster Fusion blender

The Oster Fusion blender is commonly considered to be a strong blender for a fairly low price tag. There are a few different styles that are called “Oster Fusion blender” but the latest design is one of the company’s best. While it can’t be called “cheap,” it does provide a lot of performance for the cost.

Oster Fusion Blender
Oster Fusion Blender

The Oster Fusion brly07b and the updated version the Oster Fusion brly07z both come with a jar that has a 6 cup capacity, making it easy to fit a lot of food or liquid into it at once.

It also has a six-point star blade that reverses for a finer blend, and 600 watts of power to puree anything that you need it to.

There are also some other attachments that you can get for this blender to make it even more useful.

One advantage that the Oster Fusion blender has over other blenders is that it has food processing attachments that can be gotten for it. This, on top of the fact that the blender has a fairly small “footprint,” meaning it is a great option for people who don’t have a lot of space for the blender. It multi-tasks nicely, so it is a space-friendly choice for small kitchens.

This blender is also great if you are looking for something to help you get through the process of making smoothies a little faster. For common jobs like this, there are preprogrammed options you can choose from. You just choose what you need the blender to do, and let it go. This can be very convenient for people who make smoothies every day, or mix drinks every weekend.

These blenders have a metal motor in order to power through anything you put in them. They work great for chopping ice. In fact, many people who have switched from other, cheaper models have said the Oster Fusion blender has made the smoothest iced drinks they’ve ever had.

One reason for this is that the blades on this blender reverse in order to do the best chopping job possible.


The jar that comes on the Fusion blender is made of glass. Some people like this, but others think it poses a hazard. If the jar is dropped, it will break. Also, a lot of people find the glass jars to be heavy and cumbersome compared to plastic ones.

Something else that has been noted is that the lid is difficult to clean. To keep from having to clean all the nooks and crannies, some people have covered the lid with a plastic baggie before putting it on the blender.

A few people have reported that the blades create an air-space between themselves and what they are supposed to be chopping. While this is annoying, it is an issue you are likely to find in many different blenders, not just the Oster Fusion blender. If you find this happening, you may just need to push the food down in the blender a bit so the blades catch it again.

Another issue people have mentioned is that pieces of food can get stuck under the large blades, requiring the unit to be disassembled in order to remove them.


All in all, the Oster Fusion blender is praised by those who use it. There are a few design flaws in this blender, but this is likely to be true of any kitchen appliance. If you are looking for a powerful, versatile blender at a decent price, this could be a good option for you.

The Oster In2itive Blender

The Oster In2itive blender is another line of blenders from the famous company Oster and since their conception in the mid 1940’s Oster it seems have led the way in the blender market.

Oster In2itive blender
Oster In2itive Blender

Now with the introduction of the In2itive blender Oster could have taken them to the next level. Powerful 500 watt motors are the order of the day with the Oster in2itive blenders.

Different pre-programmed cycles make light work of your ingredients and produces the perfect finished product every time. When the cycle has finished the blender stops and alerts you with a beep.

The blade which is unique has the ability to reverse while mixing your ingredients which eliminates your food gathering in the center of the jar and being lumpy.

The blender also features a very tough polycarbonate jar which is unbreakable and light. The jar is also dishwasher safe.

The in2itive blenders will produce the perfect smoothies, soups and salsa every time and if you have a child then baby food can be prepared in the blender perfectly too.

These blenders offer unrivaled crushing and blending capabilities giving you the perfect crushed ice and blended drinks every time. Combined with equally powerful motors and pre-programmed settings the Oster In2itive blender range of blenders is a natural choice for any kitchen.

Oster blenders have an all metal drive system which means no more broken or worn out plastic parts from the motor to the blades.


This model seems to have reported problems with the plastic tabs which keep the jar on the blender and leaks badly. Another disadvantage is some of the blenders are difficult to clean.

Some of the In2itive blenders are noisy, which is something you don’t want, especially in a confined space like a kitchen. One or two of the blenders in the Oster in2itive range are quite expensive for the features and functionality of the blenders.

Design flaws can also mean the blenders are difficult for some to put together then take apart.


The In2itive blender range looked to be a promising buy when first introduced by Oster. With the ability to process ingredients to the perfect consistency via the pre-programmed settings and the blade which is multi directional, Oster seemed to have produced a blender that would suit one’s lifestyle and blending needs.

But checking reviews from the internet many people are dissatisfied with this range of blenders, so much so in fact that Oster have recalled some of their In2itive range of blenders.

If one does want a blender that does the basic things like crush ice and blend ingredients to make smoothies then you could check them out, but there are so many different manufacturers producing blenders and so many to choose from, it may be worth spending a bit of time researching options before you purchase.

The Rival Blender

rival blender

Rival are renowned for crock pots, griddles and useful kitchen products other than kitchen blenders.  Now the Rival blender collection is now another great addition to the existing lines, its a a collection of blenders all designed to make life easier in the kitchen.

Rival Blender
Rival Blender

They come in different motor sizes and speeds but with one thing in common: to help and make life easier in the kitchen.

Rival even make stick blenders which, in keeping with tradition are low priced and get the job done. The Rival IB954W Ultrablend seems to be the most popular hand blender

A low price tag also accompanies the counter top type of blenders but that doesn’t mean they will fall apart at the first use or look cheap and nasty. In fact some of the blenders on offer from Rival will do things some of the more expensive blenders can’t do, like crush nuts and ice.

Features and Advantages

Rival Blender
Rival Blender

Different motors come with different blenders, with the DC-TB170 and BL-706 models having a 350 watt motor while the BL300 blender has a smaller motor at 300 watts. If one requires a larger motor then BL400 KS model will do nicely with a 400 watt engine.

Speed is the key and all blenders from Rival have different speed settings plus pulse.

Stainless steel serrated blades are the order of the day and these will chop, grind, mix and blend your ingredients to the perfect consistency. Removable parts on these models are dishwasher safe.

One of the biggest advantages with the Rival brand of blenders is the price. Now everyone can have a blender in their kitchen and start to enjoy those smoothies, soups and other delights.

The pitchers are 48 ounces and big enough for one to enjoy those delicious culinary delights and drinks. The pitcher cap doubles as a measuring cup, too.

The different speeds will cater for different ingredients like garlic and onions, carrots, cabbage and lots of other vegetables. Chopping nuts can be a problem with some blenders but the Rival range will do the job. Baby food can be made in minutes with the Rival blenders too.


Chopping ice is a problem with some of the blenders. No other discernible disadvantages could be found by this reviewer.


Rival blenders are priced low, meaning just about everyone can afford one and start to enjoy the delicious smoothies, shakes, soups and other drinks like protein drinks easily made with these blenders.

They are easy to use and clean with removable parts being dishwasher safe, then when not being used will sit under cabinets and not look out of place. For a cheap blender this range of blenders could be a winner with consumers with their low price and durability.

The Oster BCBG08 Blender – Feature Rich and Great Value

The Oster BCBG08 Blender although still available is now being made with a stylish new body BCCG08-R (red), BCCG08-C (chrome) and BCCGO8-B (black).

Oster BCBG08 Blender
Oster BCBG08 Blender

Don’t quote me on the following point because this blender is a new kid on the block, but they are also claiming it has quieter motor.

And here’s some more good news it not only comes with the same 8 speeds and 450 watt motor, it also comes with a lower price tag!

Features and Advantages

Rating: 4 stars     Price Range: $69 -$99     Feature Rich & Great Value

  • 8 Speeds including ice crush
  • Large 6 cup glass jug dishwasher thermal shock
  • 450 Watt motor
  • Steel Blades for ultimate chopping and grinding
  • Pulse button for Defined Blending Control
  • All Metal Drive System for Long-term Sturdiness
  • Dimensions: 7.4 lb 15″H x 7″ W x 7.75″D
  • Made in the U.S.A

Oster blenders are well known for proving affordable and efficient blenders for home use. The BCBG and the BCCG blender’s have many features that make them a shining example of why Oster is such a trusted name when it comes to blenders.

These blenders have a cool stainless steel blade that is specifically designed to crush ice and a metal drive system built to withstand the rigors of crushing ice and general household blending.


Oster BCBG08 Blender Base
Oster BCBG08 Blender Base


On the base of the new Oster BCCG08 8 speed blender sits 8 easy to read speed control buttons, there are 4 slow speeds to choose from, puree, chop, mix and pulse and 4 hi settings, liquefy, smoothie, shake and ice. Allowing you to create anything from frozen drinks and milkshakes, to dips, sauces, soups, nut-butters and batter in seconds, and all at the touch of a button.


Oster BCCG08
New Oster 8-Speed BCCG08 Blender


The glass blending jar or “cup” on these blenders holds up to 6 cups, and has been made with scratch resistant thermal Shock glass which means you can remove it from a hot steamy dishwasher to blend frozen drink without having to cool it.

It’s suitable to use with both hot and cold ingredients and as I’ve just mentioned dishwasher safe. The blender also sports a conveniently removable filler cap so you can easily add things into your concoction.


This blender does have a few minor flaws. One flaw being that the jar only has markings for one cup measurements. This means that you’ll need to use a measuring cup for accurate measurements.

Some people are put off by the look of the product. They feel the buttons (in a time when more and more companies are going to high tech touch screens) make it look cheap.

Cannot handle frozen fruit and large volumes of ice at once. You can prevent this from becoming a problem by adding more liquid and slowly adding the ice though the feed opening in the lid whilst the blender is running.

Consumer Reviews

This blender has received a very good percentage of five star ratings on Amazon, scoring 102 from a total of around 223 reviews, averaging 4 stars overall.


You will find fancier brands than this 8 speed Oster blender but few will measure up to its success at anywhere near the same price range. The Oster BCBG08 Blender is feature rich and long on compliments from admiring fans.

You will be hard pressed to find a blender in the same class that has the same blending power, speed options, jar capacity and successful track record.

The Oster BPCT02 Blender

The Oster BPCT02 blender is an upgrade to the popular but discontinued Oster Blender Professional Series. It’s a Toggle Beehive blender that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to style, functionality, durability, or affordability.

Oster BPCT02 Blender

There are many other blenders on the market that compete with this blender but few have the combination it would take to come out ahead of it on price.

Not only is this a great all around blender for most of your blending needs, but it is also an excellent choice for almost any kitchen décor. This is one blender you won’t need to hide beneath an appliance cover or in your cabinets. That makes it even more convenient to use daily or as needed.

Whether you’re in the market for a blender that can fill your need for a daily smoothie fix or looking for something that offers greater functionality and versatility in your kitchen, the Oster BPCT02 blender is sure to be an excellent fit.


Some of the functions this blender performs include: mixing soups, chopping nuts, crushing ice, grinding coffee, and making delicious frozen drinks for adults and children alike.

The large 6-cup glass jar is very popular among consumers. People have long trusted the glass jars for cleanliness and there are some legitimate concerns over the use of plastic.

The size of the jar is also plenty big for mixing drinks for one or to share.

Another great feature of the Oster BPCT02 blender is the amount of power this blender has to offer. With a 600 watt motor there are few jobs too tough for this blender to tackle.

Just like on the original BPST02 Oster Blender Professional Series and all of the Oster Beehive blenders, this one offers a special blade that is designed for the purpose of crushing ice. This means that you can get the perfect level of ice crushing power each and every time you need to mix a few frozen concoctions to help you hang on.

Oster BPCT02-BA0-000 6-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Toggle Beehive Blender, Brushed Stainless
  • 1000 power watts/ 600 blending watts
  • Crush Pro 4 Blade uses stainless steel, 4-point design to pulverize and chop with precision
  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty for lasting durability

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The Oster BPCT02 Blender vs The Older Oster BPST02 Professional Series
The Oster BPCT02 Blender vs The Older Oster BPST02 Professional Series


There are a few advantages to the Oster BPCT02 blender you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping around. The most popular advantage for people who do a lot of mixing and blending is probably the fact that the 6-cup jar on the blender is dishwasher safe.

It is also resistant to scratches and thermal shock so you can expect to enjoy the glass jar for many years to come.

The filler cap is easily removable so that you can measure and pour things into the blender much more easily than with similar brands and models. Convenience like this is great when you’re working on your early morning “wake me up” concoction or smoothie.

Oster is known for creating quality blenders. Part of the reason they are able to make so many blenders that enjoy long shelf-lives is that they design them with all metal drives so they are more durable.


More than one review has mentioned that the prime disadvantage for this blender is the noise it generates. One great solution to this is to turn up the iPod and listen to some Buffett tunes while dreaming of tropical beaches, flip flops, and a little salt and lime to cover up the sound.

The other disadvantage is that it only has two speeds: high and low. On low you must press the button the entire time it is blending.


The Oster BPCT02 blender is not perfect by any means but it can be the perfect blender for your kitchen needs. In its price range it is definitely an excellent starter blender that should last you many years. Try it for yourself today and see how well it fits in with your lifestyle.

Consumer reviews

This blender is a fairly new model but has already received a very good percentage of five star ratings on Amazon, scoring 34 from a total of around 52 reviews, and averages 4 stars overall.

Where To Buy The Oster BPCT02 Blender:

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The Ninja 1100 Blender

Ninja 1100

Ninja 1100 Blender Update:

The Ninja 1100 Blender Kitchen Center has now been upgraded to a new more powerful model The Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

Ninja Kitchen System 1100

The Ninja 1100 Blender Kitchen Center is a powerful and inventive system that has a nice modern design.

The 1100 could be seen more as a food processor than a blender due to its five attachments, providing an original capacity to knead dough for pizzas, loaves of bread, pretzels and biscuits. The catch is that like the majority of dual blender/food processors it doesn’t quite cut it when compared with a full-sized mixer or food-processor.

So at around $160 it is slightly over priced as a blender (if you ignore the food processor elements) in its field. Having said that, this is a great blender for ice crushing and pureeing, and it does make it in to the best blenders (blender/food processor category).

What exactly is the different About The Ninja 1100?

Conventional blenders have a single blade in the bottom of the jug. This blends material in the bottom however does nothing to drag the thicker stuff from the top of the jug towards the base so it may be blended thoroughly.

To eliminate this issue the Ninja 1100 blender incorporates a cylindrical tube which goes from the base of the jug all the way up to the top of the lid. Along the length of this tube are six razor-sharp blades. This eradicates issues air pockets, allowing the blade to spin freely.

The blades are razor sharp, so be careful when handling them! This appliance can swiftly and efficiently transform ice in-to snow and grind nuts in to nut-butter. Produce home made dough, and batter for cookies, breads or puddings with the touching of a button!

Ninja Kitchen Center
Ninja Kitchen Center

For safety this machine won’t blend until the top is secured on the jug, so essentially it’s impossible to blend products with the top off. The lid also includes a fastener so when you clamp it stays secure. The center tube blade slides out, so that you can thoroughly clean within the jug without any accidents. A 2 foot cable along with stuff box found in the rear of the base.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The Ninja 1100 would blend raw fruit as well as veggies, however it could not extract juice, and thus it won’t replace a good juice extractor.

Consumer Reviews

To date this blender has received 54 five star ratings on Amazon. On the other hand, it also has 21 one star reviews, which for me is a little on the high side, ‘there’s no smoke without fire’, right? But overall it does average a respectable 3.5 stars from a total of around 118 reviews.

My Conclusion

Even though the Ninja functions quite nicely as a blender for slicing small amounts of veggies, you should not expect it to replace full functioning food-processor or mixer.

Additionally you should not assume that it will work as a juice extractor, or create quality ice creams, etc.. Though we can easily endorse the Ninja Kitchen Center as a blender/food processor combo, there are better ‘blender’ appliance alternatives in our Best Blenders Categories.

Surprised By Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500

Ninja Blender

ninja mega kitchen systemIt’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of the Ninja blenders. But the latest Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 has a more powerful 2hp motor, its a great ice crusher blender and combines many of your other kitchen utensils in one.

  • Best Performance Blender/Processor
  • Turns ice into snow in seconds.
  • Juices whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Makes 2lb dough in 30 seconds.
  • Superb even chopping every time.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review

It’s never factored amongst the best blenders here at… I’ve always felt like it was a ‘Jack of all trades and a master of none’… And quite frankly, up to now the Ninja blenders have performed like they are jack of all trades and masters of none.

Those annoying Ninja infomercials online have actually been physically painful to watch over the years, they all seem so ‘over the top’. I mean let’s be honest here, even the name ‘Ninja Blender’ is kind of annoying and those little Ninja characters actually wind me up!

So when the latest model, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System came along I couldn’t wait to get it home to do the full review…

“I’ll rip it apart and explain once again why it doesn’t match up to the Vitamix or the Blendtec, then all will be right in the world once more”!

Yes, in my heart of hearts I knew that it was never going to work like it does in the infomercial.

First Thoughts on the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 6 blade system
Ninja 6 blade system

So guess what? It’s time for me to blend a little humble pie… The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a very good appliance.

They beefed up the motor to a 2 Peak horsepower and it now spins the unique Ninja blade system at around 24,000 rpm (that’s almost as fast as the Vitamix blender).

This extra power really has made an enormous difference to the performance of this blender.

For those who are not yet familiar with the way a Ninja blender works here’s a quick rundown.

Most conventional blenders work with a single blade at the base of the jug that blends anything it comes into contact with, but does nothing to drag down the thicker unblended stuff from the top.

So unless you take off the lid and manually push it down it won’t be blended thoroughly.

To eliminate this problem the Ninja blender incorporates a cylindrical tube which runs from the bottom to the top of the jug. Along the length of this tube are six freely spun razor-sharp blades.

This stops air pockets, allowing the blade to spin freely. The blades are razor sharp, so be careful when handling them!

Ok, so now we know how it works let’s take a look at what you get in the box, what it does and how well it works.

Ninja BL770 Kitchen System, Black
  • 72 ounce total crushing pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies; 2 horsepower
  • Eight cup food processor bowl provides perfect, even chopping and makes up to 2 pounds of dough in 30 seconds
  • Two 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with to go lids are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient rich drinks to take on the go

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What You Get In The Box

The basic Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 series package contains:

  • 1 Extra Large BPA-Free 72 oz pitcher for blending and juicing.
  • 1 x BPA-Free 64 oz (8 cup) bowl, blade attachment for processing/dough mixing.
  • 2 x BPA-Free 16 oz single-serve blending cups, with integral blades and lids to go.
  • 6-blade assembly.
  • The Healthy Living Guide
  • 5 year guarantee.
Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500
Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500

Optional Upgrades for the Mega Kitchen System Include:

  • The Professional Prep Package, which includes several discs and slicers to be used in food processing (currently $59).
  • The smaller 3-cup bowl upgrade, which comes with an additional cookbook and 2 extra single serve cups (currently $79).
  • You can purchase these upgrades separately or together for around $119.

Key features:

  • Powerful 1500 watt, 2 horsepower motor.
  • Stainless steel six blade system in the pitcher, four blade system on processor.
  • 3 Speeds, single serve, pulse and ?
  • Jar material is BPA-Free SAN plastic.
  • Detachable non slip base.
  • Color black.
  • Dishwasher safe pitcher, bowl, cups and blade set.


Ninja say that the Mega Kitchen System blends and juices whole fruits and vegetables into wholesome tasty drinks giving you 100% of the nutritious pulp.

Yes, the blender does blend whole fruits and vegetables and produces tasty nutritious drinks. However… Juice lovers beware, it will not produce a smooth pulp or seed free juice unless you pour it through a sieve.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Pitcher
Ninja Mega Kitchen System Pitcher
Ninja Mega Kitchen System Single Serve Cup
Ninja Mega Kitchen System Single Serve Cup

Ninja says that it can turn ice into snow in seconds to produce frozen cocktails, slushie, smoothies, shakes, frappes and ice cream.

The ice to snow is actually pretty “cool” and it works quite well. My only complaint here would be that any smoothie made with hard fruit can be very pulpy and perhaps the ice cream isn’t that great, not as good as with the Blendtec or Vitamix (the latter could be that I’m not very good at it with this blender yet).

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blade Attachments
Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blade Attachments

Ninja say that the dough mixer can be used for both wet and dry ingredients and has the power to produce cookie, bread and pizza dough along with batters, deserts and many other baking needs.

I say yes it can, wow!

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Processor
Ninja Mega Kitchen System Processor

The processor did handle most items really well, at least as well as what you would expect from most decent food processors and would defiantly say it is a welcome add-on to a blender.

As a food processor this is better that other high performance blenders, you can purchase the usual extra blades to shred and slice uniformed size vegetables for salads etc…

Interesting Advantages

The price point is great! Considering all of the tasks the Ninja Mega Kitchen System can do, I have to say that I think the price is extremely good value.

It comes with a good family size pitcher and bowl, a real plus point.

The Single serve cups are especially handy for knocking up a quick health drink for one; they create less washing up and fit into the cup holder in my car nicely.

Boasting 1500 watts 2hp, this petty much speaks for its self!

The dough mixer and food processor really can’t be faulted, they handled everything I tried in them and did a great job.

Lots of extra time-saving attachments also available to purchase at reasonable prices (some of which I haven’t yet tested so I don’t like to comment on them).


The pitcher, the bowls and the single serve cups are plastic and don’t seem very durable. I’ve already managed to scratch them a couple of times when removing the blades, having said that the Ninja blades are extremely sharp.

I wasn’t over impressed with the Juicing performance, although still tasty and drinkable it was pretty grainy.

The Ninja blender is big and isn’t going to fit under most people’s kitchen counters and obviously because it comes with various attachments you’ll need to make room for them to.

Some of the smoothies I made with hard fruits and vegetables where a bit pulpy, once again they tasted good but let’s just say you couldn’t drink them though a straw!

Sorry still don’t care for the name ‘Ninja Blender’ 😉

Consumer reviews

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System has received an amazing 1200 five star ratings on Amazon from a total of 1700 reviews and has an overall has a rating of 4.5 stars

My Conclusion

No two ways about it, this is probably the best blender/food processor combo I’ve come across and I’m giving it the top spot in that category…

But sorry, as an out and out blender, it’s still not on the same level as the Blentec or Vitamix, it simply doesn’t blend as well, it’s good, but not quite as smooth.

It also doesn’t seem as durable.

If I strip away the Dough mixer and processor which I think I should, after all this is a ‘blender review’. Both the Blentec and the Vitamix do everything that this Ninja blender can do and they do it better, with smoother results.

Having said that Vitamix/Blendtec is probably an unfair comparison. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System has a lot to offer and is definitely better than the majority of household blenders at the same price.

If it was on the same level as the Blentec blender or the Vitamix blender you would probably be paying around $500 rather than the $170 price tag it comes with!

Not everyone can justify or even afford to spend the $500 on a high performance blender, and I for one will be very happy to have the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 in my home… This one’s a keeper!

Where To Buy The Ninja Mega Kitchen System:

Sale Ninja BL770 Kitchen System, Black

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Oster 12 Speed Blender – 6684

Oster is well-known for producing quality kitchen appliances that are financially accessible to the general public and this blender is no exception. The Oster 12 Speed blender 6684 is a quality all-purpose model, useful for most of the blending needs in your kitchen, including things like soups, milkshakes, frozen drinks and more.

Oster 12 Speed Blender
Oster 12 Speed Blender

With its shiny black blender finish and glass jar, this Oster speed blender will also sit on your counter and look great. It matches any kitchen decor and so will not only be something you want to have around now, but for many years in the future.

The Oster 12 speed blender features 12 controllable blender speeds so you can easily harness its 450 watt motor. It also has a pulse option, so you can easily chop your food precisely as you want it without worrying that it will become a pulpy mess.

In addition, the drive system on the Oster speed blender is entirely made out of metal, so you should not have problems with it breaking down like so many blenders do. The blade is made of stainless steel, with the hope that this little blender will be able to chop ice.

Beyond its power and construction, the Oster 6684 has cord storage, so your counters won’t be cluttered, and push-button controls that are easy to clean. The jar is made out of glass, and is entirely scratch-resistant and dishwasher save.


Oster 12 Speed Blender
Oster 12 Speed Blender

While the Oster speed blender does not come with the most powerful model among blenders of this class, it is a quite one, and that can be beneficial when you’re wanting to blend but not make a lot of noise. In addition, the 12 speeds that you can control should give you the blending power you need even with the smaller motor.

This blender has quality construction, even though the outside of the base is made of plastic. The glass jar and metal innards make it more solid than most of the blenders in its class, and therefore more likely to last and blend for years.


If it’s sheer blending power you’re looking for, this blender is probably not what you’re looking for. Though it has enough power for most kitchen tasks, it will not do very well with large quantities of ice, hard vegetables, or making things like nut butter.

While the 12 speeds of blending options are nice to have, they are a bit of overkill on this machine. There is not that much difference between some of the speeds, and so they seem more like a ruse to get you to purchase the blender than a feature that you’ll actually use.


The Oster 12 speed blender – 6684 is a solid little kitchen blender. While its higher capacities, like chopping ice, are more limited than the company might want you to believe, it will function well for most normal kitchen purposes.

Its brand name and the company’s history should go far toward making this a top choice among all-purpose kitchen blenders.

Oster 12 Speed Blenders Range

Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender

Price Range: $39 – $49

You’ll find a wide range of colors and features available in the Oster 12 speed blenders range. Having many available options means that there is sure to be a fit for almost any home.

Oster 12 speed blender
Oster 12 speed blender

The two great things about Oster 12 speed blenders is that there are so many options from which to choose and the price range is comfortable for most budgets.

When you combine that with excellent durable glass jar blenders that last far beyond the average life expectancy of most brands you have a solid investment on your hands and your kitchen counters.

The most popular glass jar 12 speed model is the Oster 6684 12 speed blender. But different Oster 12 speed blenders will have different features and options. Here are some of the highlights you might want to consider about some of the other more popular models.

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Oster 6811 Blender

The Oster 6811 Blender offers 450 watts of power along with an all-metal drive system for power and durability.

Oster 6811 Blender

The leak proof lid is a fan favorite for anyone who has ever grabbed a handful of stickiness when opening the lid after blending.

The wide mouth collar on this blender is also perfect for stability when serving from the glass jar.

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Oster 6889 Blender

The Oster 6889 Core 12-speed blender is another great choice that offers plenty of attractive features.

Oster 6811 Blender

The 5-cup glass jar that comes with this blender is dishwasher safe.

The most impressive features to most people is that it offers a food processor/chopper attachment that is perfect for mincing, chopping, and other light food processor functions.

Be warned that there are those who purchased this expecting a full feature food processor and were disappointed. But, for the price it is a great way to enjoy a fantastic and durable blender that pulls double duty as a food processor for minor functions.

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The Oster name may be the greatest advantage each of the Oster 12 speeds. No matter what model you’re getting you can buy with confidence that Oster is a brand that puts out quality products and stands behind the products they offer.

The other advantage that is consistent throughout the Oster family of blenders is the all metal drive system. This increases the life expectancy of the blender greatly and helps ensure that you’re getting the power you need to power the wattage of blender you purchased.


The main disadvantages come with blenders that are designed to multi-task in some manner. Oster is a great name to know when it comes to blenders. It would seem that they aren’t such a great name to know when it comes to food processors.

There are also some complaints that the motor on some models isn’t sufficient to properly mix the ingredients. It’s important to make sure you’re getting a motor sufficient for the functionality you expect from your blender. Not all blenders are suitable for emulsification and other advanced functions.


There are many Oster 12 speed blenders on the market. With so many options available you are sure to find one that is going to meet your needs.

Shop around and compare models before you zero in on the one you feel is best for you. For the price range that is available in blenders, the Oster brand is one that has a lot to offer consumers.

Oster 14 Speed Blender – 6608

The attractive Oster 14 speed blender 6608 is the newest kitchen upgrade offered by Oster. The brushed nickel finish of the base is specially designed to fit in beautifully with the rest of your appliances that feature a metallic finish.

Oster Blender 6608
Oster Blender 6608

This powerful blender can handle any blending job in the kitchen from smoothies to Frappucinos and sauces or salsas. The powerful 450 watt motor can handle virtually any job so that the Oster 6608 blender becomes a vital accessory in any kitchen.

The Oster 14 Speed Blender features a 5 cup glass jar which is scratch-resistant and is dishwasher safe so you can quickly and easily clean up after yourself.

The unit is designed for maximum durability with an all-metal drive system and a powerful 450 watt motor.

The motor also guarantees that this blender can handle the most difficult jobs, including crushing ice with the help of the special stainless steel “Ice Crusher” blade. The Oster 14 Speed Blender also features 14 different speeds so that you can blend to the perfect consistency each and every time.

The blender also features a beautiful design combining a base with a nickel finish and black accents to create a unit that you can proudly display on your counter. Additionally, the unit offers cord storage so that a cable doesn’t detract from the attractiveness of the unit when on display.

Oster 14 Speed Blender Advantages

Oster Blender 6608
Oster Blender 6608

Compared to more expensive units, consumers appreciate the all metal drive that the Oster offers versus a plastic housing which can crack easily. Additionally, the ribs the jar features ensures good blending of all the ingredients you load the blender with.

The range of speeds is also considered to be an advantage as well as the simple controls that reduce the risks of complicated electronics breaking down. Reviewers also consider the unit to be very sturdy and reliable. The sleek design was also appreciated.


Some customers were displeased with the fact that the base is in fact made of plastic and only spray painted silver. Additionally it seems the plastic is rather flimsy and one mistake will lead to a cracked base. The dial on the controls was also believed to be too flimsy. The black plastic collar on the base doesn’t seem to fit properly and is extremely difficult to deal with.

Another complaint reviewers had was that the jar was much too small at 40 ounces which is a little over 4 cups. It also appears that this Oster Blender stops functioning if it is loaded with ice and no one could find a reason since the tell-tale smell of a burnt motor was not present. In some cases the blender stopped working while blending relatively soft ingredients such as those used in making pesto.

Reviewers who had known Oster brand products for many years and associated the brand with reliability and quality were disappointed they could no longer trust the Oster name.


It seems that reviewers either loved the blender or completely hated it. The problems people had with the unit may not be necessarily due to a bad design but to bad manufacturing which would explain why some had such a good experience with the unit while others suffered horror stories.

However, considering the extremely low price of the blender it offers good value. It really appears that if you are lucky to buy one of the properly manufactured units this Oster 14 Speed Blender will offer excellent performance and reliability.

Take a look at the 14 speed Oster 6803 blender its a conventional blender with a number of standard features. If you want to make smoothies and cocktails without spending a fortune, this might be the blender for you.

The Oster 16 Speed Blender – 6812

The Oster 16 Speed Blender features extra durability due to its all-metal drive system and the strong, robust 450 watt motor. The latter makes pulverizing ice easy for excellent smooth frozen drinks especially with the high performance blade specially designed to handle tough ingredients like ice.

Oster 16 Speed Blender
Oster 16 Speed Blender

The 6812 Oster Blender also features a pleasant design with touch push button controls and a glass jar that make cleanup a breeze.

The Oster 16 Speed Blender offers a full range of powers so that you can make anything from smoothies to salsas, cream soups and much more. The 5 cup glass jar is the perfect size for quickly whipping up smoothies for two and is also scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The all-metal drive guarantees extended durability versus units that offer brittle plastic housing. The special stainless steel ice crushing blade means that the blade will maintain its razor sharp edge for a very long time.

The 450 watt motor offers the unit sufficient power to effectively blend the toughest ingredients and features 16 different speeds for excellent precision and control over the final product. The pleasant design is enhanced by the unit’s cord storage so that unsightly cables can be kept out of the way.


Oster 16 Speed Blender
Oster 16 Speed Blender

The Oster brand is considered to be synonymous with reliability and quality. Reviewers appreciate the blending abilities of the unit as it can easily crush or whip.

It’s pleasant and robust design as well as the control its 16 speeds provide are also advantages that are highly appreciated. The sturdiness of the glass jar removes the fear of cracking, as with some of the plastic jars available on the market.

This Oster 16 Speed Blender also presents the extended life associated with most Oster branded products. Another excellent advantage is the price point and thereby the value this unit offers.


It appears that this Oster Blender has a design flaw whereby the jar leaks from the bottom. One reviewer experienced this with two Oster blenders, after returning the first one to the store due to the malfunction.

Even though the reviewer expressed she would be keeping the blender due to its reliability, the issue is still quite annoying. It seems that no matter how tight the bottom is screwed on it still leaks, therefore it is not an assembly problem.

Another issue experienced by customers was that it did not perform as advertised nor did it last as long as expected. In fact, two reviewers found that the unit stopped functioning after a mere 20 usages, with one reviewer actually experiencing this twice first with the original purchase and then with the replacement unit.


It appears that the design of the Oster 16 Speed Blender is not all it’s cracked up to be and even though some customers will be keeping the blender due to the high expectations they have from Oster, they are less than thrilled that they have to do it by compromising. After all, a leaky jar is more than just a mere annoyance.

Although, one could state that you get what you pay for, these are obvious malfunctions and paperweights are much cheaper in the long run. If Oster cannot produce a properly functioning blender at the price point they are offering it at, then they should consider raising the price so that customers don’t end up abandoning the Oster brand for good.

The Oster 6803 Blender

The Oster 6803 blender is a conventional blender with a number of standard features. It is specifically made to crush ice, with it’s all-metal drive and 450-watt motor, which propels the blades fast enough that ice doesn’t stand a chance.

Oster 6803 Blender
Oster 6803 Blender

However, you have control over this power with a precise pulse feature, so you can get everything to the exact texture you desire.

The glass jar adds quality to this blender, as it won’t easily crack or break like plastic can. The blender is pleasant to look at, though it won’t stand out on your counter

The Oster 6803 features 14 speeds. This gives you precise control over its action, so you can make foods the right texture.

It also gives you lots of options, so you don’t have to use as much power if you’re doing a small blending task as you do when you’re performing a larger one.

It also has metal blades. This makes it harder to destroy the chopping mechanism, since metal is difficult to damage, so the blender is perfect for heavier duty tasks.

While it’s still a conventional blender, it has some of the capacities of a heavy duty one, too.

Finally, the Oster 6803 blender features a glass jar. Many conventional blenders have plastic jars, which break and crack easily. While glass can still be broken if dropped, it’s much less likely to be damaged during normal use.


Oster 6803 Blender
Oster 6803 Blender

If you need to chop ice but don’t want to buy a heavy duty blender, either because of space or price issues, the Oster 6803 blender is probably for you. Consumers report that it handles ice very well. It’s capable of chopping it to the point of pulverization, and making high quality smoothies and cocktails.

While you might not want to use this blender to make smoothies every day or cocktails for an entire party worth of drinkers, for everyday use it is a champ.

In addition, most of the blender’s construction seems to be top-notch. The glass jar, the metal blade, and the powerful motor are made to last, and consumers seem to indicate that this Oster 14 speed blender won’t let you down like some cheaper models might.

The Oster name is always an advantage. With years of making quality kitchen appliances under their belts, the people at Oster know what they’re doing, and how to make the consumer’s experience as good as it can possibly be.

They also excel at customer service, and so can help you out if you have any questions or problems. If you want a name you can trust, you can’t go wrong with Oster.


Some consumers have complained about the quality of the motor on the Oster 6803 blender. While it runs well and powerfully, there may be something wrong with the motor alignment, at least on some blenders, since multiple consumers have reported a problem with this.

In addition, the plastic case around the motor can be easily damaged. While most stores will take back an Oster 6803 blender in which the case cracks after only a few uses, this can be a hassle for the consumer and a frustration if it happens in the middle of a cooking project.


Some consumers might hope for better quality from the Oster name. However, given the price of this blender and the fact that it pulverizes ice consistently and well, the smaller problems that a few customers have had don’t necessarily speak to its overall quality.

If you want to make smoothies and cocktails without spending a fortune, this might be the blender for you.

Oster 6811 Blender – Core 12 Speed Blender

The Oster 6811 Blender is a 12-speed blender that is a good fit in many kitchens. Not only does this blender look great on counter tops but it also offers a great deal of durability and versatility.

Oster 6811 Blender
Oster 6811 Blender

This is one tool that can accomplish many tasks in the kitchen. This isn’t the blender for someone looking for a cheap addition to the kitchen for blending smoothies. This is the blender that is made for people who expect versatility and functionality from their blenders.

You can use the Oster 6811 Blender for a wide range of kitchen tasks. It makes outstanding smoothies. You can use it to chip ice at high and low speeds. It is even possible to grind coffee beans for a perfect morning cup of Joe.

One user on Amazon even used her blender to grind crackers for a meatball recipe. As you see there is a lot more than just smoothies in your future with this particular blender model.


There are a lot of features that come along with your Oster 6811 blender. A popular favorite among customers is the fact that the lid is leak-proof. There are few things worse than an gooey mess all over your hands as you remove the lid from your latest mixed concoction. The lid on this model eliminates that.

The glass jar is another feature that is popular with so many concerns over plastics. People also feel more confident using the glass jar for blending because it is thicker and feels sturdier and more stable.

The 450 watt motor coupled with the all-metal drive system ensures that you have a product that can handle the demands you place upon it. It can handle the heavy-duty ice crushing and will still be around in your kitchen for quite some time.

This is a product that can handle everyday use in an active kitchen unlike so many other blender brands on the market today that are designed for occasional use.

The final feature to discuss with the Oster 6811 blender is the 12 speeds it offers for a wide range of mixing and blending possibilities and options. With so many different blending and pulsing options available it will be difficult to find something you can’t find the perfect speed to mix with this blender.


Oster 6811 Blender
Oster 6811 Blender

The 6811 model does offer the all metal drive system that makes it not only suitable for the mixing jobs its called upon to perform but also extends the life cycle of the blender making it a decent investment for your kitchen.

Another popular advantage for this blender is the brushed nickel finish that looks goo in almost any kitchen. This makes the blender a great item to leave displayed on your counter top so you aren’t constantly pulling it into and out of the counter. The ability to display the blender makes it more convenient than less attractive models.


There is one disadvantage cited by a reviewer about this 12 speed blender that is worth noting.

The complaint was that it is aggravating because there is a trick involved where you must place ingredients in a certain way in order to get optimal results. One reviewer found the blender completely ineffective when doing this.


The Oster 6811 blender is a great fit for the average household. It’s a good value blender by the well known Oster brand.

There are plenty of attractive features that people pay extra for in other blenders and the durable construction makes it an excellent choice for people looking for a long-lasting blender that will perform a wide range of functions.

Oster 6889 Blender – 12 Speed

oster 6889 blender

The Oster 6889 blender is an excellent unit that offers a little more than just blending since it comes with an additional attachment that turns it into a powerful food processor.

However, you need to remember that the main function of this unit is as a blender and that’s where it truly shines.

Oster 6811 Blender
Oster 6811 Blender

So, if you are looking for an excellent unit that can blend almost anything, you don’t need to look any further than the Oster 6889 Core 12 Speed blender.

The Oster 6889 Core 12 Speed blender comes with a powerful 700 watt motor, giving it the ability to blend even the toughest ingredients.

Whether you want to make milkshakes, cream soups, baby food, smoothies, dressings or frozen cocktails and slushies, there’s nothing this unit can’t handle.


It also comes with stainless steel blades that can chop through ice with no problem at all. The jar has a 40 oz capacity and is also shock-resistant, so you needn’t worry about it cracking if you drop it, even though it’s made of plastic.

The jar also has an opening on top, making it easy to add more liquids, without having to stop the unit.

Cleaning the Oster blender is a breeze because everything, except for the motor base, is completely dishwasher safe. The all metal drive system it comes with also ensures that this is a blender that will last, no matter how much work it has to do.

The unit also ships with an additional attachment that converts the unit into the ideal food processor, making simple tasks like chopping and mincing everything from onions to garlic and vegetables a breeze.

The Oster 6889 Core 12 Speed blender also features a sleek design, making it a unit that most people will be happy to display on their counter tops, rather than hide away in a cupboard.


Oster 6811 Blender
Oster 6811 Blender

Consumers who purchased the Oster 6889 Core 12 Speed blender were highly pleased with this unit’s ability to blend virtually any ingredient and make amazing mixed drinks.

It has been used successfully to make everything from salsa to smashing ice up, with no small pieces left over, and


Many reviewers were displeased with the food processor attachment, since it didn’t feature slicing or grating disks. However, the latter are available for purchase separately and the main focus of this unit is as a blender, with the food processing attachment being just a pleasant bonus.

If one wants a powerful food processor, there are many other units that are much better for this job, even though the price point is a fair bit higher.

One reviewer had a problem with the unit leaking from the bottom after only 3 months of usage. Considering that this was a single complaint, though, it is more likely a problem with the unit not being cared for properly than with the Oster 6889 Core 12 Speed blender itself.


As is to be expected, not everyone was pleased with their Oster 6889 blender. However, in most cases the discontent was not due to the blender itself but due to misguided expectations. After all, this Oster blender is a blender and is not designed to be a multi-functional food processor.

Overall, though, most consumers were exceptionally happy with the performance of their Oster 6889 Core 12 Speed blender and claimed that it delivered on every promise.

The Vortex Manual Blender – Benefits and Features

Vortex Blender

The manual blender takes an old concept and integrates it into a modern unit as this is a blender that relies on human power, rather than electricity.

Manual Vortex Blender
Vortex Manual Hand Crank Blender

If you are in the market for a hand crank blender there’s only one decent choice available in my book and that’s the GSI Vortex blender.

I actually bought one of these for my brother last year as he likes to do a little prepping. I thought the manual Vortex might come in handy one day. I mean let’s face it; if things hit the fan the first thing you’re going to reach for is a frozen margarita right? Anyway he loves it and has since purchased another one for a friend.

  • WEIGHT – 4 lbs. 12 oz
  • DIMENSIONS 9 inch when stored 16 inch assembled
  • MATERIAL polycarbonate and stainless steel
  • Pitcher size 1.5 Litres (64oz)
  • Includes pour through locking lid, Shot Cap, hand crank and mediocre clamp
  • Power, two crank options
  • Making light work of crushing ice or works as a food processor.

Here’s How This Manual Blender Works

The Vortex blender uses a powerful two speed gear mechanism with a hand crank. The two separate crank options are; hard heavy duty ingredients and easy light blending.

Yes, you are going to have to supply the muscle with this blender but don’t worry you don’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger 😉

You’ll love the way the blender base fits perfectly into its polycarbonate pitcher for easy compacted storage. This virtually indestructible 48oz pitcher is made from Lexan resin, with a pour through lid that even includes a shot cup, because human power needs to be fueled some way after all!

Vortex Blender
Vortex Blender

The stainless steel blade is designed to create a vortex to efficiently pull in any ingredients that need to be processed. A wide, durable stainless steel base is fitted with a C clamp to provide excellent stability. The clamp simply allows you to fix the manual blender firmly to a stable surface or table top.

This really is a convenient take anywhere blender, whether you are camping, traveling, prepping, partying or off on a picnic you can still blend all your favorite drinks and foods without worrying about batteries and power outlets.

This sturdy manual blender can blend, grind and pulp just about anything including iced drinks, smoothies and shakes, coffee beans (a definite yes when camping ) oats, grains, nuts, soups, stews and baby food. In fact I’ve an email from a happy mum who is still able to blend fresh baby food whilst on trips or camping.

Here’s a video of Noreen form katzcradul using her new hand crank blender. She puts rock solid frozen fruit in it and has a little trouble getting it going. But once she gets it turning the blender does a very good job.

GSI Outdoors - Vortex Blender, 50 Ounce
  • NO ELECTRICITY, NO PROBLEM: The Vortex Blender is perfect for blending up tasty margaritas, healthy smoothies, protein shakes, sauces, pancake batter and more without the need for an outlet. The blender’s hand crank activates a powerful 2-speed gear system to crush ice or blend drinks!
  • DURABLE DESIGN: This 1.5-liter pitcher and lid is made from virtually unbreakable, easy-to-clean Lexan resin, perfect for even your most adventurous outings.
  • AVOID THE MESS: Prevent accidents and spills with the blender’s exclusive pour-through locking lid and its C-clamp that secures its wide base to any table.

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The Only Disadvantage

The biggest disadvantage is that you need a stable surface to clamp the blender on to and then it can take a bit of time to get use to how it works. But don’t let that put you off too much, you soon get the hang of using it.

Consumer Reviews

Its early days for the GSI Vortex blender, so far it has received just three reviews, but all of them are five stars!


The GSI Vortex blender is an ultimate any time any place anywhere blender that can give you so much fun whether you feel like knocking up a frozen smoothie in the garden, or blending a Pina Colada on the boat.

The power and results are very much in your own hands and quoting my brothers words; “This is an extremely sturdy manual blender that has no complicated parts to fail on you”.

This hand crank blender provides a unique solution for those who enjoy traveling and is a good reminder of how much we rely on electricity when there are many other options open to us.

Apart from that, there are many other advantages to consider over an electrical blender including the all important Green issues. We also seem to have a growing amount of extreme weather conditions that are causing power cuts and bills are continuing to climb.

So next time you are considering a blender how about a no fuss manual blender.

Where To Buy The GSI Vortex Blender:

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The Montel Williams Blender

The Montel Williams Blender, originally known as the Health Master blender, is promoted as a blender that will do everything… Does it?

Montel Williams Blender

Instead of just blending, this blender is supposed to juice, grind, grate, whip and 26 more things that normal blenders do not do.

With all of these features, the Montel blender is designed to be your main kitchen tool. It should do so many things with ease that you can get rid of many of the other small appliances that clutter your shelves and counters.

This blender promises to make your life easier by helping you simplify things in your kitchen. Because it does so much, cooking should be easier and you should spend more time eating healthy food with your family.

However, before we get into the review I’m going to tell you right up front that the HealthMaster blender doesn’t make it into our selection of the best blenders available.

For the price it sells at it should have made it in easily… But at the time of review it just didn’t cut it… it wasn’t even close!


Features and Advantages

Montel with his blender
Montel with his blender

The Montel Williams Blender features a wet-dry stainless steel blade that will allow you to blend anything without worrying about mold or mildew. In addition, its 70 ounce pitcher is big enough to blend whole batches of soup at once, or smoothies for a large group.

The pitcher is also made of a polycarbonate blend, so it is dishwasher safe and difficult to damage, scratch, and destroy.

In addition, the Montel blender has 8 speeds, allowing you the ultimate in control over its blending power. It also has built-in safety feature that will stop the blender when it is in danger of overheating and allow you to restart it once the motor has cooled off.

With a motor of nearly 2 horsepower, this blender has more power than almost all of the consumer-grade machines on the market, giving it the power to take on the toughest kitchen tasks.

Health Master Blender
Health Master Blender

The power of the Montel Williams blender is its main advantage. Not only can it crush ice and chop raw vegetables, but it can make nut butters and shred meat, which are two tasks beyond the reach of most blenders.

The versatility of this machine also gives it an advantage over other kitchen blenders, as it does so many different tasks, all in one small appliance. Instead of being just another appliance that you have to find space for, this blender makes it so you have more space for other things.

Montel Williams 1200 Watt 8-Speed HealthMaster Elite Blender & Emulsifier, White
  • Montel Williams 1200 Watt 8-Speed HealthMaster Elite Blender & Emulsifier, White

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While the Montel Williams Blender is powerful, it is not as powerful as some other blenders that make similar claims. Though it is also somewhat cheaper, it may not be worth paying less for a blender that does not do everything it is supposed to do.

While this blender is supposed to completely emulsify everything you put into it, this may not be the case every time. Leafy greens seem to be the major hitch when it comes to this blender. Many people say that it beats other blenders in the same price range when it comes to green smoothies and emulsifying fibers, but sometimes small pieces are still left in the smoothie at the end.

Some users report problems with some of the more heavy-duty features of the Montel blender, like its ability to help you make nut butter. These users report that the blender gets close to overheating, turns off, and will not start for 15-20 minutes, and that it does this several times during the course of one batch.

One of the major concerns that a lot of people have is the mechanical problems this blender can have on occasion. A common complaint is that the blades and other parts in the base will begin to rust. Considering that it is advertised as being all stainless steel, this is very concerning. Also, many people say that the pitcher begins to leak after a short period of time. Overall the Health Master Blender only seems to last about 6 months to a year before breaking.

Another major problem is that many people who have tried to get parts replaced or a refund have met with some difficulties, despite the warranty that the blender is supposed to have.

Needless to say, this could make some heavy-duty blending tasks even more difficult than usual, not easier.


While many people compare this blender to the Vitamix Blender, the facts seem to be that there are some serious problems with certain parts of it.

The Montel blender does have some potential, but it is probably worthwhile to spend a little more to get a more heavy-duty model if you’re going to do a lot of blending with thick substances.

As mentioned earlier, it does not make it into our selection of the best blenders available, but on the other hand, if you want to blend soups and make the occasional smoothie, this blender will more than get the job done, but you could argue that it’s a bit expensive for that!

Where to Buy A Montel Williams Blender

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Hamilton Beach WaveStation Blender Review

hamilton beach wavestation blender

When people see cheap blenders they tend to think of cheap parts and held together with string but that is not the case with the Hamilton Beach WaveStation Blender

Hamilton Beach WaveStation Express
Hamilton Beach WaveStation Express

It seems Hamilton Beach have managed to make a small and compact quality cheap blender that will blend, chop and puree the sort of ingredients that are important in many peoples lives these days.

Combining a strong motor, Ice Sabre blades and a nice stylish body which will look great in any type of kitchen, this blender could well give the more expensive blenders a run for their money.

For a blender that cost so little Hamilton have crammed lots of nice features into this blender making it a nice all round blender and one that will look great in any kitchen.

A 500 watt motor with 4 speeds plus a pulse setting mean no more lumps in the finished product.

Ice sabre stainless steel blades with the wave action system which pulls the ingredients down onto the blades make sure everything is mixed correctly.

This model also features a 48 ounce DuraBlend jar which is large enough to make batches rather than single drinks, soups and shakes.

A useful dispensing valve means there is no more need to remove the jug and pour out the finished drink. This can easily be removed and replaced with a cap when blending.

Advantages Of The Hamilton Beach WaveStation Blender

Hamilton Beach WaveStation Express
Hamilton Beach WaveStation Express

The Hamilton Beach WaveStation Blender Express rids one of spills and drips thanks to the drip free spout.

The blender is easy to clean with some parts dishwasher safe. It can deal with frozen fruit and ice cubes creating the most amazing shakes, fruit smoothies and those protein drinks time and again along with soups and salsas.

The low price-tag probably makes this one of the cheapest blenders on the market at the moment.


The Hamilton Beach WaveStation Express might have a powerful motor but some of the reviewers around have complained that the motor is inadequate.

Blades are also in for criticism with some seizing after a while.

Another disadvantage seems to be the jar which can leak sometimes and not sit right at times on the blender.


The Hamilton Beach WaveStation blender seems to have been made using quality parts and features you would expect to see in a more up market blender, but Hamilton have managed to keep the price low, very low.

There are different models and colors in the WaveStation Express line of blenders which should make it enticing for anyone who wants a blender to make those delicious soups, purees and of course fruit smoothies and other refreshing drinks.

The Kalorik Blender Review

kalorik blender

There are many different models available today if you are looking for a high speed blender. But Kalorik is fairly unknown, as a company it’s been building quality products since the 1930’s in Belgium and since then have expanded across Europe.

Kalorik blender
Kalorik blender

They have a reputation for great workmanship and design build along with some excellent blender designs and there should be a blender for any type of person and kitchen.

One thing that stands out with these blenders is the size of the glass jar. It seems the average size is 48 ounces with some blenders having a 50 or even 60 ounce jar supplied. Only the Tangerine and Lime blenders have small glass jars which are 34 ounces, still plenty enough for those smoothies on a hot summers day.

Serrated stainless steel blades give them the advantage over other blender blades and can easily crush, grind, chop and blend your ingredients into the consistency you require.

Kalorik blenders come in all sorts of great designs from sleek to the chic and would look great in a kitchen that appreciates quality and workmanship.

Motors ranging in size from 300 watt to a massive 500 watt are big enough to do all those daily tasks like making smoothies, soups, purees and even salsa and margaritas.


Kalorik blender
Kalorik blender

Has the ability to crush ice and other frozen products like fruit perfectly every time leaving you with the perfect smoothie, soup or puree. That’s all down to the 6 stainless steel blades incorporated into the these blenders

The simple 2 speed setting and a pulse button are all you need to whip up those favorite drinks and soups. Some blenders have that many buttons you never know what they are all for but not with these blenders.

Most Kalorik models come with a large glass jar which has a drip free spout and combined with a tight fitting cover you are sure of no more spills. There is a removable cap too so you can add ingredients as you go along and make that perfect drink or other luscious foods.

Stylish and sleek designs mean any type of Kalorik blender will complement any style of kitchen. The units are small enough to fit under cabinets too so you can safely store them out of the way when you are not using them.


One of the disadvantages the blenders have is the noise. They can be loud during use.

Problems with the blade mechanism on some of the Kalorik range mean they either rust or collect dirt underneath which can be a little difficult to get under to clean.


There are quite a few blenders to choose from within the Kalorik range and there’s bound to be one for everyone. With over 80 years of producing blenders, Kalorik produce good quality blenders which have stood the test of time and are built to last.

And with excellent styles and designs they won’t look out of place no matter what kitchen you have.

The KitchenAid 4 Speed Blender

The KitchenAid 4 Speed Blender is perfectly sized to sit on the countertop. Featuring Intelli-Speed controls the KSB465WH offers 4 speed settings in addition to a pulse mode and is able to chop ice at any of the four speeds.

Kitchenaid 4 speed blenders

The scratch and shatter resistant jar has a capacity of 48 ounces and the body is made of metal. The blender comes in several colors and the blending components are dishwasher safe.

The KitchenAid KSB465WH Blender occupies little counter top space, has a base that is made of sturdy die-cast metal and has a control pad that wipes clean easily. The blending jar is heat resistant allowing for easy mixing of both hot and cold items.

The Kitchen Aid 4 Speed Blender features Intelli-Speed controls. What this means is that it adjusts speeds on its own in order to compensation for thicker mixtures and concoctions.

The jar is constructed with a thick polycarbonate material that resists scratches, stains, and shattering. This unique construction is also heat resistant so you can blend hot or cold items. The pitcher can accommodate up to 48 ounces (6 cups).

The blender base is constructed of heavy die-cast metal for added stability and comes in red, white, and black. The blades on the KitchenAid 4 Speed Blender are patented stainless steel and can stir, mix, liquefy, blend, puree, and chop vegetables.

Kitchenaid 4 speed blender KSB465BW Polycarbonate Unbreakable Jar Blue Willow
  • Countertop blender with 4 speed settings, plus chop-ice and pulse modes
  • Intelli-Speed electronic sensor adjusts the power to maintain a consistent speed
  • Solid die-cast metal base with steel-reinforced coupler and 1-piece stainless-steel blade

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Kitchenaid 4 speed blender black
Kitchenaid 4 speed blender black

The KitchenAid brand is a name that is trusted when it comes to small kitchen appliances like mixers and blenders. The Kitchen Aid 4 Speed Blender lives up to all expectations. There is no denying the capacity of this blender to blend, liquefy, puree, and even crush ice at various speeds. In fact, the ice crushing capacity of this blender is a popular favorite according to customer reviews.

It fits easily on the counter top, leaving room for other appliances people prefer to have within easy access and is easy to clean with many parts being dishwasher safe.

The jar is made of sturdy material and isn’t easily scratched, shattered, or broken. The KSB465WH has a rather large capacity for a blender (it holds 48 ounces).

The price for this blender is what sets it apart. You aren’t paying for a ton of features the average household will never need or use but you’re paying enough that you can feel comfortable you are getting a good quality product for the money.

Customer service in the event of rare problems has been credited as a real asset for those who have purchased the KitchenAid 4 Speed Blender. Most people appreciate good customer service and since no product is perfect it’s good to know that your problems will be properly addressed when they do arise.


According to customer reviews, one of the biggest problems is that the blender makes a loud grinding noise because of the powerful motor and vibrates when being used.

The motor is powerful and it seems that has caused a few problems including liquid splashing through the top of the jar.

There have also been a few complaints of the jar leaking though it has been mentioned that when customer service was called a replacement jar was offered.


With the KitchenAid brand behind it, it’s no wonder that the KitchenAid 4 Speed Blender is popular with most of the people who try it.

There are a few flaws that have been addressed quickly and courteously by the manufacturer but overall people agree that you get what you pay for when you buy this model and that’s a good thing.

Now check out the KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender Review

Where To Buy A KitchenAid KSB465WH 4-Speed Blender

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The KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender

kitchenaid 5 speed blender

kitchenaid 5 speed blender

The KitchenAid 5 Speed blender is rated as one of the best kitchen blenders under $150. However, you need to understand which model to select, some models of Kitchenaid blender are better than others and one of them should definitely be avoided, more on that below…

Priced at just under $100, this blender is widely recognized for possessing a great deal of power and functionality. Its versatility comes mainly from the built in Intelli Electronic speed sensor which controls and modifies settings. This helps to maintain a good and even speed, matching the thickness of the ingredients you are blending.

Something that many users of the Kitchenaid 5 speed blender like to point out, myself included, is that this unit is incredibly reliable and can make pretty much every blender recipe that you require.

It can certainly create wonderful dips, salsa and other sauces. It can mix frozen beverages and is great for blending up a nice pot of soup. In fact it possesses all the power that an average kitchen would need from a blender.

Key Features:

  • 0.9 hp and Intelli-Speed control
  • 5 speeds on the Clean Touch Control Panel – plus Ice Crush and Pulse buttons
  • Metal base
  • Commercial grade Polycarbonate jar
  • Weight; Classic is 12 LB – Metallic is 13 LB
  • Dimensions; 15 inches x 9 inches x 8 inches
  • 1 year guarantee
KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed Blender with 56-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher - Silver
  • The Intelli-Speed Motor Control senses contents and maintains optimal speed to power through all ingredients
  • Stir, chop, mix, puree or liquefy. Pulse mode works with all speeds for staggered blending, while the crush ice feature pulses at precise intervals for optimal ice crushing results
  • The Soft Start Feature starts the motor at a slower speed to pull food into the blade then quickly increases to the selected speed setting

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So, What Are These 5 Speed Settings and How Well Do They Work?

Working with this appliance is generally quite simple, with the clearly named control buttons you’ll find adequate functions that help you perform each blending task… But not so many options that the whole blending process becomes perplexing.

KitchenAid 5 Speed blender base
KitchenAid 5 Speed blender base
  • Stir –This is the slowest speed setting and its job is to stir rather than blend. We found that although it did stir, when you first switch it on it produces an initial blast that can send the food flying up as far as the lid before settling into its steady, stirring rhythm.
  • Mix – This was excellent at mixing batters and salad dressings.
  • Chop – This is particularly good used with the pulse button to create crumb and crunch type toppings along with cold salads and meats to make sandwich fillings. More than happy with the results here!
  • Puree – Good for soups and baby foods, although you will need to make up a few portions here as this is a large pitcher.
  • Liquefy – Usually the most used button and is best for all your frozen drinks, shakes and deserts. Liquefy on its own is comparable to most mid range home blenders, but when you add in the pulse mode (although fairly noisy) it does do a very good job and is potentially punching above its price tag here.
  • Crush Ice – The ice is crushed using a staggered pulse rhythm, it was a bit on the noisy side but apart from that we had no problem with this and we are happy with its result.
  • Pulse Mode – To be used as an extra boost of power to all of the above speeds.

Which Model Should I Choose? – Designs and Colors

Update: There’s really only one model to choose from now, the KitchenAid KSB1570 comes in several colors and is averaging 4 stars overall from more than 700 reviews.

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Choosing which KitchenAid 5 Speed blender is a little taxing as there are 3 available designs and lots of neat colors to choose from. Several visitors to this page have asked me to explain what the difference is between the Classic Series (KSB560), the Custom Metallic Series (KHB580) and the Artisan Series (KSB565).

kitchenaid blenders

I’ll try to make it as clear as possible.

All 3 of these KitchenAid 5 Speed blenders have the same speed, power, buttons and functions. And although their shape varies slightly, the only real difference is the paint finish, the jug size and whether its glass or polycarbonate.

Most importantly the Artisan blender series doesn’t perform as well as the Classic or the Metallic Series and isn’t worthy of being featured on the best blender page here at

Classic KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender – KSB560

Comes with a BPA-Free shatterproof polycarbonate 56 oz pitcher and is available in a whopping 12 colors! Look out for the pale pink ‘Cook for Cure’ in this model.

Custom Metallic Series KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender – KSB580

Exact same spec blender as the Classic above. The only difference is that you pay a little extra for the metallic finish in either Brushed Nickle or Chrome.

Artisan Series KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender – KSB565

Here’s where the 5 speed blender becomes very different.

With this model you get the same spec blender as the Classic above with many color choices. But in place of the 56 oz polycarbonate pitcher is a 48-Oz glass pitcher.

I cannot recommend the Kitchenaid Artisan blender and I am excluding it from what is a fairly positive review. It is definitely not on my recommend list and seems to be fraught with leaking and coupling issues.

As the Artisan is the only model that comes with a glass pitcher, it’s fairly identifiable and I would strongly recommend you give this one a miss.

What Are The Advantages?

The motor unit with this blender features 0.9 horse power, so it pretty much handled everything that we placed in it. But you don’t need to just take our word for it as the 5 speed Kitchenaid blender has been around for a few years now and there’s no shortage of consumers who’ve described how it effortlessly shaved ice and mashed peanut butter, along with many other difficult or gluey food stuffs.

The quality of this blender is demonstrated when you learn how it’s constructed from metal parts and not plastic, and how the electric motor shifts whenever it is straining.

If you like to mix a great deal of foodstuff or fluids at one time, the larger jug supplied with this blender is going to be a terrific benefit. It will hold fifty six ounces and is manufactured from a resilient polycarbonate material. In addition to this, it comes with a smooth grip handle to help with lifting and holding.

The KitchenAid 5 Speed blender is also manufactured in numerous colors, which makes it simple to find the best one to complement any cooking area. Black and Red Kitchenaid 5 speed blenders would be the most in-demand right now.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

A typical criticism of this blender is that it’s quite heavy. At almost twelve pounds it’s true that it can be seen as a little on the heavy side. So, whilst its solid build is a benefit for most people, the extra weight is a concern for some individuals.

Even though it is quite sturdy, depending on the quantity and texture of the food in the jar it can vibrate quite wildly on the kitchen surface.

Among probably the most frequent technical issue users have found with this blender is that the base of the jug starts leaking a little.

Thankfully, KitchenAid have now redesigned their jar and are actually offering to replace any leaky ones for free! That’s an example of the fantastic customer service we come to expect from such a big brand.

Update: It appears that Kitchenaid are not replacing the older leaking jars anymore, this was the case at time of writing but I’m guessing things have moved on now. This is one of the best mid priced blenders on the matket but all jars will wear out over time and after a certain age Kitchenaid cannot be responsible for replacements. So unless your warranty is current they will not replace it.

Consumer Reviews

The KitchenAid 5 Speed blender is highly recommended by consumers. They like its long lifespan and ability to make just about any chopped or blended recipe.

Over the years it has stood the test of time and has received thousands of five star ratings on Amazon. This blender dwarfs all other blenders in its class, the KitchenAid KSB1570SL is averaging 4 stars overall from more than 700 reviews.

My Conclusion

I see this quality blender as the best value for money under $100. It’s highly recommended by a lot of consumers that are providing rave reviews.

It comes in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to find the right one to match any kitchen.

And the construction is incredibly durable, which means you won’t need to be replacing your blender any time soon.

Best Selling KitchenAid 5-Speed Blenders:

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The KitchenAid Bar Blender

If you’re considering buying a new blender, there are two versions of the KitchenAid Bar Blender to choose from. One is the KitchenAid “Chef’s” Bar Blender, which is for anyone who wants a good blender for regular personal use. The other is the KitchenAid “Professional’s” Bar Blender, which is made for more professional settings and serious home cooks.

Kitchenaid Bar Blender
KitchenAid Matte Grey Chef’s Bar Blender

These blenders were both made to be powerful and last a long time. The KitchenAid brand is well known for having kitchen appliances that surpass similar models. The base and motor of these blenders is all made of metal in order to be strong and last as long as possible.

Both types of blenders have the capability to crush, blend and mix just about anything. Their superior ability to crush ice is one of the most common points consumers make about them.

The blending containers on both the Chef’s and Professional’s KitchenAid Bar Blender can hold up to 48 ounces of liquid. While they aren’t oversized, they are capable of holding ample quantity to get the job done.

Kitchenaid Pro Bar Blender
KitchenAid Commercial Bar Blender KCB148


The stainless steel pitcher on the Professional Kitchen Aid Bar Blender is considered by many to be a better option than plastic or glass. Glass is considered to be a hazard because it is heavy, and if it slips from someone’s hand it could shatter.

Plastic is a concern for some people because the smell or taste of foods can leach into the plastic, then back into other foods. Stainless steel is more resilient and more durable than glass, but just as sanitary so many people like this option.

The jars on both versions of the Bar Blender are made to be easy to clean as well and many people compliment this attribute.

Another popular feature of both versions of the KitchenAid Bar Blender is that they have very few controls. While some people may wonder why this is a good thing, it makes using the blender much simpler. With the Professional model there is just a switch that goes from the off position to either “pulse” or “on.” The Chef’s model offers some extra speed settings, but the functions are basically the same.


While the stainless steel pitcher is well-loved by some people, others may find it annoying. You can’t see the contents while you’re blending, and this means that until you learn more about the blender, you may end up with the wrong consistency to your recipe. If this is an issue, the Chef’s version of the Kitchen Aid Bar Blender comes with a clear polycarbonate jar.

The lack of speed-setting buttons can also be seen as a disadvantage by some. They feel it gives them less control over the blending process.

Something else people have noted is the weight of the blenders. For their size, they are quite heavy. This is a trademark of KitchenAid blenders in general. Since they are made of all metal, they are very heavy. Some folks have said that this makes them use it less often just because they don’t want to pull it out just to put it away a few minutes later.


Consumers really seem to like the KitchenAid Bar Blender. Poor reviews of either are rare, and some of the poor reviews even point out the great customer service and warranty offered on the motor and appliance. If you are in the market for a new blender, odds are that you won’t be disappointed with a KitchenAid.

The Krups Blender

Krups are known the world over for their coffee and espresso machines and now it seems they will be known for the Krups blender too. Krups blenders come in a variety of different models, including the counter top and stick blenders.

Krups KB720 Blender
Krups KB720 1,000-Watt Blender

Similar to many modern blenders Krups are feature rich with digital displays, progressive speed control and heat resistant jugs to name a few of them. If you’re a technology geek then these blenders could be another gadget to play with as you make those protein drinks and meals quickly and easily.

All blenders from Krups are rich with technological advancements including a digital screen and progressive speed control which the GPA3 stick blender has to the 1.75 liter borosilicate glass jug, which is extremely heat resistant, found on the KB720744 countertop blender.

Krups KB720 Blender
Krups KB720 1,000-Watt Blender

Krups GPA3 stick blender
Krups GPA3 stick blender

Other features include powerful motors including a whopping 1100 watt motor on the KB720744. Silence power technology means the motors are very quiet when in motion so no more ear defenders needed.

Krups Blender Advantages

A range of speeds are available including the 5 speed with pulse function seen on some of the blenders available.

Detachable stainless steel blades make short work of ingredients including those tough ones like frozen fruit, ice cubes and nuts. All non electrical parts are dishwasher safe to making cleaning easier than ever.

A choice of colors gives the consumer more choice when choosing a Krups machine for the kitchen.


A high price tag on some models can deter consumers from purchasing one of these models. The glass jug is also heavy and might cause problems for some people. A loose base on some blenders may lead to spills.


Krups are known the world over for their coffee and espresso machines and now it seems they will be known for blenders too.

Packed full of power and speed settings as seen on the KB720744 they will see to it that any blending, mixing, grinding and crushing tasks are taken care of easily and quickly giving one perfect consistencies time after time.

The sleek designs and choice of different colors make for better choice when one wants to do away with the traditional white or silver.

Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower Blender – 12 Speed

A powerful unit that delivers excellent performance at a decent price. The Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower blender features a unique system that forces the ingredients down to ensure the silkiest results possible.

Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower Blender
Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower Blender

Many blenders have a common problem, namely that some of the ingredients get stuck at the top and you have to either shake the unit or stop it and push everything down, towards the blades, to ensure you get a smoothie rather than a “chunky”.

However, the Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower blender features a unique system that forces the ingredients down to ensure the silkiest results possible.

The Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower blender features a unique system that forces all ingredients towards the blades, to ensure that everything is properly blended for lovely, smooth drinks. This revolutionary system is known as the Wave-Action system.

With this blender, you can be certain you won’t have any nasty, chunky surprises that might choke you when all you are expecting is a smooth drink, something that is not uncommon with many other units.

It also comes with a 56 ounce jar, making it perfect for a large family or simply to blend drinks when you are having a lot of friends over. You can make everything in one go and not have to keep going back to the unit every time someone else wants a drink.

The Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower blender also comes with 12 speeds, satisfying everyone’s inner “control freak.” With so many speeds, getting the perfect consistency is a breeze. Add to that the fact that it has a 500 watt motor and there is little that this blender can’t handle. Soft bananas, hard, frozen strawberries or even harder ice?

There’s nothing that this blender won’t be able to deal with, thanks to the amazing stainless steel Ice Sabre blades.

You’ll also be happy to hear that you won’t have to worry about doing the balancing act with the jar, as is the case with many other units, since the Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower comes with a jar that has a unique Sure Rest base, ensuring stability on any countertop.


Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower Blender
Hamilton Beach 52182

Consumers who purchased this blender have been extremely pleased with its performance, stating that there isn’t much the unit can’t handle. The fact that it has a higher capacity than most standard blenders also works in its favor as one can blend large batches of soups, drinks or sauces at one time, making life much easier.

One consumer stated that they purchased the Hamilton Beach Wavepower blender after seeing it in action at a friend’s home. While the reviewer in question hadn’t yet used it to blend ice, it was the fact that it was able to cut ice into shreds like a hot knife through butter that convinced them this was the perfect unit for their needs.


While there weren’t many complaints, there were some, which appeared to be mainly one-off problems with a defective unit. For example, one consumer had an issue with the acrylic jar cracking only three months after purchase while attempting to make a smoothie.

Since only one person complained of this issue, it is unlikely to be a problem that affects the entire line but more an issue of mishandling, either during use or transport, since a microscopic crack can turn into a large one after a few months of regular usage.

Another consumer complained that the unit was unable to blend broccoli to make cream soup. Again, this is a unique incident and might have something to do with the wrong speed being used rather than a defect with the product, considering that so many other reviewers were able to easily crush ice and other, harder ingredients.


Overall, most consumers were extremely pleased with their purchase and many stated that they would buy the same unit again, if they needed a new blender.

The Hamilton Beach 52182 Wavepower blender is a powerful unit and delivers excellent performance at a decent price, making it ideal for any family kitchen.

Hamilton Beach 52655 Blender – 12 Speed BlenderChef

The Hamilton Beach 52655 12-Speed BlenderChef has a great deal to offer those who are willing to give it a try. In addition to its duties as a blender, this nifty kitchen appliance also has a secret identity as a food processor.

Hamilton Beach 52655 Speed Blender
Hamilton Beach 52655 Speed Blender

You can chop onions or mix a mean smoothie without taking up one ounce of additional counter top space!

This is good news for those who are struggling to live with small cramped kitchens. It’s also a bonus for anyone on a budget who feels as though a choice must be made. For the average price of a good quality blender you can have a blender that does the work of both.

The news just keeps getting better though. Hamilton Beach is a well known brand when it comes to kitchen appliances and you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product when you purchase this particular brand.

The most notable feature of the 12-Speed BlenderChef is the fact that it can be used as a food processor with the 3 cup capacity chopper as well as a blender that can accommodate 56 ounces (6 cups) of liquid.

Beyond that detail though there are several nifty features worth mentioning beginning with 700 watts of power underneath the hood of this blending powerhouse.

Wave-Action technology provides the perfect results for deliciously smooth smoothies each and every time you use your Hamilton Beach 52655 12-Speed BlenderChef Blender.


Hamilton Beach 52655 Speed Blender
Hamilton Beach

There are some distinct advantages to the 52655 12-Speed BlenderChef. To begin with the handle can be adjusted so that it is well suited for a right or left-handed person.

Next, the fact that it can be used as a food processor or a blender is hard to pass up as an advantage. Anytime you can get an appliance to pull double duty without sacrificing quality or raising the price it’s a good thing.

The jar (and all its many parts and pieces) is dishwasher safe. There aren’t enough good things that can be said about easy cleanup. The jar of the BlenderChef also has a rather large capacity. With 7 cups or 56 ounces it’s nothing at all to sneeze at.


The noise is the most often complained about disadvantage and one that is easier for some people to overlook than others.

The other complaint is that it is more complicated than comparable blenders. Rather than one touch response or blending, it is a two-touch process with the Hamilton Beach BlenderChef.


The good of the Hamilton Beach 52655 12-Speed BlenderChef far outweighs any bad that has been pointed out as of yet. This is a feature rich appliance that also happens to be reasonably priced and of high quality.

You really can’t ask for more than that in a blender but when you add a food processor into the mix it’s like a bonus has been thrown in for good measure.

Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender

The Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender is another powerful addition by the Hamilton Beach company. This blender features 14 speeds, an exclusive patent-pending wave-action blending technology that mixes and crushes ice with incredible power, and the blender also has 700 watts of peak power. The blender has a 48 ounce glass jar and also comes with a three year warranty.

Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender
Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender

This 14-Speed blender is not unlike the other powerful models Hamilton Beach has released in recent years.

The 54245, however, has an extra large jar that holds a whopping 48 ounces, a patent-pending wave-action blending technology for superior crushing and mixing power and a 700 watt motor that is designed to crush through the toughest ice.

In fact, the wave-action blending technology is designed not to leave any ice chunks at all. That’s not to mention the Hamilton Beach 54245’s 14-speeds which are perfect customizing the speed according to what you are blending.


The Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe 14-Speed Blender’s advantages are that it is a great for chopping ice for milk shakes or for processing tougher foods like fruits and vegetables.

The 54245, due to its powerful motor and 14 speeds, can also be used as a food processor. With its 14 speeds, it’s easily adjustable for any sized job. It is also small enough to sit in the corner of your kitchen counter and it will look great with your other kitchen appliances.

The look is sleek and stylish, just what you would expect from Hamilton Beach. The glass jar is also smooth on the inside which makes it even easier to scrape it clean. All in all, this blender is perfect for anyone who enjoys a powerful blender for small but tough jobs. The 54245 also comes with a 3 year warranty.


Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe Blender
Hamilton Beach 54245

The disadvantages of the Hamilton Beach 54245 aren’t immediately clear until after you’ve used it for a while. That’s because you aren’t likely to experience any problems until you begin to test the this 14-Speed Blender’s chopping power and versatility.

The first drawback we encountered doing this review was that it doesn’t do as well with large chunks of ice as one would think from a 700 watt motor with new ice crushing technology.

We tested the 54245 blender with large ice chunks, and also frozen apples and strawberries and the blender did little more than throw them around the jar. Needless to say, this didn’t impress us as we were expecting the new wave technology to make quick work of the frozen food items.

Another major drawback we found was that the new wave technology has a habit of splashing liquid past the brim if it’s ever filled more than a third full.

Consumer Reviews

We were curious to find out what other people thought of the Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe 14-Speed Blender, so we took to Amazon to get a gist of how consumers felt about the blender.

Overall, the reviews are great. The blender currently has four out of five stars with most people saying that is an excellent blending device that ranks extremely high for a small appliance. Consumers also love the 14 speeds, as they find that it’s easier to tailor their blending speed for the job they are trying to do.

Also, many consumers mentioned the wave technology as their favorite feature of the blender as it truly doesn’t leave ice chunks as small blenders tend to do. But above all, consumers love the look of the device due to its stylish appearance.

While conducting this review, we first tried the blender out and then took to the internet to see what others thought. What we discovered is that the Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe 14-Speed Blender is great for any kitchen blending or food processing jobs.

The new wave technology looks promising and does crush the ice so that there are no chunks as long as the pieces are broken apart to begin with. In other words, don’t stick an entire ice chunk in there and you will be fine.

Also, don’t fill it too full or else you may have a mess on your hands. But those are small drawbacks to a powerful blender that crushes ice like a professional blender due to the Hamilton Beach 54245’s 700 watt motor.

So if you are looking for a blender that can take care of any job with ease while also looking stylish on your kitchen counter, other consumers agree that you cannot go wrong with the Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe 14-Speed Blender.

Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed – Blendmaster

If you are looking for a good quality blender that is very cheap then this Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed could be one to look at. Cheap in price doesn’t mean cheap in parts and Hamilton have made sure that the same level of quality workmanship has gone into BlendMaster 50200 blender.

There are plenty of features crammed into this blender giving the user many different options to produce the perfect smoothie, soup and shake every time.

This Hamilton Beach Blender is feature rich and will keep the user in the kitchen making all those different drinks and other things blenders are synonymous for.

The BlendMaster 50200 blender features a quality 350 watt motor enables the user to fix drinks and soups easily.

The 10 speeds the Hamilton Beach BlendMaster 10 Speed Blender has are great as they allow the user to set a speed for different uses like chopping nuts or grinding coffee beans or even whipping up a smoothie.

Stainless steel blades and a removable blade assembly make for the smoothest of textures and ease of cleaning.

The addition of a large 40 ounce glass jar is big enough to make a nice refreshing drink or soup. The buttons are easy to clean along with the base on the 50200.


Hamilton Beach BlendMaster Blender
Hamilton Beach BlendMaster

The low price tag gives the Hamilton Beach BlendMaster 10 Speed Blender an advantage over its competitors. The ability to grind coffee beans and chop nuts is something not all blenders are capable of doing. This blender can certainly handle these tasks.

If you like to make and drink protein shakes then the Hamilton blender is ideal for creating smooth drinks and shakes. Easy to clean parts including the blade assembly are also an advantage with this blender.


It would seem that some people have had problems with the motor burning out at some stage on their Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed. Other reviewers have reported that the blades rust after time.

The base has cracked on some models leading to spills. Consumer reviews are important as they give people a chance to see what the product is like prior to purchasing. Small selections of other people’s reviews are included:


If one is looking for a cheap kitchen blender then you could do a lot worse than the Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed. But cheap doesn’t necessarily mean its made from cheap parts on the contrary Hamilton have made sure the Hamilton Beach Blender 10 Speed is made from quality parts that should stand the test of time.

The design is in keeping with the Hamilton brand in that it’s sleek and curvy with plenty of features that will give the consumer plenty of options for making that perfect smoothie, shake or even coffee as it can grind beans.

Yes there are some problems which people have reported but on the whole the response to this 50200 blender from Hamilton has been good.

If you want a good, reliable and cheap blender why not check this one out from Hamilton?

Hamilton Beach Commercial Blender

Hamilton Beach Tempest - HBH650There is not one Hamilton Beach commercial blender, but several. Of these, a few of the most popular models are the Tempest (HBH650), the Summit (HBH850) and the HBF400 food blender.

The first two are designed specifically to blend smoothies and other beverages, while the third is focused on the successful blending of food in a commercial context.

With each of these blenders comes Hamilton Beach’s name and reputation. Some individuals and businesses will not buy anything except Hamilton Beach commercial blender, because the name signifies so much in terms of reliability and longevity of the blender.

If you’re looking for a good commercial blender, Hamilton Beach probably has something to offer you.

Hamilton Beach Summit - HBH850Both the Tempest and the Summit versions of the Hamilton Beach commercial blender offer wave action, which means that the blades are designed to make sure everything in the blender is blended smoothly and consistently. In addition, they both offer a 3 hp motor and a 1.9 liter stack-able plastic blending jar.

The difference between these two models is that the Summit has the added feature of an automatic shut-off. This blender can actually gauge when a drink is done and stop, so nothing gets blended too far.

The HBH400 is made to blend food precisely. You have a lot of control over the 1 hp motor. It will blend, mix, chop, and puree without any problems. This commercial blender also offers automatic shut-off, so nothing is blended beyond where you want it to be.

Hamilton Beach HBF400 Food Blender
Hamilton Beach HBF400 Food Blender


Both the Tempest and the Summit are known for their smooth drinks and for the wave technology that allows that to happen. If you’re looking for a Hamilton Beach commercial blender that will make all of your smoothies consistent, either of these models will work for you.

In addition, the automatic shutoff of the Summit and the HBH400 can save you a lot of trouble. With this feature, these blenders take some of the guesswork out of blending and allow you more time to do other things in the kitchen.

The power of these commercial blenders also cannot be beat. These motors are competitive with other blenders in their class, but are known for working more efficiently and more powerfully than some of their competitors.


The Hamilton commercial blender is known for being loud during operation. While this is true of most blenders with this much power, some consumers say that Hamilton Beach blenders are louder than others. Though the company has made an effort to shield the motor, it can still raise quite a racket.

These blenders are also quite expensive. Again, that is not out of the ordinary for a commercial smoothie, bar, or food blender. However, customers who are not sure if they need as much power as these blenders offer may find themselves better off testing one before they purchase it or buying a cheaper blender to upgrade if necessary.


Whether you need a Hamilton Beach commercial blender for smoothies or food, one of these should be right for you. As long as you’re sure you’ll use the power and need more than the standard kitchen blender to achieve your goals, these blenders are worth every penny.

If you’re not sure how much power you need, you may be better off purchasing a Hamilton Beach kitchen blender and upgrading later if you find it necessary.

Where To Buy A Hamilton Beach commercial blender

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Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender – The All-Metal Blender

In today’s modern kitchen people want appliances that look the part and with the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender, that is what you get. They sport a sleek and stylish look, come in a variety of colors from white (sugar) to ultra marine and of course the popular chrome look. All will look fantastic in the kitchen and when not in use will fit snugly under the cabinets.

Hamilton Beach All-Metal Blender
Hamilton Beach All-Metal Blender

The features of these all metal blenders are in keeping with all of the latest blenders from Hamilton Beach. That includes a 500 watt motor and stainless steel blades which are capable of crushing ice and other frozen items like fruit.

The design of these blenders is superb and includes a choice of colors from licorice to white which Hamilton are calling sugar.

The various colors along with the design will complement any scheme of kitchen and when not being used ware small enough to be put away under the cabinets.

The 2 speed settings are accompanied by a pulse setting which aids in the ice crushing department and is useful.

Sitting on top of the blender is a large 48 ounce glass jar which is plenty big enough to hold those soups, purees and drinks.

When the blender is being used you want one that will do all the tasks you have brought it for and this range of blenders seems to fit the bill. It has the ability to crush ice and frozen fruits into the right consistency enabling the user to make those ice cold and delicious drinks at a moment’s notice.

This Hamilton Beach blender seems to be able to handle purees, soups, frozen drinks and shakes with the powerful motor and ice crushing blades.


Hamilton Beach All-Metal Blender
Hamilton Beach All-Metal Blender

There are a couple of disadvantages worth noting with these blenders. First it seems to be a little noisier than most other blenders. Secondly it would seem that the blenders struggle with thicker textures and in particular milkshake mixtures.


The Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender is a good looking, colorful blender that will look great on most countertops. Underneath they have the power to blend, chop, crush and puree those ingredients to make soups, salsas and cool refreshing drinks every time.

These blenders have been labeled with a couple of minor faults, but on the whole seem to be yet another fine example of the type of blenders Hamilton Beach can produce.

Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender

The Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu is a high tech blender from Hamilton. Complete with powerful motor and a patented blending system the Liquid Blu seems to have everything you would want from a blender and possibly more.

Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender
Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender

To begin with, the 59205 Liquid Blu blender includes a powerful 800 watt motor. The blender also has 5 speed settings and pulse giving you total control when mixing those ingredients.

A patented wave action blending system pushes the mixture it’s blending down back into the blades, which in turn gives smooth results and no more lumps in the finished mixture.

The base of the blender has a blue light which glows onto the counter when you blend.

An impressive 48 ounce glass jar including a tight fitting lid will make sure all those ingredients stay inside the jar and not over you when you blend.

The eye catching design incorporates a heavy duty base which is scratch free and acrylic. The control panel on the this 5 speed Liquid Blu is lit up with the soft blue light under the blender which glows softly when the blender is working.

The sleek design is amazing and will catch the eye of anyone who is in the kitchen with its blue glow and high tech features.

The Liquid Blu blender is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful blender. Sure there’s a marked increase in noise as you go through the 5 settings but it’s not aircraft noisy.


Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender
Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender

Some of the reviewers have complained that the blender leaks from the bottom ring.

Another problem with this blender is the fact it just stops working for no reason at all. Lots of reviewers have all stated that their Hamilton Liquid Blu blender just stopped and failed to work apart from the blue light.


It would appear that the 59205 Liquid Blu blender is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea when it comes to people reviewing it.

On the one hand the blender is perfect and with its retro, sleek and hi-tech design with blue light under the base and is certainly an eye puller. But on the other hand reviewers complain about the machine stopping for apparently no reason at all.

One thing is certain, it is a good looking machine that seems to have all the right features. The Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu blender can’t be overlooked if one is looking for a new blender.

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender

hamilton beach stay or go

Hamilton has been making blenders for many years now and with their other appliances sells around 35 million different units a year. With the release of the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 10 Speed Blender that figure could well go higher due in part to the fact this blender allows you to fix up drinks then take them with you.

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender
Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender

The blender comes equipped to tackle any type of blending, mixing or pureeing all thanks to the 10 different speed settings and a powerful 550 watt motor. These will allow the user to fix those protein drinks, shakes and even alcoholic drinks to drink on the go.

A large glass 48 ounce jar which is dishwasher safe is big enough to cope with the heavy demand people will probably put this blender through.

The revolutionary Wave Action System makes sure the ingredients are correctly blended by pulling them down onto the running blades which will make for a smoother and tastier consistency time after time.

The blades themselves are stainless steel meaning no rusty or seized up blades to contend with over time.

Another great feature of the Hamilton Stay or Go 10 Speed Blender is the DuraBlend insulated travel cup. This allows the user to fix those drinks like fruit smoothies or shakes actually in the cup then take the finished product with them wherever they go. This can be great if time is at a premium and you need to get those healthy ingredients blended together to make a healthy drink.


Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender
Hamilton Beach Stay or Go

Different colors and designs mean there should be a Stay or Go Blender for everyone especially since the prices of these blenders is very competitive against other, similar blenders.

As already stated the travel cup is a marvelous idea. It allows you to fix up a cool refreshing drink and take it with you no matter where you are going.

Hamilton have designed the cup in a way in which it will fit pretty much all cup holders so you don’t have to hold the cup at all times. The lid on the top fits tightly so no more spills and mess.


Disadvantages seem to be hard to come by but one that did appear is the motor on the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 10 Speed Blender. Some people claim it’s not powerful enough to do the job.


Another series of blenders from the Hamilton camp has hit the stalls in the form of the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 10 Speed Blender.

A blender designed to fix drinks, soups and other things which the user can then, if needed take them with them courtesy of the travel cup.

Well it sounds like a great idea, but some people have clearly had problems with their Stay or Go blenders due to the motor. Will this put people off from purchasing this blender?

Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blenders

hamilton beach thermal cooler blender

Another classic from the Hamilton stable, the Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blenders seem to have it covered when one wants to go out and enjoy oneself at the beach or on a picnic or party and take your favorite drink with you.

Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blender
Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blender

It has a 48 ounce thermal cooler, interchangeable blades and the ability to keep cold drinks cold for hours, and is cheap enough for even the most budget conscious person to afford this blender.

A choice of colors and setups allow for the user to create those smoothies, protein and alcoholic drinks quickly and easily before taking them to any venue.

What more could one want on a hot summers day?

The Thermal Cooler Blenders have a powerful 550 watt motor and 10 speed settings making it powerful and functional enough to create those cool refreshing drinks like smoothies, shakes and other cold drinks and shakes.

The blades are removable and the user can use them in either the large 48 ounce plastic jar or the equally large 48 ounce thermal cooler. This means one can actually blend those ingredients inside the cooler instead of in the jar first then pouring into the cooler.

Some of the functions available include buttons for ice breaker and pulse function, important when breaking up ice along with buttons for making milkshakes, smoothies and even icy drinks. The whole unit is easy to clean and made mostly from plastic which is stylish enough to not look out of place in any kitchen.


Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blender
Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blender

What a great way to make, take and keep cold drinks that will be so welcome on those hot summers day when out having a picnic or at the beach. An easy pour spout allows for no spills of the contents leaving more for you to drink. The removable blades are a great advantage as that means you can use either jars to create your favorite drinks in.

The double walled thermal cooler keeps drinks cold for up to 8 hours, more than enough time for you to be out and enjoy yourself with friends and family. All these features and the Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blender is reasonably cheap to purchase meaning even on a budget this range of blenders is affordable.


It was really hard to find any disadvantages or negative comments for the Thermal Cooler Blenders so it’s hard to gauge whether it does have any faults or not. I guess no news is good news


Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blenders comes with plenty of peak power to make all those cold and refreshing drinks then take them in the cooler to the beach, picnic or wherever you may be going.

Being so cheap to purchase, it could become a firm favorite amongst consumers.

Cuisinart Power Blender – Power Edge/Power Blend

It would seem that Cuisinart have done it again with their Power Edge blender. Not only does this Cuisinart blender have a very powerful motor on board for strong blending, but a large glass jar to make those huge smoothies and other delicious drinks and foods.

Cuisinart Power Blend Blender

But it’s not just the Power Edge blenders that Cuisinart have people talking about. Their Power Blend blender stands alongside it, offering consumers a choice of powerful blenders.

Both blenders have plenty to offer and would be worth looking at if one was in the market for a new or first blender.

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The Cuisinart Power Edge and Power Blend come feature packed and all with one thing in common: to make the perfect drink, soup or other food every time.

Both of the models offer powerful motors, with some models having a large 700 watts of power. Another plus for these Cuisinart blenders is the large glass jar. Most models come with a very impressive 56 ounce jar, which is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Both of these blenders offer strong motors. The CBT-700 has a huge 700 watt motor, whilst the SPB-10CH has a 500 watt motor. For even more power you can go higher with the CBT-1500

Even More Power!Cuisinart PowerEdge CBT-1500

Large glass blender jars are the theme with these power blenders, some having a huge 56 ounce jar which is more than enough to produce large quantities of your favorite drink or soups every time.

Pre-programmed functions are always a nice feature, as you don’t have to guess the length of time you should blend for when producing smoothies and crushing ice, and both the Cuisinart Power Edge and Power Blend have these functions.

Cuisinart Hurricane Blender, 2.25 Peak, Gun Metal
  • Powerful 2.25 peak HP motor
  • Large 60-ounce BPA-free Tritan plastic jar with soft-grip handle
  • Automatic load-sensing technology

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After checking a number of reviews, it’s noticeable that some people have stated their Cuisinart Power Edge blender has started smoking or had a burning smell coming from the motor.

With this in mind you may want to check out the more powerful Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge.

Plastic internal parts and gears can present another problem, as they can tend to snap or come loose.


Cuisinart have produced a great choice of blenders with their Power blenders. They are very powerful and versatile, either of the models could be what you’re looking for, if you’re in the market for a new or first blender.

Pricewise the Cuisinart power blenders are priced differently, so the more features you want, the more it could cost you. However with the nice looking designs and Cuisinart workmanship one could do worse if one wants a new blender.

Where to Buy A Cuisinart Power Blender

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Cuisinart Smart Power Blender

The Cuisinart blender range is designed to take the hard work out of all those blending duties in the kitchen. Complete with quality motors that will make short work of anything you throw at them, this Cuisinart Smart Power blender could be a valued friend when one is crushing ice, blending, purifying, chopping and mixing in the kitchen.

Cuisinart Smart Power CBT-500
Cuisinart Smart Power CBT-500

If you like to make smoothies for that warm summer’s day or making soup for those cold winters days then maybe a Cuisinart blender could be the choice for you.


All Cuisinart Smart Power blenders come with Powerful motors including the CBT-500 which has a handy 600 watt motor.

The strong stainless steel blades are the norm on the Cuisinart blenders, which will make short work of those ingredients.

Each blender has a large glass jar with the CBT-500 having a 50 ounce one.

Ice crush functions. Now you can crush ice and make those perfect drinks for any occasion.

Pulse feature. More power when you need it.

The Cuisinart Smart Power blender has some unique features, such as the Count Up timer which starts when blending starts so you know how long you have been blending for, and multiple speeds which are perfect for those blending tasks that require slow or even fast blending.

The SPB-7CH Power blender has 7 settings which are what one could want if blending different consistencies.

Cuisinart Smart Power CBT-500
Cuisinart Smart Power CBT-500
Est. $79 – $115

Cuisinart Smart Power SPB-7CH
Cuisinart Smart Power SPB-7CH
Est. $59 – $89


Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender
Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender
Est. $99 – $149

The Cuisinart Smart Power range could offer many advantages for the user.

  • 21st century look and feel with heavy duty features which will withstand the most rigorous of blending.
  • Powerful enough to crush, blend, purify and juice just about anything you care to put in the blenders.
  • The Smart Power blenders from Cuisinart are competitively priced when compared to similar blenders.
  • Choice of different speeds can greatly aid the chef when preparing those delicious smoothies and other drinks.


The Cuisinart Smart Power range does have a few disadvantages, including:

  • Some of the blenders are quite large and would need their own dedicated place to store although they do look nice with their 21st century look.
  • Some of the major working parts are made of plastic which have a tendency to break or at worst work free when being use especially if one is a regular user of a blender.
  • Some people have also reported that their Cuisinart Power blenders are very noisy, not good if one has to wear ear plugs when blending a smoothie.


The Cuisinart Smart Power range seems to offer great power and plenty of options. However, there seems to be more than a few unhappy consumers who have purchased these blenders and had all sorts of problems. These range from it catching fire to not doing the most simplest of chores.

On the other hand, almost the same number of people are very happy with their Cuisinart blenders, so if you are looking out for a new blender, do some research before you purchase one. It could save you a lot of anguish and hard earned money.

Hamilton Beach 10 Speed Blender

The Hamilton Beach 10 speed blender comes in no fewer than 10 different forms. It ranges from the basic 50200MP BlendMaster model to the ThermalCool 10 Speed and the Stay or Go blender. It’s safe to say that, if having multiple blending speeds is important to you, the Hamilton Beach blender range has something to offer.

In addition to the blender, every purchase comes with the Hamilton Beach name attached. To Australians, this brand has come to mean quality and reliability. Soon, the company hopes it will mean the same thing around the world. So try a Hamilton Beach blender today and see what all the fuss is about.

Hamilton Wave-Action Blenders

Hamilton Beach WavePower BlenderHamilton Beach gives us their 10 speed wave-action blenders: The Wave Power and Wave Maker blenders both feature the unique wave system which draws foodstuff in to the blender’s cutters, all designed for smoother final results.

Hamilton Beach’s most basic 10 speed kitchen blender, the BlendMaster, comes with a 350 watt motor and a 40 ounce glass jar.

Even this simple model is made to crush ice. A step up from there, the Ensemble Red offers a 500 watt motor and a 48 ounce jar.

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Hamilton Beach ThermalCooler

Hamilton Beach ThermalCooler

The ThermalCooler line offers you the ability to blend anything needing ice inside a cooler, where it will stay cold and you won’t have to dirty an extra dish.

The ThermalCooler Plus allows you this, plus a regular glass jar for normal blending.

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Hamilton Beach Stay or Go

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go blender has two different sized jars.

One is large, for your usual blending needs. The other is single-serving sized, and designed to allow you to take smoothies or other drinks with you straight from the blender.

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The main benefits of the Hamilton Beach 10 speed blenders is that they are renowned for their power and resilience, which means you probably will not have to look for another blender in the near future.

Additionally, these appliances possess a lot of versatility, so you’re certain to discover one made just for you.

Perhaps you would like your blender to smash ice, create single-serving smoothies or produce a batch of cool beverages; there will be one that’s perfect for your needs.


If this 10-speed blender is sold with a one negative aspect, it’s that the brand name just isn’t one that all people in the US have heard of.

Or is that a positive? At least your neighbour won’t have the same one! But it will probably make many buyers pass on these blenders, simply because they are not offered from a brand that they’ve ever encountered.

A few buyers also feel that this brand provides way too many products, and they desire that there was just one Hamilton Beach blender that would do everything. If they need to charge more for that then so be it.


This Hamilton Beach 10 speed blender line will undoubtedly include a unit that meets your needs. Given their dependability and sturdiness, there’s nothing at all that should prevent you selecting an appliance from this range to meet your blending requirements.

Hamilton Beach 12 Speed Blender – Classic Chrome

Another blender in the Hamilton cabinet is the Hamilton Beach 12 Speed Blender. This classic chrome blender is a cheap, reliable and sleek machine with a polished base that will look good in the kitchen.

But underneath that cool, sleek exterior is a powerful motor and equally powerful blade just waiting to get to grips on those blending duties.

Hamilton Beach 52277 Classic Chrome 12-Speed Blender
Hamilton Beach 52277 Classic Chrome 12-Speed Blender

Sporting tons of features that will keep even the most ardent chef or drinks maker happy, the Hamilton beach classic blender would be a valuable accessory in the kitchen.

A powerful 800 watt motor gives the blender plenty of power to crush ice, grind nuts and make those refreshing smoothies. 12 speed settings are more than enough for the user to blend, puree grind and chop.

Stainless steel Ice Sabre blades will see to it that your ingredients are blended to the exact consistency every time. The addition of a 48 ounce large glass jar enables one to make smoothies, soups and purees safely and in large quantities. And because it’s large enough to make big potions there’s less need to use the blender saving the user money.

A Wave Action System allows the food to be pulled onto the blades while operating so that the finished product is the right consistency. This blender also comes with a long 3 year consumer warranty means that if the Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Blender does break down then the repair will be taken care of giving the owner peace of mind.


Hamilton Beach 52277 Classic Chrome 12-Speed Blender
Hamilton Beach 52277

A polished stainless steel base finishes the Hamilton Beach 12 Speed Blender off nicely. It also means the blender won’t look out of place no matter where it is in the kitchen or even clash with the design of the kitchen.

When not in use the cord can be neatly stored away inside the blender. This particular model can be used for a multitude of things including blending, grinding, chopping and pureeing. It will deal with things like ice cubes, nuts and other hard products giving the user perfect results every time. Even baby food is just that, baby food with this blender.

This Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Blender is cheap to buy and therefore should be worth looking at especially if on a budget.


Just because the Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Blender is cheap to purchase doesn’t mean it’s made cheaply and it was hard to find any disadvantages with this blender.

The loud operating noise seems to be one problem with the blender and in particular when running the Hamilton Beach 12 Speed Blender on full power. There are also comments from users stating that sometimes ingredients like ice don’t get the desired crushing one wants.


The Hamilton Beach 12 Speed Blender overall is a good blender from Hamilton. It has a nice polished base, is small enough to be put under cabinets and won’t look out of place.

It’s only cheap to buy therefore great for someone who is on a tight budget and combined with lots of features gets the job done efficiently and quickly. That could make it a firm favorite amongst consumers.